Summer time

  Casual summer days calls for denim shorts, whether you prefer a slouchier fit or other, these asymmetric do not only do add extra interest to the look, but they are also extremely practical and functional. I don’t know about you, but I love finding new ways...


Off-shoulders with MLM Label

  There’s nothing more freeing that wearing a simple top with a few beautiful statement pieces. This top might categorize as simple, but in reality it’s made of 100% beautiful cotton. Light and perfect for the early summer days. Needless to say it goes perfectly with any...


Denim Affair

  Jeans aren’t just for t-shirts anymore. You can wear denim with anything and for nearly any occasion—it's all about the fit and styling. Last week, I stumbled on  Leandra Medin's piece on Five Day Denim Challenge, intrigued yet mingled with terror I read the article while contemplating...


Midsummer Express

What says more summer than midsummer? Well, at least if you live in Scandinavia you know its the summer holiday - and what says midsummer more than white dresses, with or without prints? By now, you already know how obsessed I am over off-shoulder dresses - this...


New Horizons

Putting my spin on traditional off-duty wear with a few hints of skin. Rather large hints, actually. Kicking off with an monochrome combo, utilising one of my favorite undies as a top (because I am all about versatility) and a fresh perspective on the grand scheme of things. There is a lot...

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