3 Things I Love about Stockholm


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As much as I love to travel, there’s no place like home and as much as I’m always thinking about where my destinations is going to be – it’s good to appreciate what you have. Here’s three things I love about Stockholm.


1. Rivers: Just to be able to walk out of my apartment and have this view a few meters away is amazing. It never tiers me. Stockholm city has several small islands, as for myself live on one of the bigger ones (Södermalm) and the v

2. Cafés: Swede’s are big on coffee and the variety of coffee shops differ. You have everything from the bigger companies and small ones with their unique touch which is great depending if you’re looking for a quick espresso or a fika (Swedish word for: having a break, usually with coffee. Can be used as a verb or a noun).

3. Walk: This city is great for putting on some comfy shoes and just walk. When I lived in Los Angeles I used to miss the lifestyle of walking since you go everywhere by car. Not only is it a good work out but I always tend to find a new coffee spot or restaurant to try.


It would be so fun if you guys would tell me your hometown in the comments and something you love about your hometown! Have a lovely day everyone, kisses!


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Photos by: Viktoria Möller


I was wearing:

Pierre Balmain Leather Jacket

Zara top (old)  – similar here & here

 Asos Jeans

Manolo Blahnik Pumps

Ray-Ban’s Aviators

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Life Updates & 5 valuable lessons




You know that moment when you have a million thoughts in your head and you can’t categorize them, your to-do list keeps growing while new inspiration hits you every minute. The best way for me is to write, it allows me to sort my feelings and thoughts and get a broader perspective on what I need to focus on.

We’re already halfway through 2015, lets just say that this year didn’t turn out the way I’ve planned but after a detour into emotional cleaning and detoxing things have started to fall into place. I stumbled upon a old friend a few days ago, she reminded me that back then (in LA) I talked about how I wanted to have my own platform where I get to express myself and what inspired me. And voila!

Looking back at these past six months, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons along the way that I wanted to share with you.

Be your own best friend. Wise word from one of my dearest friends whom always said this phrase. You need to be your own best friend, first and foremost. Cheer of yourself as you do for other, believe in yourself as you believe in other, comfort and be nice to yourself as you would be to others.

It will be okay. No matter how hard things are its going to pass. Life is changing and if you focus on the present and what you want to experience in your life, you’ll see how life will take care of your deepest desire. It might turn out the way you wanted, but you will get there one way or another.

Be careful of who you trust. I’ve always believed that we’re all visiting each other lives, some stay shortly while other stay longer. Although we’re just visiting, I’ve learned that one must be careful of who they expose their volnubilerty to. Some may portray themselves as friends, but ones you’ve showed them your words they end up taking a detour.

Stay true to yourself. Since this platform is a place for me to share, vent and hopefully inspire others I’ve promised myself to stay true to who I am. And by being true I’m referring to tell it as I see it, the most rewarding thing is when people react out and share their life experiences or thank me for being honest. Life isn’t always a fairytale with unicorns on pink fluffy clouds – I’d rather be authentic that putting up a fake smile to the world. Some people will appreciate it while other won’t, and those who wont aren’t probably ready to face it.

Get rid of negativity. This is a cleanse I truly recommend to everyone, get that toxin flushed out of your system. Whether its people around you or other things that adds that negativity to your life, get rid of it. On a personal note, I’ve never understood the feeling of jealousy. Maybe its because my parents always reminded me that if others can do it, then so can I.

So what is it that I need to focus on? Well, there’s four trips planned the next upcoming months starting with London at the end of July, New York in August followed by Barcelona and Paris in September. This means not only a lot of planning and preparation but doing it in the best possible way.

My wanderlust soul is jumping of joy, there’s nothing more I love to do than travel and to be able to share these upcoming experiences with me is going to be wonderful. Let’s just say that www.sarache.se has moved up a gear.


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Suede Skirt




Summer calls for bright colors, and this crisp suede skirt is just perfect for the warm temperature as well for fall fashion (read:score!). Its such a simple piece and I’m positive that we’re gonna stay friend for a very long time.

I paired it up with a white off-shoulder top – it brings the skirt more focus and created a good balance. Added a little leopard print to add some fun to the look and a oh-so beautiful bucket bag to just keep it simple and on point.The perfect look for a summer day in the city.

Don’t forget that I’m giving away a MLM Label off-shoulder top, join the give away here.



sara-he-suede-skirt-grey-off-shoulder-top-mansur-gavriel-sunglasses- sara-he-suede-skirt-grey-off-shoulder-top-mansur-gavriel-sunglasses-sara-he-suede-skirt-grey-off-shoulder-top-mansur-gavriel-sunglasses-

Photos by: Viktoria Möller, edited by me.


I was wearing:

Nelly Off-shoulder Top

River Island Suede Skirt

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

Ray-Ban’s Aviator Sunglasses

Zara Leopard sneakers – similar here & here

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MLM Label Give Away





I cannot believe its July already! To kick off this month, I’d like to show my appreciation of you by giving away my current favorite top.  Sharing is caring, right? The best part, this giveaway is open to international contestants!


If you want to win this beautiful top, follow the super easy descriptions below:

– Like my Facebook page (here)

– Leave a comment below here in the blog when done with your e-mail and size.


I will announce the winner of the 12th of July! Good luck everyone!

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Available from November 14, 2013, in around 250 stores worldwide and online, the collection features clothing and accessories for women and teenagers. Isabel will also, for the first time, create a collection for men.

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