Why Stockholm fashion week is dying out



It seems that almost every year when the round of fashion weeks are underway, the inevitable question always comes up, is fashion week still relevant and does it still really matter? For the last seasons, fewer Swedish designers are showcasing their collections for the press at SFW. However, it was only three years ago SFW attracted the fashion media elite such as Miroslava Duma and her Russian fashion mafia and high profile bloggers such as Brya Boy and Sussie Bubble.


Question is, what happen? After Mercedes Benz dropped out from SFW shoe-goers started noticing big changes. At that time, big brands such as Acne Studios and H&M showed their collections at Paris Fashion Week. Why? Probably because Paris draws a larger internationally press, in other words they most likely wanted to get their money worth and strategically place themselves amongst other big brands.


Moving forward, as some brands re-locate to show their collections in other cities, it opens up a new opportunity for other brands to steal away the show. One of the major challenges they have been facing is the fact that far less fashion publications actually write about the collections. Instead, reports are being published on who sat front row ­– but what about the designer? Maybe you’ll be lucky to get a article if you’re brand is popular enough, maybe. To be real frank, one could almost perceive some Swedish publications to be more interested in what international designers are showing abroad – or if you’re a Swedish brand that present your show abroad. Problematic, well yes because if the media doesn’t report on the collections or the trend, who will report? The bloggers? Truthfully, I rarely see other bloggers actually report on the collections – same goes for them, it’s about who sat where and got published on what (street-style or fashion) site. So basically one could almost argue that everyone is screaming for attention, which isn’t something to condemn but after a few seasons of designers dropping off, budgets getting cut, locations are being changed due to lack of funding’s are the presentations are going from 150 seats to small presentations for 50 people one can’t help to wonder how many seasons Stockholm Fashion Weeks will live to see?


However, it’s not only the Swedish press responsibility but also the PR-agencies. There are bloggers who actually want to see the show for the clothes, but if you don’t have the right profile and big enough following you will probably not get a reply back when requesting tickets. Harsh? Well, it how the industry looks here in little Stockholm.


No one can deny that the Danes have been very progressive – so much that Stockholm fashion week has lost a lot of international coverage due to the massive growth of Copenhagen Fashion Week. The Danes have some really heavy designers and since the Danish government funds the event each time, it enables them to maintained a certain quality. A quality that we’re lacking more and more here in Stockholm.


Are the Swedes tiered of loosing press to Denmark? Well yes, why do you think this seasons starts on a Sunday instead of Monday (as it usually does?). Several people whom work in PR and brand-side have confirmed that’s why this season starts earlier, it would overlap too many days with Denmark otherwise.


Stockholm Fashion week is actually only three days, the fashion school of Beckmans show their graduation collection. I always like their show because it’s always nice to see new talents and hopefully the next big designers of this country. Important one would think, especially if we want to stay relevant in the game and you should know by now that the swedes have a good reparation for their designs, but who will maintain this reputation if their not getting enough press. It also gets a bit problematic when a big media-house decides to throw a big dinner on that exact time.


The swedes have a lot to learn from their neighbor, the Danish government understand the importance of Danish design – especially in times like these where many designers are struggling and therefore a generous donate a generous amount to Copenhagen Fashion Week each season. Today, Copenhagen Fashion Week is Scandinavia’s most relevant Fashion Week. If you ask me personally, the Norwegians are next since Sweden is loosing its momentum. However, I’m not saying everything is lost – however many changes need to be actualized or this will be last seasons we’ll see.


Swedish press needs to acknowledge their responsibility, so does the influencer who actually go to the shows to report (but end of reporting their own faces from the shows) as well as the PR-agencies to get their priorities straight. Yes, the list is long and these topics blossoms up each season prior to SFW. Both amongst the influencers, press and PR-agencies have these discussions, the opinions don’t really differ much, the industry is worried yet the attempt to pump up some life into SFW remains.


As always, I’m eager to know what you think. Has this topic crossed you mind? What d you think will happen? Suggestions on how to improve? Make sure to follow along on Intsa-stories for live updates, and a full review on SFW followed up by a round up of a conclusion when fashion month is over.




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Off The Grid




These past months, I’ve taken a much slower pace with keeping up with publishing new posts. It’s been a time for closure, reflection, contemplation and new perspectives. That being said, it may appear as I’ve been missing in action meanwhile I’ve really just trying to figure out what the next steps.


One of those aspects does evolve this space, with all the radical changes and events around the world I have felt I’ve needed to take a step back and check myself as a blogger. This can be narrowed down into so many categories but in times like these, where one of the worlds most powerful countries is president is in the becoming of a dictator ­– we find ourselves more in need of people who talk about the love for something and in need of light and love.


When a conversation is held from place of love and creativity, that’s the kind of stories you get intrigued with and want to read more. Nor do I feel I do want to encourage consumption, and yes I probably have some companies looking at this thinking what is this girl writing. But I’ve never been about encouraging others to mass-consume,and if you have been reading by blog long enough you surly understand why I don’t feel I need to back up – and if you don’t get it, you haven’t been tagging along enough  (haha!).





