Black Love Story

  There are many black love stories that I'd love to share, hey go deep and are so honest. I think there’s nothing I like to wear more than a good black combination, and never in my whole life would I erase these black or ripped  pieces from my...

SaraSidaridesigns _sarache


    Its been a while since I’ve made a posts like this, but when the extremely talented Sara Sidari wrote me an email to share this illustrations of me, I really wanted to share them with you.   I have been swoon with her graphic work and its always so...


Tres Casual

  Coast, jacket and more coats. Thats what I've been seeing the past days in Stockholm.  Personally, I think seasons are shifting. With that, comes a shift in what we may see coming down the runway. It was until the past couple of years in which...


The Shirt Dress

  While many of you are planning your summer vacation, I'm planning my urban summer in Stockholm. If you ask me, this is the best time to be here which is why I like to travel  to somewhere warmer between October to May. With that, comes the...


Set It Up

  So excited to finally break out my summer wardrobe, the weather in Stockholm has been playing tricks from day to day which can be confusing at times. I am obsessed in with blue color, a beautiful shade that emphasizes my post LA-tan yet versatile. Sets are synonymous...

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