Soho Stroll

    Days have been busy lately, and when I say busy I mean lots of walking in a steaming hot New York. Its almost time for me to pack my bags and head home for a few weeks before its time to pack up again. Next...


There are so many precious moments that we need to cherish and learn to appreciate as they appears in our lives. New destinations, new encounters, new beginnings, dreams becoming reality or whatever the occasion may be - live freely and allow yourself to fall in...


Make It Your Own

    You've might have been noticing that I have been sporting a lot of skirts lately. The bottom down skirt has been a popular piece this summer for many, I am no exception but love when there comes a piece with a nice twist. I.e. the...


Summer Sophistication

If there's one look that breaths summer, it has to be an all white attire. Since the sun has been shining with it absence, an all white look haven't been feeling appropriate until yesterday. Hello summer! Yes, it's August and the store's are getting filled...

Sara-che-Shutting off the filter

Shutting off the filter

    There has been some months since I shared my deepest thoughts and feelings with you, mainly because I have been very busy but also at the same time trying to analyze why those posts where I show my vulnerability always gets a massive respons. Surely,...

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