Asymmetrical Playfulness



As most of you know, I am currently in Barcelona for a few days. This is my second time visiting the city, last time was many years ago but it feels like I’m seeing it for the first time. How could I forget this cities beauty? Yesterday I was walking around and my wanderlust smile appeared. You know that moment when you’re traveling, discovering new things and suddenly it hits you that you can’t stop smiling. Have you ever experiences it?

Before leaving for Barcelona, the transitional season hit Stockholm. The whether is getting cooler and there is nothing quit as satisfying as finding the perfect seasonal transitional piece and this sweater is just that. While the off-shoulder breathes summer, the thicker fabric and colour makes it perfect for cooler days. What makes it even more interesting is its side slit and extra long arms. What I love about this look is the combination of the colours and how the pieces layers asymmetrically.

Although the weather is getting cooler, I’m not fully ready to leave summer behind. Maybe it’s because I know its going to be a long while till the weather allows us to wear bare legs up here in Scandinavia. However, this sweater makes me feel a little excited for cooler weather, warm knits and earthy tones.




sara-che-white-volang-skirt-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-celine-havana-skirt sara-che-white-volang-skirt-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-celine-havana-skirt sara-che-white-volang-skirt-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-celine-havana-skirtsara-cue-white-volang-skirt-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-celine-havana-skirt sara-che-white-volang-skirt-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-celine-havana-skirtsara-che-white-volang-skirt-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-celine-havana-skirtsara-che-white-volang-skirt-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-celine-havana-skirt


I was wearing

Off-shoulder Top – similar here & here

Frill skirt – similar here & here

Pumps – here & similar here

Sunglasses – here & similar here

Photos by: Viktoria Möller, edited by me. 

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New York Reflections




People in the fashion business pilgrim from one city to another during the upcoming weeks to wittness one of the industries most important month, fashion month is officially starting. First up is New York. I am catching a plane today as well, not to NY but instead Barcelona for five days. My fashion pilgrim will however start next week when its London’s turn followed by Paris. Just the though of being able to do these two trips makes me smile.

As a child, I dreamt about traveling the world and I also remember daydreaming about being able to see a big fashion show live. Its amazing how the puzzle pieces are falling perfectly into place. I have to admit that I sometimes want to pinch myself – I’m just so grateful for everything thats happening right. Exciting times indeed, which brings  me to todays post that was shot my last day in New York overlooking Manhattan. The sun was about to set over the island while the skyscrapers were reflecting a beautiful light. Boast were passing over the Hudson River and the energy of the city was captivating yet serene. Reflecting back, I can still touch those feelings as I just felt them.

What I love about this look is the proportions, layering and playing with the colours and bold stripes. These wide pants are pure joy and a fun addition to my closet. Although they’re very trendy at the moment, I am sure they will come back again and again just as the 70’s trend tend to do. Even the fashion industry reflects back on the trends, and brings them back to us again and again.


sara-che-wide-pants-layerd-tops-celine-sunglasses-new-york-skyline-dumbosara-che-wide-pants-layerd-tops-celine-sunglasses-new-york-skyline-dumbo sara-che-wide-pants-layerd-tops-celine-sunglasses-new-york-skyline-dumbo sara-che-wide-pants-layerd-tops-celine-sunglasses-new-york-skyline-dumbosara-che-wide-pants-layerd-tops-celine-sunglasses-new-york-skyline-dumbo



I was wearing

Wide pants – similar here

Longer top – similar here

Shorter top – similar here

Sunglasses here

Photos by: Jose Martinez

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Fashionable Confessions




I wanna start by thanking all of you who took the time to reach out to me after yesterdays confession about my recent surgery, the amount of love and support made me speechless. I’m humbled and beyond grateful for having so loving readers and followers. Secondly, this post was shot before my surgery in case anyone is wondering. Due to recent trips and event, I have tons of content to share so hang in there. More post surgery pictures are coming but you can always check out these if you missed them.

One thing I enjoy the most about personal style is in the details. How one chooses to style a look, the balance of a look and interesting twist that takes the look to another level. When I was students with poor cashflow, creativity was my only tool to use whatever I had to make it fashionable and stylish since I couldn’t afford designer clothes. Fashion has never been about wearing head to toe designer pieces, for me its about creating a personal style with what you had. Everyone can buy designer clothes, but does that mean you have style?


”Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.” – Iris Apfel


My father was one of my first fashion inspirations. He dressed well with what he had when he and my mother recently moved from Iran to Sweden in the mid-eighties. Although they had little, he always managed to put together a look and look polished. Same goes for when he’s business had taken off, I remember his morning routines so well. I used to wake up to loud music while he was getting ready before going to work. Back then, we didn’t have internet and social media influencing us either which can also be another reason why the brand awareness has gone to another level.

