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After a wonderful trip in New York I was happy to be back in Stockholm, especially my apartment. What can I say, its my sanctuary and it doesn’t matter if I have been away a few hours or a whole week, I get the same feeling when I come home. I thought New York would get the nostalgia going but it didn’t to my surprise. The past days have been packed with catching up with friends. Enjoying the sun by the beach, eating late amazing dinners and just hang out and exactly what I needed.

Stockholm Fashion Week starts on Monday and I am so excited to see everyone and all the upcoming collections. There’s something else that is happening shortly after, its pretty huge and I haven’t brought it up for several reasons but I will share the details by the end of the week. Although I’ve just unpacked my bags, a new trip is in the horizon. Next destination is Barcelona, I’m going there for a conference for three days and wrapping up the trip with two days of enjoying the city and its beauty.

Before going to New York, I met up with my friend and strolled around Stockholm’s old city. Sometimes I forget about this cities beauty, I try to remind myself to look at it the way I would if it was a place I visited for the first time. Whenever I do so, I tend to find things I haven’t seen before which is exactly what happened here. My friend and I where both amazed by this location, it was like finding a hidden gem. Keeping an open mind enables one to find new things or to see things in a different light, same goes with these pants. I’ve loved culottes on others but haven’t been able to find the right  fit until one day when I stumbled upon these and decided to try them on. Although I love clothes and shopping, trying clothes in the store is not a favourite thing to do but I decided to keep an open mind and just give them a chance – and voilá! They’re sophisticated, chic and very feminine. Don’t you think? Have you ever experienced something similar? Please share, I always love to read your feedback.




I was wearing

Culottes – here & similar here

Top – here & similar here

Shoes – here & similar here

Bag – here

Sunglasses – here & similar here

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Soho Stroll





Days have been busy lately, and when I say busy I mean lots of walking in a steaming hot New York. Its almost time for me to pack my bags and head home for a few weeks before its time to pack up again. Next destination is Barcelona and I can’t wait to revisit its beauty. These past days have been amazing, I’ve been living in SoHo during my trip and this area is incredibly charming. A New York guide is coming up shortly with my favourite where to’s.

New destinations brings out new sides in me, and encourages to try grounds such as this delicate dress from Love and Lemons, you are probably acquaintances with their beautiful braletts. But have you seen their beautiful dresses? Feminine, chic and delightful yet simple and effortless (my fashion mantra). Now can we please take a moment and discuss the lace? The details are exquisite and the opening in the back gives the piece a playful feel. With a piece like this, nude shoes is a must since another colour would take the attention from the dress, same goes with bag and sunglasses.


sara-cue-for-love-and-lemons-dress-lace-stuart-weitzman-nudist-sandal-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-havana-sunglasses sara-cue-for-love-and-lemons-dress-lace-stuart-weitzman-nudist-sandal-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-havana-sunglasses sara-cue-for-love-and-lemons-dress-lace-stuart-weitzman-nudist-sandal-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-havana-sunglasses


I was wearing

For Love and Lemons Dress

Givenchy Bag

Stuart Weitzman Shoes

Celiné Sunglasses

Photos by: Jose Martinez

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There are so many precious moments that we need to cherish and learn to appreciate as they appears in our lives. New destinations, new encounters, new beginnings, dreams becoming reality or whatever the occasion may be - live freely and allow yourself to fall in...





Growing up as a kid, I was never the one who dreamt of having a family or have a wedding like most of my friends – instead I fantasized about adventures and trips to countries far away. The thought got me so excited. Fast forward, the same feeling remains the same. Over the years, I’ve learned the meaning of ‘following your bliss’ and I can’t think of anything more rewarding than to travel.



”Traveling is the only thing money can buy that makes you richer”



I’ve always admired people who travel alone, the thought of it has made me nervous at times at the same time that I like the concept of doing everything on your own pace. Being a firm believer in that only you can make you happy, the trip to London thought me many things. One thing that I came to understand was to when you travel alone, you invest in yourself but it also illustrates what sort of foundation you have as a person and how much you like your own company.  I am writing this from the airport in Berlin, waiting to board my plane to New York.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by
the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain



Although I used to live in the U.S. for two years, I’ve only visited NY once – it was for only a few days in February and it was freezing. Words can’t really explain how excited I am to go back, and to go back alone. So I guess I am one of those people after all, who travels alone. And if you are a true wanderlust at heart, you will find a way to do your adventures without having to depend on others to want the same experience as you. Once you taken the step, you will look back wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.


“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world.
It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury



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Make It Your Own





You’ve might have been noticing that I have been sporting a lot of skirts lately. The bottom down skirt has been a popular piece this summer for many, I am no exception but love when there comes a piece with a nice twist. I.e. the same silhouette yet with a split in the front. Although the 70’s trend is going strong (and will for a while according to trend predictions) I’m feeling a bit full of all the trend. Hence, this piece is a winner with its minimalistic and sophisticated feel.

Its a easy garment to wear and easily styled, can’t wait to play around with by layering once the weather cools down. Another go-to piece that I’ve been using lately is a high-neck tops. Thats the great thing with dressing according to your body type and personal style – it makes a statement while it feels effortless. Looking back at these photos makes me miss London, hopefully I will revisit this beautiful city after all the traveling and fashion month. Are you guys attending any fashion weeks?


462A0727462A0797  462A0639


I was wearing

Top – similar here & here

Skirt – similar herehere




Bag – similar here

Photos by: Emma Hill

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