Opposites Attract

  Combining pieces of opposite vibe/style is one of my favorite ways to create a good balance while maintaining contrast. Also, a great way to balance of a very feminine or edgy piece. When talking about creating a personal style, creating these personal references of a...



After a whirlwind of a week of working non-stop, taking some time off to wind down and claim a day for myself felt like a good idea. Especially with all the traveling ahead. Juggling several projects is tons of fun but also demanding sometimes. Getting up early...


Three Reasons To Go Nude

    Nude shoes are one of the most pragmatic investments you can make to really get the most out of your wardrobe. Not only are they  simple, yet effective and necessary accessory that takes any look to a higher level. Nude pumps are also on my list of...


TLB Dress

Although I wear black often, there is something refreshing with a black little dress. Lately, I've been monitoring a new habit when picking out dresses. I tend to fall for the ones with a high neck, they're just effortlessly chic and easy to dress up as...

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