Midsummer Express

What says more summer than midsummer? Well, at least if you live in Scandinavia you know its the summer holiday - and what says midsummer more than white dresses, with or without prints? By now, you already know how obsessed I am over off-shoulder dresses - this...


New Horizons

Putting my spin on traditional off-duty wear with a few hints of skin. Rather large hints, actually. Kicking off with an monochrome combo, utilising one of my favorite undies as a top (because I am all about versatility) and a fresh perspective on the grand scheme of things. There is a lot...


Black Love Story

  There are many black love stories that I'd love to share, hey go deep and are so honest. I think there’s nothing I like to wear more than a good black combination, and never in my whole life would I erase these black or ripped  pieces from my...

SaraSidaridesigns _sarache


    Its been a while since I’ve made a posts like this, but when the extremely talented Sara Sidari wrote me an email to share this illustrations of me, I really wanted to share them with you.   I have been swoon with her graphic work and its always so...


Tres Casual

  Coast, jacket and more coats. Thats what I've been seeing the past days in Stockholm.  Personally, I think seasons are shifting. With that, comes a shift in what we may see coming down the runway. It was until the past couple of years in which...

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