Let’s Discuss: My Plastic Surgery

  Well if that isn't a controversial blog title, I don't know what is. The past days, I have been contemplating whether I should share this with you all or not. Since the beginning, I’ve been honest with you, transparent and showed more vulnerability than any...


How to: Take your creative work to the next level

Last night during an event, a conversation about creativity sparked the inspiration for todays topic. As a creative beings, we like to create content that allures, has value and hopefully adds moves the audience. As creative being, we tend to be our own biggest critic....


New Phase

    Summer is officially over, well at least on our side of the globe while the Aussies are getting ready for summer. Mention September and a few things come to mind. Fashion month, new collections in stores, seasons changing  and a overall sense of moving into the...


Simple yet Effective

    When it comes to my own personal style, simplicity is definitely key. I always look for pieces that will stand the test of time, work back in with the rest of my closet and are both comfortable and stylish. This blue power suit ticks all...



  There's something special about an all white attire, I've always been a fan of a all white suit. The crips and clean colour combined with the suits silhouette on a females body is truly something special. Yes, white is undeniably one of my favourite shades...

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