Acne Studios

  Acne Studios debuted its first full eyewear collection this week, to predictably covetable results. The Swedish brand has turned out the occasional pair of shades previously, but this weeks launch brings seven styles for men and women, all retro around the edges but with plenty of...


Denim on Denim

  The other day, what was supposed to be a warmer day, was smitten by the typical April weather. And me, in my thin trench coat, almost frostbitten. I call it “Optimistic Chic”, in which positive warm vibes will hopefully become a reality. So I will be...


Wake up and smell the coffee

I have a weak spot anything French, food, language, architecture, art and of course fashion. So you can only imagine how much I'm enjoying my new little apartment, sometimes I get so influenced that I catch myself wearing something I imagine I would put on...


Living Room Decorating

  I must admit that I was happily surprised that the latest article about my bedroom story became a hug hit, glad you enjoyed it. I'm sure by now that you know that my favorite colors are black and white, not only when speaking about fashion...


Weekend Dungarees

It's pretty safe o say that I'm in love, you know that feeling when every molecule in your body screams yes. You're happy and the excitement keeps arising - yes, that feeling. Previously, I wrote this article about my latest discovery. Little did I know...

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