When You Don’t Know What To Wear

We've all been there, that moment when standing infront of the wardrobe and you go blank. "I have  n o t h i n g to wear!", you feel uninspired and think your wardrobe needs a total makeover. What do you need to lay the foundation...


Life Updates & 5 valuable lessons

  You know that moment when you have a million thoughts in your head and you can't categorize them, your to-do list keeps growing while new inspiration hits you every minute. The best way for me is to write, it allows me to sort my feelings...


Suede Skirt

  Summer calls for bright colors, and this crisp suede skirt is just perfect for the warm temperature as well for fall fashion (read:score!). Its such a simple piece and I'm positive that we're gonna stay friend for a very long time. I paired it up with...


MLM Label Give Away

    I cannot believe its July already! To kick off this month, I'd like to show my appreciation of you by giving away my current favorite top.  Sharing is caring, right? The best part, this giveaway is open to international contestants!   If you want to win this beautiful...


Manolo Blahnik

  If a black Chanel is the epitome of bags, then a nude Manolo Blahnik pump would be the definition of the perfect shoe. And what calls more for summer than nude shades mixed with a soft khaki shade and denim? The perfect nude is one of my...

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