Ask and You Shall Receive

Last week, I did something for the first time. It was one of those situations that reminds me of Steve Jobs Stanford graduation speech on connecting the dots. The first dot was laid by my father, he was the first person to introduce photography for me. Over the last years the dots have increased one by one, when my friend was looking for a person to assist her for a campaign shoot I jumped to the occasion.

Its was an amazing experience and it gave me a more profound understand for what the job means, I was so grateful for being able to be a a part of the experience and to learn more, but also learn more about my own capacity. Guess thats the beauty of doing things for the first time, it pushes you out of your comfort zone but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to go south, maybe that’s just fear trying to get a hold of us but if you’re determined to grow you’re always going to find light in a challenging moment.

During the past months, I have been receiving a lot of questions on blogging, some have been asking for advice on do’s and don’ts. My first remark is that I think its important to have a clear idea on why you want to start a blog. Whats the intention, whats the tone and whats the goal(s). Although you may have a clear vision of where you want to take your blog, it doesn’t mean things wont change over a period of time, but that’s just life.

For me, I always wanted a space to share my passion. Fashion, photography and everything else that moves me. Over time, my passion for photography has grown bigger as my skills. I’ve had no formal training, instead I’ve seemed out the answers to my questions via internet or helpful photographer friends and if there is one piece of advice i could give you, it would be this: Don’t stop, go after whatever makes you tick, whenever you’re acting from a place of love new doors will open and remember to always be persistent.

Yesterday i Copenhagen I had the pleasure to talk with a beautiful and inspiring entrepreneur, Vanja Wikström. We discussed the art of asking, how people we perceive successful in their field of work still to this day ask/request to do the projects. Its a beautiful reminder that just because you reach a certain point of your career, the asking doesn’t stop and that isn’t something bad because if you master the art of asking you’ll be surprised how far you can come and the doors that open for you.

As for these pictures, taken by my talented friend and photographer Anna Mårentsson after a 9 hours of building studios and shooting the campaign. I will always keep asking and I hope this little story inspires you to do the same.





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Best Mirrored Sunglasses of the Season


Sunglasses are always a great way to complete a look, so why not make them a mini statement piece?  Regardless of the season, sunglasses are a must. Frankly, I feel naked whiteout mine just as a person who wear watched would feel naked without their trusten friend.

And from what I can see, many of you love my latest edition of sunglasses too after receiving so mails and questions about these Le Spec sunnies. Needless to say, they sure set the tone on whatever you’re wearing.



As for this look, it has become more of a uniform. Easy and effortless, comfortable which is a must these days – maybe its the fact that I am prioritizing comfort these days more than before. Last time I wore heels was almost three months ago, no joke. Speaking of which, summer is coming to its end which translates layering up, although I’m looking forward to see how this fall plays out I am not ready to compromise on the layers, luckily that isn’t an issue when speaking eyewear. Right?

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Get The Sunglasses

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Photo: Tahira Music, edited by me

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