The Haute Pursuit

  Its funny how some things change over time. You're so convinced of your idea and beliefs and then times in and does a little magic, all of a sudden you find yourself doing (wearing) something you thought would never happen. What is she talking about now,...


Let’s Discuss: Snapchat

  Although the business of blogging is fairly new, it keeps evolving just like any other business. In the beginning, there were blogs and it didn't require much cross promotion on social media channels because frankly, there weren't as many as there are today. Instagram, the...


Flirting with Fringes

You know that saying, “Not all those who wander are lost,” well I definitely feel confident about each wandering step I take when I’m wearing something that is equally comfortable as it is chic. Dressing casually chic is like a everyday mantra but its always good...


Denim Love Affair

You know that moment when you've been looking for a piece for a long time and you finally find it? Being a complete denim devotee that I am, this ripped pen skirt made my heart skip a beat. Perfect fit, perfect details and perfect color....


Halfway through Vitaviva cleanse

  After a few weeks of working on a workout routine to achieve a healthier lifestyle, I got the opportunity to try Vitavivav's 15 day cleanse. The reason why I wanted to try it was due my sensitive stomach, I've dealing with lactose and gluten sensitivity...

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