Woke Up Like This




I have always been delighted at the

prospect of a new day, a fresh try,

one more start, with perhaps a bit

of magic waiting somewhere

behind the morning.

– J. B. Priestley


It’s great being back in one of my favourite cities, this place has a tendency to light a spark inside and fill me with so much joy. Every morning, I woke up with excitement although the lack of hours of sleep. Just the sight of the white buildings behind my white cotton curtain made me jump out of bed.


Just the sight of the sun rising over the rooftops, overhearing vague conversations in french from people passing outside the hotel and observing how the city came to life was beautiful. I could easily spend hours at our terrace if it hadn’t it been for our busy schedule.

Just being able to start the day taking in the beauty of the city made me feel privileged and grateful. Hopefully, one day I will be able to stay longer and who knows, maybe one day I will live there for a while. But for this trip, being able to wake up with the city while enjoying a cup of coffee on the terrace was just precious.

Traveling is all about learning new things and expanding your perspectives, over the years I’ve learned to pick up positive traits from different cultures through out my trips and time abroad. In France I found myself amazed by how effortlessly chic the Parisian women are.

One thing that became very clear was the pace in Paris, although this capital is filled with life it struck me how people were moving in a much slower pace than expected. These beautiful mornings were not just a tranquil moment before the day started, they were a good reminder to add some tranquility to every morning, regardless of were I am.

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Photos: Fetish For Fine Fabrics, edited by me

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Why Paris is A Good Idea



Paris, FR

Its fascinating how different cities can evoke different sides within,  each time you revisit, a new sides comes to life. This was my third time visiting Paris, just the thought feels strange because it feels like I have lived here before. Its that feeling of coming home, yet reality hits me with the truth. I can’t deny that a big part of me want to live in here for a while and hopefully, some day that dream will come true.

After weeks of traveling, Paris felt like the big finale. Not only because Fashion Month ends with PFW as the city is buzzing with fashion happenings and shows, but also because I had the pleasure to meet up with my friend Payzee from London to share another fashion week together.

Being back brought me a tremendous amount of joy and inspiration, it’s magical to be able to tap into that feeling of instant alignment. For me, its gives me a sense of freedom which also translates in how I get dressed. Is it possible that one city can make one feel so liberated to the point that one feels no barriers? I can’t deny that a big part of me want to live in Paris for a while and hopefully, someday that dream will come true. Until then, I will take each opportunity I can to revisit. Let’s face it, I’ve truly understood why Paris is a good idea.


sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-towersara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower  sara-che-h&m-studio-white-tunic-leather-culottes-pants-trousers-schutz-lace-up-pumps-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-paris-eiffel-tower


I was wearing

H&M Studio Tunic

 Asos Faux Leather Coluttes

Schutz Lace-up Pumps

Balenciaga bag

Celiné Sunglasses



Photos by Fetish For Fine Fabrics, edited by me. 

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The Best News


What’s better than to start a new week great news? As you might remember, I was nominated to Zalando’s Nordic Awards in the category ‘People’s Choice’ – e.i. the votes decide who wins.

Today I’m honord to announce that you guys have voted me to the finale in Copenhagen and will represent Sweden against the other Scandinavian countries. It never ceases to humble and amaze me with the support and encouragement you’ve offered along the way.

Just being nominated, and now representing Sweden in the finale makes me feel like a winner already. Zalando is one of my favourite online shopping destinations because they offer a wide selection of clothes to every possible occasion, they work with influencers from around the world and having them noticing my work is humbling.

So you might wonder what’s next? Well, from today you can vote for the winner by clicking on the image below that takes you to Zalando’s page. There, you can choose the blogger you want to cast your vote for (I’m hoping you’re voting for me, hehe) and you will have the chance to win 3000 SKR to shop for at Zalando.

You guys can check it out here: http://www.bloglovin.com/awards/2015/voting and of course I would be so happy if you guys would vote for me. I’ll be back later, just couldn’t wait any longer to share this exciting news. And once again, thank you all so much!

Click here!

Zalando Fashion Blogger Awards 2015

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Chunky Knit


Every time fall comes, I start adding knits to my wardrobe. Although the Swedish climate is not really my type of weather, I’ve learned through out the years to make the most of it. Hashtag sweater weather! Therefore, I allow myself to indulge in a cup of warm chocolate as soon as the temperature dropps, or two. Haha!

Picked up this chunky knit  and wool wrap skirt at Weekday, a Swedish store that I have grown to like more and more the past months. You guys can find their clothes here and similar item here. I always enjoy playing with different textures and materials during fall, as well as proportions – such as adding a chunky knit to this skirt. Let’s just say that my mantra ‘make the most out of it’ is something I want to apply to every aspect of life.


sara-che-weekday-wrap-skirt-knitted-sweater-balenciaga-bag-celine-sunglasses sara-che-weekday-wrap-skirt-knitted-sweater-balenciaga-bag-celine-sunglassessara-che-weekday-wrap-skirt-knitted-sweater-balenciaga-bag-celine-sunglasses


I was wearing

Weekday knit – similar here

Weekday Skirt – similar here & here

Asos shoes

Balenciaga bag

Celine sunglasses

Photos by: Viktoria Möller, edited by me

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