Like a Boss

This look is a little past over due, but better late than never. As you know, I've paired up with Emma and shoot three different looks, this being the last. We all have those week spots, even in terms of fashion and loafers happen to be...


Surly, no one has missed out on 70's inspired trends surrounding on us. Besides from 70's colors and cuts, one of a all time favorite is making its way back (not that it ever was gone). The flared jeans is not only flattering, especially for us short...


The Most Important of them All

  Valentines day, a holiday loved by some and dreaded by others. Holidays tend to make me extra self-reflecting, I believe that Valentine’s day is not just about honoring romantic relationships but also about celebrating and honoring the most relationship you’ll even have - the one...


The 90’s show

  The polar vortex hit Sweden last week, it snowed for several day but the weather allowed us to loose a few layers the other day. These stairs are actually iconic place in Stockholm for just those day. When spring finally arrives, the stairs will be...


Motivational Monday

        It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a motivational article, due to the lack of energy that has changed my life situation. it wouldn’t feel real to write something that doesn’t come from the heart. However, with great changes comes great insight and lesson, which...

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