The (wrong) Way

Chrystelle and I, wearing Monki Click here for Swedish.   As you guys know, Chrystelle pops up here from time to time. We're working on fun projects and there is plenty of that to come, so stay tuned! Last Thursday, where we were invited to Gina Tricot's launch party...



[columns_row width="half"] [column][/column] [column]     Touchdown Stockholm! One week, two trips to two of Europe’s capitals and although its great to be back home, I’m already looking forward to next destination. Yes, I have a new trip booked but I can’t say more for now (hashtag cliffhanger). These past weeks...


How Fake Is Social Media

One of the issues with social media platforms are that it has given a hide behind screens, allowing others to judge and the lives we have. But if you think about it, would you post a picture of yourself (or someone/something else) you’re not completely...


Let’s Discuss: Extroverted intovert

Over a short period of time, I have been stumbling upon a few in regards to being an introvert vs. extrovert – and being both. Although I was familiar with both types I was fascinated by the combination of being both.Naturally, I digged in full...

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