We’re imbalanced and so is the world. We have not taken care of our planet and the change is inventible, that’s why I also believe it’s important as influencer to actually be aware what you are about because there are so many people out there doing things just for the sake of the attention. The concept of attention has become so absurd so you can littarly become a millionaire if you create a big buzz (Kim K, this one is for you). And on the other hand we have teachers who’s work actually make a difference ­­– yet doesn’t get paid enough. Yes, the balance is off, which it so important we need to be responsible for the energy that we bring whether its your conversations or what you’re sharing on social media.


Over the years, I’ve shared some private emotions and fears here on the blog. Never did I think the concept of sharing could actually connect people from around the world like this. What I’ve learned is that you never know how many people you’re actually helping by sharing your experiences, and through sharing learned that we are actually pretty much the same, we people feel the same and experience the same. So if one actually can make a difference, why aren’t we having meaningful conversations? What stories are we really telling?


What I can conclude is this, things are changing a rapid pace and I’ve never been about following the stream. We need new ways to find new ways of being, on the small and large aspects of life, right? Have you asked yourself what way you’re headed?



Photos by Tahira Music | Edited by me

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Happy Crew


sara-che-camouflage-jaclet-nike-air-force-af1-sf-off-white-curly-hairsara-che-camouflage-jaclet-nike-air-force-af1-sf-off-white-curly-hair sara-che-camouflage-jaclet-nike-air-force-af1-sf-off-white-curly-hair sara-che-camouflage-jaclet-nike-air-force-af1-sf-off-white-curly-hair


I’ve always known that I have a special relationship to clothes, some people just use them to not walk around naked whereas others like me can’t imagine how their life would look whiteout it. A major shift occurred last spring/summer when I changed my perspective from picking what I liked to picking what made me happy.


One could think its the same thing but if you truly think about it, you see that it differs a lot. When a close friend of mine mentioned a new home organizing technique, I found it very similar to my philosophy. Keep whatever makes you genuinely happy, the rest goes.


Lately, I’ve been thinking how the change of perspective has changed me and the changes I’ve seen in others. For instance, wearing clothes that makes you happy will help you radiate more positive energy. You know I’m a big advocate for taking responsibility for the energy that you bring. Same goes for the rest of your life, no matter what you do – what’s the purpose of it if it doesn’t bring you or those around you joy.


Here’s how I see it, you can never loose if you start from a place where you actively choose happiness. Whether it’s your job, the people you surround yourself with or things that you do throughout your day. Whenever you’re acting from a place of joy, you will notice the changes within and also around you. That’s a promise. You can always try, there’s nothing to loose and everything to win





Photos Chrystelle Eriksberger | Edited by me


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Attention, Couture Clean-up in Aisle 6!





Wearing: Adidas Originals Crop Top (here), H&M Pants (here), Fishnet Tights (here), Timerland Boots (here)


The neon lights, the clunky shopping carts, the screaming kids—few would contest the fact that supermarkets are just about the least hottest places on earth, but I have always taken pleasure in loosing track of time in a supermarket. If you ever catch my friend and I in a supermarket store, you’re more likely see us playing a impromptu musical between the aisle. Whether it was the grocery stores in the US or here in Sweden, something silly and fun happened the majority of times.


Grocery stores can be like a gym in January, do you take guilty pleasure in looking at other peoples cart? Well I do, free inspiration is everywhere and especially appreciated when lacking food inspo. December is the time of a year when I usually lack inspiration, this year has been different. The inspiration has been there to some point, but the motivation to push it through hasn’t been as high. This time, I wanted to build up enough inspiration for you so I could introduce something different in 2017. Please read the subtitle with irony, although Karl did introduce the actual haut-cuture supermarket a few seasons ago at Grand Palaise.


I’m wearing everything but couture, just s few of my favourite pieces from various brands. Street is the new couture, 2016 made sure of it, just ask Vetement. Hope this inspires you to wear something extra awesome next time you’re picking up some groceries.




Photos: Chrystelle Eriksberger | Edited by me

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Last words




The count down has started, meanwhile I’m enjoying a peaceful afternoon at my place before its time to gather with friends to celebrate the new year. So many are eager to leave 2016 behind, while its been a good year for others – pretty much same story every year. No?


As for me? It’s been a interesting year, can’t say its been a bad year – a lot of growth took place which can be painful too at times. New Year resolutions? No, not a fan of that either. I believe that if you really want to make changes, it does not have to be a new year to get started – although I get it from a symbolic and motivational aspect. A friend of mine told be a few months ago that she aims to visit 5 countries she haven’t traveled to each year, which I found it so inspiring.


As for me, my goal for 2017 is to look, act and fully live from the heart. If I could wish you anything in the new year to come, is that you follow your feelings. Your goosebumps, the sensation that lives just outside of your skin and deep in your soul. That’s your yes. And your yes matters. Let it lead you, in all you do.


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