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Below the surface


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There have been numerous times where I have reflected on  the subject, and not knowing how to feel in regards to it. The truth is, the confusion has been a symptom of fear. Fear for sharing it and the judgement it may come with it. But what can be so important that it has made me to pause until this day?

The fashion industry has unfortunately with years become synonymous with shallow in many peoples eyes, which is understandable to some point, because if you’re truly not invested in it – its easy to jump to those conclusions. We tend to dimiss things we don’t understand, right? However, as I’m looking at this landscape of the industry grow and evolve meanwhile I’m growing in it and finding my place in it, the more I feel I’d rather talk and share about subjects that truly matter to me rather just to post sponsored posts that only screams ”buy this or that”. No, I’m not about that life.

Since being more drawn into topics that are deeper I feel its only right to share them with those who are pulled in the same direction. Fashion and spirituality isn’t a topic that is often spoken about, as I was doing some reading on the world wide web and stumbled upon Tom Fords documentary again and it dawned on me that Ford is one of my all time favourite designer who has spoken openly about his views.

It would be amazing if this platform could bring more likeminded souls together, surely there are more of you out there who can relate to todays topic or have exploring similar thoughts and emotions. Hopefully, some of you will come forward so we can use this space for discussions, sharing and supporting one and other – lets shed light on whats going on below the surface and how it translates to how we communicate with our style .

Instead of going further, I’m gonna stop there and let it sink in. Needless to say that I am very eager to see what the feedback from you. If you feel you dont want to share such private things here, my mail is always another option if you rather proceed there. Until next post…

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Gucci Sunglasses, River Island top, trousers and shoes, Bottega Veneta case

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Photo: Frida Möller, edited by me

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