Off Shoulder

In terms of favorite necklines, this one is a win every time - it breaths simplicity and chicness is a perfect symbios. Since denim and white tops are a reappearing favorite second skin, a off-shoulder top and button-up skirt felt like the best summer attire. Nothing ground-breaking...


Call The Shots

Sometimes there’s nothing slicker than straight up black and white. A lack of colour need not be boring, as well as there is always a place for white trainers. Sometimes, there is nothing more captivating to take your favorite toy to town and captivate moments. Although I've...


Pierre Balmain

The last couple of weeks has been so much fun and filled with emotions. As I wrote earlier, I knew this journey would open new doors and its amazing to see my prediction become reality. Although I would love to share every little detail, we'll...


70’s Vibes

  No one has missed out the biggest trend on the season, a trend that not only the fashion industry has adopted but also others such as the furniture and interior design companies as well. I have always had a special fascination for this era, from...


Acne Studios Spitfire

A new day means new adventures on the horizon and I am so excited you guys! Great opportunities are unfolding and I can't wait to see how the next days will play out. The days are passing by so fast, I can't believe its almost...

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