Emotionally Constipated


Maybe its because its December, its generally dark outside. The hours of sun hours have decreased to around five hours of daylight, and if you have a nine to five you’re missing out of those valuable hours. Tonight I met up with a friend after work, we sat down at the restaurant and she asked ‘how are you, Sara?’. Maybe it was the tone of her voice, the question sounded so sincere so I replied with a sincere answer.

‘I’m good, but a little emotionally constipated’, my friend had a amused look on her face so I started to explain what I was meaning. Its sounded something like: I don’t know what it is but I am not feeling very inspired, however the inspiration I have is somewhere within, yet I can get it out. There’s a lot on my to-do list, yet not feeling its translating into actions in the natural matter that it usually does. I know constipated isn’t a cute words, I’m sorry for giving you any unpleasant visuals but the word was just spot on.

Is it the weather? The lack of sun hours? That everyone is wearing dark colors and adding more darkness to our oh so dark city? I don’t know. I cant help but dream away, the wanderlust in me is screaming loud, yet not loud enough to make me take action. Instead I take the subway home, put on some cosy clothes and serve myself a cup on ginger and lemon tea. Cuddle up in the coach in my new apartment, fire up the computer with a content feeling that something (big) is around the corner.

So maybe its fine to give yourself a break, and just do whatever you feels right for the moment, the inspiration will catch on. Truth be told, its been one busy year on many levels and life has taken many interesting turns. So maybe, I’m not really emotionally constipated but inspirationally constipated (hahaha) (its good to laugh at yourself).

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Christmas Gift / Day 2


You’ve seen them in my apartment, on my bed, on beruo, table, floor and probably everywhere else you can possibly put them (well almost haha). I have three, they are very dear to me because they were a gift from a good old friend of mine. And ever since, I’ve had them with me. They’re a source of inspiration, a place I take a break from the real world, a memory of a good friend as well as a decorating piece I cherish.

My coffee table books are very dear to me, but most of all because they come from a person who’s dear to me. You shouldn’t underestimate a coffee table book. Just make sure the topic is aligned with the persons interest and you’re good to go.

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Gift Guide / Day 1


It’s gift season! Throughout December I will present and share my gift tips. For him, for her, for the home and much more. Not only will I share my gift tips, but also give away some gifts. Its my way of saying thank you for all your love and support.

And first up, candles. Think candles are boring? Think again. I would happily accept any of these, anytime of the year. I love to decode my place with candles, its such a easy decor that adds that extra touch of coyness.  What do you think? Tell me below.

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Camel Coat and Red Knit


Ever since the camel coat arrived to my life, nothing has been able to top it. Thats how much I enjoy a good camel coat. And you guys know how much I love coats! Last year I went for a more traditional styling whereas this year I’m playing more with colors.

The combination of red and camel wasn’t obvious at first but once I threw on the camel coat it made perfectly sense. You know that moment when you think to yourself ‘Why haven’t I been combining these two together before?’.In my case there’s a pretty logical explanation, I’ve been on a monochrome path for so long.

But as we grow (older haha) its fun to get to know yourself and explore what you like. The other day I was thinking about how I used to dress in my late teens, there’s a few similarities in terms of my basic philosophy yet I was more about be on trend. As the year passed, trends have become more irrelevant whereas the notion of my own personal style have been growing. I’m looking forward to look back on my 32 years self in five or ten years to see what’s changed in terms of personal style. And that’s one of great things about this platform that I can go back and it will always be here.

Hope you all are off to a lovely start on this week and happy first December!

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Photography: Linda Juhola, edited by me

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Cyber Week


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest sale events of the year, you could argue they’re better than boxing day sales as their perfectly timed for gifting giving as well as stocking up for those holiday outfit occasions.

Speaking of holiday occasion, don’t forget yo check out my Christmas Shop with tons of gift ideas for him, her, the home and everything in between.


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