Fashion X Sporty With Zalando

If there was a trend to take note of this season it’s to incorporate sporty items into your personal style, in fact, the majority of the photos from previous Paris Fashion Week that made an impact on me were on those people who wore a...


Sara Che 2.0

[columns_row width="half"] [column][/column] [column][/column] [/columns_row]   [columns_row width="third"] [column] With all the changes hat has been occurring the past months, it was time to update this space to something that represents where I am today and what I’m doing. So hello and welcome to Sara Che 2.0, I hope you like the...


I Am #501

    As I mentioned last week, I am obsessed with denim and my closet can confirm that as well since it has no more room for new jeans. Although I have been wearing jeans for years, I can’t remember ever owning a pair of Levi’s 501. They’re...


Foundational Thoughts

Some things come effortlessly, just as if its built in your DNA, some things come effortlessly, just as if its built in your DNA. Same goes with personal style and devolving a style that reflects the person you are, and in the becoming of....

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