I am no style expert, nor do I pretend to be but I had a long relationship to fashion and studied it during my years at university. One thing that has always stuck with throughout the years is what Iris Apfel said (see quote above), it’s about self-expression and possessing style by knowing who you are – that’s what makes it personal style.


sara-che-leather-skirt-striped-shirt-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-white-sneakers-stockholm-fashion-week-ss16sara-che-leather-skirt-striped-shirt-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-white-sneakers-stockholm-fashion-week-ss16 sara-che-leather-skirt-striped-shirt-balenciaga-canvas-bag-celine-sunglasses-white-sneakers-stockholm-fashion-week-ss16


I was wearing

Zara Shirt – similar here & here

Zara Skirt (old) – similar here & here

Mango Sneakers – her & similar here

Balenziaga Bag – her & here

Celine Sunglasses – here & similar here

Photos by: Fetis For Fine Fabrics

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Let’s Discuss: My Plastic Surgery




Well if that isn’t a controversial blog title, I don’t know what is. The past days, I have been contemplating whether I should share this with you all or not. Since the beginning, I’ve been honest with you, transparent and showed more vulnerability than any other blogger I know. To be honest, I take pride in that because honesty and realness is something I value.

Although this has nothing with vulnerability to do, I simply wanted to share this with you because it may help someone else or at least clear and shed some light at how a possible process could be. Before deciding to go through with the procedure, I couldn’t find a post about the subject where the person shared their experience, the ones I found were either those horrifying stories where everything went wrong. Friends that have been in the same position said they couldn’t find anything either which is why I hope this post finds someone who looking for a neutral yet true story.

There are many ways to formulate this but I’m just going to type it. I had a nose job last week.

I’ve been thinking about getting one for over ten years, the fear of going under the knife has been the main reason why I haven’t gone through with. In all honesty, I’ve been going back and forth between “this is how my nose looks, and I’m just going to own it” to “maybe I should consider getting a consultation”. For ten years, I’ve been going back and forth and it escalated the past three years. This might sound silly but I felt it grew bigger and the proportions weren’t right.

I’ve heard all the comments such as “you don’t need it”, “there’s nothing wrong with your nose” and even “your nose is what makes you – you ” so please allow me to clarify a few things. No, there was never anything “wrong” with my nose but I wanted it look smaller. My nose is NOT what makes me, this comment is just ridiculous – my personality and heart is what makes me. Kindly  spare me those comments, please.

I booked a couple of consultations, one was really great and the other one was horrible. Since the first doctor was amazing, we literately hugged after the consultation was done so I felt it was now or never – I booked a date.

Family and friends asked me for weeks if I was nervous, I wasn’t. Logically, I thought I should be since I’ve been afraid with going through with it but I couldn’t feel any signs of nervousness. I laughed it off and blamed it on my busy schedule.

The day came, still not nervous. My mother was more nervous than I.  The moment I had dreaded the most came, lying on the bed in the surgery room under lamps but I still felt super cool. The staff was absolutely incredible and so friendly, I felt well taken care off. Before I knew it, I woke up and the show was over. A little drowsy because of the anaesthetics but no pain, no bruises and just a little swallowing around my right eye. Thats it! No joke, I was chocked too!

I’ve expected being bruised and not being able to open my eyes. I wasn’t the only one being chocked, my family and friend were just as chocked as I. But what can I say, i picked a really awesome doctor. These pictures were taken yesterday, as you can see there its swollen but you could never have guessed the surgery was only a week ago.

So, there you have it. And if this post ever finds a person who’s considering surgery – I hope this sheds light on how one person experienced it.  I could never say to a person if he/she should do or not with a surgery, and it’s not my place to have an opinion either. I believe that is a private matter that one should do for herself/himself and not based on what others think or may think. Also,  I am not some twenty year old girl who just woke up one day and decided to go through with this, I’m a thirty something year old woman who has been contemplating surgery for over ten years, I found a doctor that I felt comfortable enough with to go though it.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them – or share your experience if you had surgery.




I was wearing

Zara Shir –  similar here & here

Photo by: Viktoria Möller

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How to: Take your creative work to the next level



Last night during an event, a conversation about creativity sparked the inspiration for todays topic. As a creative beings, we like to create content that allures, has value and hopefully adds moves the audience. As creative being, we tend to be our own biggest critic. Is it good enough? That person is much better than me and so on, and so on.

Over the past years, I’ve been asking myself those questions but last nights conversation made me realise that I’ve come far in terms of how I perceive my work. Whether you are a blogger, writer, photographer, singer or illustrator, we’ve all experienced moments of doubt. Therefore, I wanted to share a few of my insights of how to take your creative work to the next level.


Experiment – If you’re feeling lost and don’t know what your style is, allow yourself to play around and experiment. Step outside your comfort zone. Albert Einstein said ”Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Social Media – There are many reasons why I love social media and its my go-to source of inspiration. Put your work out there, whether  you are a blogger, writer, photographer, illustrator or a singer, there is a platform for your art and where you can get you audience to engage.


“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” – Richard Branson


Doubt – You can either let your doubts discourage you or fuel based upon how you chose to use these feelings. Doubt can be good because it push you to do better, and whenever you feel doubt take a moment and remember that you decide. Feelings are a compass – learn to read your compass.

Time – Give yourself the time to find your creative voice. Style and sense of aesthetics is an evolving process.

Fun –  One of the most frequent question I get is “How do you find the time to do all the things your doing?” and the answer is that I truly enjoy what I’m doing. Hence, it doesn’t feel like work. And if its not fun, I’m not doing it. Period.

I hope you found these insights useful, do you have any advice you’d like to share? Don’t wait, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I was wearing:

Dress here & similar here

Shoes here & similar here

Sunglasses here & similar here

Bag here & similar here

Photo by: Jose Martinez

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