The Striped Top and Coat

  Stripes is a classic pattern and will probably never go out of style, it's simply timeless. If there's one pattern that typically isn't a challenge to wear, it's stripes. The same things that make stripes so safe — their go-with-everything sense of order, their figure-flattering properties —...

Man Repeller’s

I met my perfect man repelling jeans on a day in March, seeing them was like getting into a travel machine back to the 80's. The nostalgia grew on me and I had to give them a chance. There are clothes that you know people...


Weekend Wear

  The first thing that came in mind when realizing that its Easter this weekend was too book flights for me and my friend to London. I find myself dreaming away, one minute I'm in Paris and finally London. Luckily, I'm going to LA by the...


What to Wear Between Seasons

  As each day passes, I tell myself that we're getting one day closer to spring. If you've ever experienced the Scandinavian winter, you can relate to my longing for spring. However, I remember those day when I lived in LA - weather was rarely an...


Discovering dungarees

"I never know what hair color you're gonna have when we meet up" was the first thing Frida bursted out when she saw me this morning. For those of you whom follow me on Instagram and Snapchat have already seen the recent change in hair...

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