Denim Love Affair

You know that moment when you've been looking for a piece for a long time and you finally find it? Being a complete denim devotee that I am, this ripped pen skirt made my heart skip a beat. Perfect fit, perfect details and perfect color....


Halfway through Vitaviva cleanse

  After a few weeks of working on a workout routine to achieve a healthier lifestyle, I got the opportunity to try Vitavivav's 15 day cleanse. The reason why I wanted to try it was due my sensitive stomach, I've dealing with lactose and gluten sensitivity...


When You Don’t Know What To Wear

We've all been there, that moment when standing infront of the wardrobe and you go blank. "I have  n o t h i n g to wear!", you feel uninspired and think your wardrobe needs a total makeover. What do you need to lay the foundation...


Life Updates & 5 valuable lessons

  You know that moment when you have a million thoughts in your head and you can't categorize them, your to-do list keeps growing while new inspiration hits you every minute. The best way for me is to write, it allows me to sort my feelings...


Suede Skirt

  Summer calls for bright colors, and this crisp suede skirt is just perfect for the warm temperature as well for fall fashion (read:score!). Its such a simple piece and I'm positive that we're gonna stay friend for a very long time. I paired it up with...

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