New York


Tictail Brunch

I söndags träffade jag upp Sverige-gänget på Tictail's HQ takterass för en mysig brunch, förutom den underbara utsikten bjöds det på avocado toasts, chia pudding, crossaints och mycket annat gott. Trots min skräck för höjder  lyckades jag ställa mig upp vid kanten för några snabba bilder...

New York Heat

Summer is coming to its end and I am happy to wrap it up in New York, however, I didn't expect the NY heatwave in September. The other day, I met up with some friends from Stockholm for brunch in Stockholm - being here is...


Crash Boom Bam

Being back in New York is great, the city has always been a source of inspiration to me, which is why I really want to cherish every moment and soak in all the inspiration I can, whether it's fashion, architecture, interior design or pure energy. If...


New York Reflections

  People in the fashion business pilgrim from one city to another during the upcoming weeks to wittness one of the industries most important month, fashion month is officially starting. First up is New York. I am catching a plane today as well, not to NY...


NoMo Soho New York

Location: New York As my blogging adventures continues overseas, I couldn't foresee how much choosing the right hotel would mean. A year ago, choosing the right hotel wouldn't be as important as it is today because I knew that I would basically only storage my luggage and sleep...

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