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Location: New York

As my blogging adventures continues overseas, I couldn’t foresee how much choosing the right hotel would mean. A year ago, choosing the right hotel wouldn’t be as important as it is today because I knew that I would basically only storage my luggage and sleep there. Now, a hotel is important because after a long day whether its been filled with meetings or sightseeing – coming back to a room that feels like home helps you forget that you’re far away from home as well as help one recharge.

Since I was staying the city for a week my criteria were the perfect location, wifi (bloggers priority), view overlooking the city (its New York after all and great food. NoMo is a gem in the heart of Soho, the location couldn’t be more perfect and I walked to most of the locations from the hotel. Aesthetically, the hotel is beautiful from the vine-laced archway leading into the entrance of the hotel, to the inside/outside restaurant/bar area that great food. I especially loved the decor and high sealing in the restaurant.  A highlight,

the view overlooking Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge, walking up to the sun rising over the city was magical.

It was so great to come back to an inviting space after a full day on heels and start editing photos and arranging meetings – work really did feel like pleasure.


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There’s something special about an all white attire, I’ve always been a fan of a all white suit. The crips and clean colour combined with the suits silhouette on a females body is truly something special. Yes, white is undeniably one of my favourite shades to wear and I like it even more when its from head to toe.

I always like to experiment and push my own limits, its helps me to grown regardless of the aspect of life and when the result is successful – it motivates me to keep pushing further. Speaking on motivation, it’s self-contangiouse. Meaning the more motivated you feel the more motivated you get. Do you agree? It’s how it works for me, like an upward spiral pushing the limits to see where I land next. We all know it Barcelona, London and Paris (just kidding, haha), but in all seriousness – it works as a charm every time.

There’s so much that I love about these photos, if I may say it myself. Jose is such an talent and I love how he captured the light, how the contrast play in the photos giving focus to the suit. This Pierre Balmain is something extra, the cut, fabric and I love the fact that you can see its a Pierre Balmain from far away only from the cut of the piece. This isn’t the only Pierre Balmain suit I shot in New York, more is coming up and I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do.





I was wearing

Suit here & similar here

Pants here & similar here

Bra here & similar here

Heels here & similar here

Sunglasses here & similar here


Photos: Jose Martinez

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Stockholm Fashion Week



The fashion week here in Stockholm started amazingly, I feel so privileged to take part of a such a fun and inspiring event that gathers creatives from all around the world. Just to be in the area and soak in the atmosphere gives a creative rush to the head. Although sleeping has been a bit distant, I’ve been enjoying every minute.

My dear friend Payzee, a Londoner and creative head with many titles flew in as well which made it even more special. We met last year at fashion week in Stockholm at a show, started talking and become friends. This year, I’m happy to accompany her in London during fashion week and I couldn’t be more excited. In addition, we’re going to Paris too!

Needless to say, this year keeps on getting better and better. That being happily stated, my feet will be happy for a rest, and I’m back sleeping a full amount of hours every night. At least for now, until next trip thats i a few weeks to Barcelona.


sara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-ss16-carin-wester sara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-ss16-payzee-maliksara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-ss16-carin-westersara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-ss16-dagmar462A4084sara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-ss16-berns-asiatiskasara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-ss16-dagmar

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Walk The Line




One could think a week in New York would be more than enough but as the trip was coming to an end I started to realise that there was still so much more to explore. My stay included many highlights, and if I would share them all we would be looking at weeks of material from this trip. Therefore, I  have narrowed it down to a selection of favourites that I hope will come handy if you decided to visit New York.

The High Line is built on freight rail and is 1.45 mile long park built  on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad. The park is truly unique with its urban design and landscape architecture, enabling amazing view’s overlooking parts of the city. There is no doubt that High Line is a New York gem and a must for everyone who visits or revisits New York.

Mother Nature was kind to bless these days with tropical heat á la sticky humid situation, dehydration and heat shock in the subway like entering a finish sauna. Nevertheless, the park was a nice break from the city madness and heatwave with its mindful design and architecture. And if you visit or revisit New York during the summer,  don’t forget to try the coconut ice-cream in the park – they’re delicious. And thank you Jose  for showing me this beautiful place.



I was wearing:

Dress – here & similar here

Shoes – here & similar here

Bag – here

Sunglasses here

Photos by: Jose Martinez


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