Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognised who person looking back is? It’s like one has been used to seeing something (or someone) that has changed over time and all of sudden, you wake up to the realisation that that old you is gone.

That’s what I love about fashion, and blogging about it. Not only does one have an actual archive on previous style and looks, but can also go back to and read what what going on a deeper level. A few days ago I stumbled upon some old photos that was hidden in a old phone, my hair was longer and my style resembled a person I once knew. She wasn’t unfamiliar, just that time has taken its turn together with the laws of evolution. I looked up in the mirror, as for a second I didn’t really recognise how that old me used to think and resonate about this life.

However, I don’t believe a person can be only one thing – I know for a fact that I one with many facets, each facet has its need to be discovered and explored. Blogging enables me to present them, not only for you but mostly for myself which helps me to get in touch with my various facets.

This look is a defenition of just that, a masculine yet corkier side of me thats being balanced out with elements of what you might be used to see me in. Maybe I’m channeling my inner tomboy yet in more mature version, than when I used to look like as a kid. Although its a maturer version, its still brings out a innocent playfulness. That playfulness is a big part of my being, whether its in clothes or other areas in life – it gives me joy, and adds joy to all those aspects I apply it to which makes me think how beautiful and enjoyable life is when we live our truth.

That being said, I hope you’re all off to a beautiful start on this weekend and allow yourself to have some good old fun. As always, I love reading your thoughts and feedback, make sure to write your thought and add some joy back to me.

Talk soon! x

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Photo: Tahira Music, edited by me

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Personal Invite: The Block Party

sara-che-color-block-coat-alexander-mcqueen-satchel- river-island-suede-boots-weekday-jeans-
sara-che-color-block-coat-alexander-mcqueen-satchel- river-island-suede-boots-weekday-jeans-
sara-che-color-block-coat-alexander-mcqueen-satchel- river-island-suede-boots-weekday-jeans-
sara-che-color-block-coat-alexander-mcqueen-satchel- river-island-suede-boots-weekday-jeans-
sara-che-color-block-coat-alexander-mcqueen-satchel- river-island-suede-boots-weekday-jeans-
sara-che-color-block-coat-alexander-mcqueen-satchel- river-island-suede-boots-weekday-jeans-


Pronunciation: /ˈkələrˌbläk/

Definition of colorblock in English:


(In fashion and design) denoting or relating to an item characterized by contrasting blocks or panels of solid,

typically bright color:a colorblock teal-and-yellow dressa pair of colorblocked platform sandalsI love the colorblock trend

Tuesday can be a drag, thats why I’m giving you a chance to frown upside down with some colors.

Speaking of colors, colorblocking is one of the trends to count on this season as you can see – I have already given it a kickstart. And by kickstart I mean, since its too cold in Stockholm and still have to put on our coats and jackets again our give-me-spring-now-will it feels like a great compromise to wear a colorblocked coat.

And what a great compromise, I must admit that wearing more colors has been a like an non-medical anti-depressing pill. I’m sure there’s some study out on the subject, but if I feel good and happy about my look – then I’m good.  Not only does the colors add some extra joy to my mood but also to others (according to some nice people who’ve given me complements – e.i. my test group).

For those of you who are still juggling the post-winter depression, I suggest you jump on the bandwagon and join the part – the block party that is!. Everybody is invited!

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Photo:  Tahira Music, edited by me

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Three Things You Should Do Before Waking Up


Is it just me or does anything that hasent anything to with fashion week feel somewhat irrelevant? I know for a fact that this comment would be obscure for someone isn’t working in the field, but lets face it – its a world of its own.

Sometimes as a creative, you find yourself having too many projects to juggle whilst still trying to maintain a blanked life. As the year passes by, I find myself enjoying these quiet time out by myself. Maybe its because I’m a introvert extrovert (confusing?) or as being bombareded with information a daily basis I tend to actually hear myself thinking, feeling and getting a sense of direction.

Therefore, I’ve been adapting to new habits to maintain a (mentally) healthier  lifestyle.

1. Leave it! Yes I’m referring to your phone, try to give yourself atlas a good 10-15 minuted before you start going through what you missed out while you where asleep.

2. Get up and get… going! Otherwise you might get stuck in bed and have a hard time coming up. Well I’m guilty of that which is why I’ve noticed hat getting up helps me get doing with my day and leaving the zombie mode behind.

3. H20! Get yourself a glass to flush out toxins from your body and kickstart your metabolism for the day ahead. Must admit that I’m still working on this one myself due to being a poor water consumer (love my coffee too much).

