The Tale of the Fringes

    One of the biggest trend of the season are fringes, if you're following me on Snapchat you've surly understood by now that I've adapted wholeheartedly.  There's many reasons why I've love fringe skirts, one of them is that such a fun and playful piece. It...



Sunday in basics! Always feels like a good old leather jacket does the trick to feel comfortable yet look effortless in the same time. In the spirit of the weekend, comfort and chic and the two C-words I'm looking for when getting dressed. This time, instead of...


70’s in Stockholm

  Denim girl with a soft heart for blue and white adopting 70's vibes. Yes, that's one way to describe my current transition to the silhouettes. But what can I say, I do have a soft spot for jeans and a white top regardless the format. Speaking...



There are some people that brings that little extra in you, you've either clicked from the get-go and you continue to just vibing. As I was going through these photos to edit them, I was struck by the amount of pictures that I was laughing...


The Aftermath

  There are so many thoughts and feelings running through me right now, but first things first, I'm incredibly humbled by the reaction from my latest post. Never in this world could I've even imagined that it would effect so many. And by many, I'm referring...

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