Tictail Brunch


I söndags träffade jag upp Sverige-gänget på Tictail’s HQ takterass för en mysig brunch, förutom den underbara utsikten bjöds det på avocado toasts, chia pudding, crossaints och mycket annat gott. Trots min skräck för höjder  lyckades jag ställa mig upp vid kanten för några snabba bilder (allt för bilden skull va? haha!).

Därefter kilade vi ner till Tictail’s butik som låg ett par kvatert ifrån huvudkontoret, inredningen i butiken var helt underbar och jag hittade så mycket fint. Jag älskar att hitta nya märken och unika plagg, hittade en over-sized rosa tröja med härliga tryck. Perfekt som en klänning med ett par sneakers!

Stort tack till Tictail för en underbar förmiddag!

Last Sunday, a group of friends  from Sweden gathered on Tictail’s HQ rooftop for the cosiest brunch. A view overlooking the city while easting avocado toasts, chia puddings, various juices and other deliouse goodies. Although I am terribly afraid of heights, I managed to get up on the edge for some shoots (anything the photos, right? haha!)

After the brunch we dropped by the store, only a couple of blocks away from their HQ. I really love the interior in the store and found many great pieces. Love finding new brans and unique pieces, I got my hands on a over-sized pink sweater with prints – perfect as a dress paired with a pair of sneakers.

Thank you Tictail for having me, its was wonderful!

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New York Heat

Summer is coming to its end and I am happy to wrap it up in New York, however, I didn't expect the NY heatwave in September. The other day, I met up with some friends from Stockholm for brunch in Stockholm - being here is...

Crash Boom Bam


Being back in New York is great, the city has always been a source of inspiration to me, which is why I really want to cherish every moment and soak in all the inspiration I can, whether it’s fashion, architecture, interior design or pure energy. If anything, this sticky-hot-humit New York weather has left me longing for nothing but silky flow materials. Luckily, my favourite pieces from Stine Goya X FOS collaboration joined me all the way over the Atlantic Sea.

This season’s artist print at Stine Goya is made by the artist, FOS. This print made such a impact on me, at first sight you see all these beautiful colours correlating with each other but if you take a closer look (I hope) you can see it’s a car crash. It leave me to reflect on how we might view others lives, from far it can look beautiful but if get closer we can start to see the ”imperfections”. Something worth thinking about, especially at this age of social media madness (said the blah-gger (insert sarcasm)).

When wearing such a colourful piece, I like to balance it out with something more simple – such as the top. Or ”backwards” by adding a printed Stine Goya scarf to the blue metallic Proenza Schouler bag. Crash boom bam!

Make sure to follow along on Snapchat for real-time updates, my username is @sara_che. Speaking of Snapchat, which one do you guys prefer – Snapchat or Insta-stories?


Stine Goya Top

Stine Goya x FOS trousers

Proenza Schouler PS11 Bag

Stine Goya Scarf

Le Spec Sunglasses (similar here)

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Zalando Fashion Show

And so another Stockholm Fashion Week has come to it's end, last night we closed the season with Zalando Fashion Show. Yes, the German webbshop invited the press, Scandinavian influencers and final consumers. Sofie Farhaman hosted the event where she presented the four different trends. showcasing...

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