Athens Snapshots

sara-che-greece-frills-skir-red-top-le-spec-neo-cateye-suglasses-athens sara-che-greece-frills-skir-red-top-le-spec-neo-cateye-suglasses-athensuntitled-1792 sara-che-greece-frills-skir-red-top-le-spec-neo-cateye-suglasses-athenssara-che-greece-frills-skir-red-top-le-spec-neo-cateye-suglasses-athens sara-che-greece-frills-skir-red-top-le-spec-neo-cateye-suglasses-athens

Credit & adlinks: Top (here) – Skirt (here) – Sneakers (here) – Sunglasses (here)



The more I’ve explored Greece, the more I want to see. A friend of mine whom is a big travel, the kind of who’s in different groups and collects point depending on how many countries you’ve been in – she’s probably one of the few who get my urge for traveling. And when you fall in love with a place, you just know that this is a place that will continue to call you back.



Athen was amazing, I kept telling one of my Persian friends whom was on the trip ”Look! This could be Tehran!” pointing on a street. She agreed every time and for one second, I could almost get an imagine of what a free Iran would look like. I’ve only started to scratch on the surface of Greece, I look forward to go back. Learn the culture, learn more greek words and explore greek cousin and art. What’s next on your destination? Any country you’ve been longing for a little extra?


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