Life Lately

  Tillbaka i Stockholm efter fantastiska dagar i Grekland med Olympus, tillsammans med det härligaste gänget fick jag avnjuta några varma dagar i ett land för första gången. Jag har så otroligt mycket bilder att dela med mig, vet nästa inte vart jag ska börja. Så varför...


Why Paris is A Good Idea

Paris, FR Its fascinating how different cities can evoke different sides within,  each time you revisit, a new sides comes to life. This was my third time visiting Paris, just the thought feels strange because it feels like I have lived here before. Its that feeling of...


Barcelona Digest

            Barcelona, Spain Barcelona will most defiantly blow you away with its beauty and charm. Although this wasn't my first time visiting, it felt like I experienced it for the first time. Often, I found myself smiling while walking around, eager and excited what I would find around...


Regent Street

    Regent Street, London Being in London for Fashion Week is something I’ve been longing to experience for a long time. Although the expectations were high,  LFW managed outdo them. So what were my expectations? Well, a lot of urban vibes in terms of fashion and street-style,...


New York Reflections

  People in the fashion business pilgrim from one city to another during the upcoming weeks to wittness one of the industries most important month, fashion month is officially starting. First up is New York. I am catching a plane today as well, not to NY...

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