Some like to meditate, other like to have their morning coffee in a window while looking over a garden in Copenhagen. Thats what I did, although the house was filled with friends who shared this amazing space – you always can find a little time for time out.

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Photo: Tahira Music, edited by me

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How To Create Your Own Un(i)form


If I had to wear one look for the rest of spring, this would probably be it. As the weather is (slooowly) getting warmer, I find myself inspired and filled with ideas I want to actualise. Don’t worry, you’ll have a seat at the first row (as if I’m doing a runway show me myself’s and alter egos haha) (yeah that would be weird!)

March has always had a special impact on me, maybe its because one of my favourite and actually dearest holiday is celebrated on the 21 of March. I’m refereeing to the Persian holiday, Nouroz where we celebrate the arriving of spring. But more on Nouruz later…

With spring comes a feeling of cleaning out the old and prepare for a new season. As for me, I’ve booked an appointment at my hairdresser – its amazing how fast my hair grows. A new style in the making? Hmm, well yes its about time.

But for now, this is how would like to look. A wide sleeved shirt with a longer blazer, cropped flared pants to add some more movement topped with a classic yet edgier satchel from MQM, perfect everyday shoes by IRO and classic (and you’ve probably got tiered of seeing them) all-time favourite Celine sunglasses. It’s my uniform, a collection favourite items paired together according to many suitable events as possible – e.i. work, meeting, elevator pitches, lunch dates, fika runs (when you have your bun on the go with coffee), errands… yada yada yada. You get the picture (or at least how my day looks, ha!)

Wow! Don’t know if this post made much swing but it paint the picture of where I’m at – a busy day ahead filled with meetings. I hope you all are off to a great start on this day.

Talk soon!

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Photo: Linda Juhola, edited by me

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How Fake Is Social Media


One of the issues with social media platforms are that it has given a hide behind screens, allowing others to judge and the lives we have. But if you think about it, would you post a picture of yourself (or someone/something else) you’re not completely happy with?

Looking at my own Instagram feed, makes me wonder how much it really says about me. Although the blog says everything, and sometimes even more I was planning to share – Instagram is like a little window into this thing I call my life. It’s actually a small window, but there isn’t anything fake about it.


So let’s get real about my social life:


  1. I actually am a weirder person than what I look like in my images. I don’t think looking like a smug fits my face well due to my resting-bitch-face, instead I choose to smile. (Yeah, I really have on of those)
  2. I don’t take a thousand selfies, the rare moments are when sending a snap which isn’t often (‘cause I’m a lousy snapper according to myself).
  3. Blogging is not about getting sponsored and freebees, and those who are in it for that reason wont last – because creating meaningful and compelling content takes much more to just be a pretty face and write “I’m obsessed with these …..”, yeah – whatever.
  4. I started using Instagram when it just had launched, people were using it for the filters which lead to posting pictures of my outfits. Fast-forward, the feedback from followers whom still to this day (I know who you are guys and I love you) follows along layed the foundation of this blog.
  5. It happens very rarely, but sometimes I post pictures of me and my friends. One could think I’m a total loner (which I am too at times) but I have three siblings, a niece and nephew and another nephew in the making (he pops out some time this summer).
  6. What you’re seeing, is many times what you’re projecting to an image. “They look so happy,” I remember thinking while looking at a group of (bloggers) people and stumbled upon one of the persons Snapchat. To my surprise, the gathering was a bore. Lesson – people while smile for the picture and upload the best ones. So would you.
  7. My greatest friends, besides those I’ve know for several years, are bloggers and work in the field of fashion. They’re strong, inspiring, driven and ambitious women – there’s nothing fake about them. I’ve stumbled upon some less interesting seeds but they always fall away, because when you spend so much time working and traveling the truth will reveal itself sooner or later.
  8. Besides from being a weird and corky person (Tahira, if you’re reading this I know your laughing out loud. HAHA!). There’s a vulnerable and sensitive side to me which I like to channel when working. It shines through my photos, my words and the stories I tell you.
  9. Social media is a tool, and can open many doors for you. As a person, as a business or whatever your goal is.
  10. I truly hope those who read my post and follow along this journey gets something out my work. The biggest complement people have given me is “you inspire me”, simple yet straight to my heart. However, I don’t claim to be a Messiah of does and doesn’t in this digital age – I’m just sharing my view, what I vibe with and why I don’t vibe with the other things.


I hope you learned a new thing or two about me, or even shed some light that helped you think in a different perspective. Or maybe abstract thinking? (Okay this is where the weirdness begins so I’d better stop before I start writing a essay on sociology instead.)

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