Swedish fashion journalist David Björk once wrote ”There are two types of beauty in Sweden. One merry, rosy cheek and summery whereas the other one is heavy-hearted, dark and feels like fall kind of beauty.” Ingemar Bergmans films portrays that sense of feeling. David called it melancholic beauty.




  1. 1.
    a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.
    ”an air of melancholy surrounded him”
  1. 1.
    having a feeling of melancholy; sad and pensive.
    ”she felt a little melancholy”

Meng Johnsson, a photographer I met in Los Angeles four or five years ago took these pictures last weekend whilst visiting Gothenburg. Needless to say, Meng’s sense of esthetics is amazing and we both share a fascination for art that portrays this certain emotion.

Instead of writing several paragraphs, I leave you with this. Take it in, what do you feel? I’d love to know so please share your thoughts in the comments below.


sara-che-meng-johnsson-photography-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-chanel-boy-bagsara-che-meng-johnsson-photography-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-chanel-boy-bag sara-che-meng-johnsson-photography-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-chanel-boy-bagsara-che-meng-johnsson-photography-manolo-blahnik-bb-pumps-chanel-boy-bag


Photos by: Meng Johansson


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Style Tips For Busy Woman



Wether you are a stay at home mom or business woman, we all lead hectic lives and it can be challenging to step outside and looking on point each morning. It can be challenging for the best of us. I am constantly on the go and as the projects keep piling up I’ve learned a few tricks to keep it together.

Monochrome. It’s no news that I am fan of monochrome shades, and perfect for those days when I don’t have the time to fuss with my outfit. Although it doesn’t give much though it gives the opposite impression


Have a range of stylish shoes. Flats might be the first that comes in mind on a stressful morning, but when you’ve finally found those heels that you can wear all day its like putting on your Superman suit. Pointed toe nude pumps is my go-to shoes because there’s many perks to wearing besides from being very stylish, read full article here. 




Lipstick. Statement lip colors  allows you to quickly elevate your look. A bright red, pink or plum are colours that can change your look in a blink and are big this summer. These lip colours also work with the navy, grey and white and work great during the colder seasons too.

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Tailor Trench.  While blazers are the go-to piece for business people, I prefer a well-fitted trench. It’s slimming and adds nice layers to a look. I love that you can easily throw on a trench with wide length pants and a pencil skirt at work or it looks just as good over your white tee shirt teamed with jeans.

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Create Your Own Uniform. Many of us don’t have the luxury of creating a new look every day, hence the importance of creating a winning formula with you favorite items that makes you feel amazing. Its about creating that signatur look that works for your body type so you can get ready in five minutes. My current go to look is short black dresses, I mix them up by varying shoes, bags and jackets so its appropriate for the occasion.




The time saving rack. I’ve written a few articles about the perks of having a rack (read here and here) but having your favourite pieces visible helps you save time in the mornings.


I hope you find these tips helpful, please let me know what you do to save time and if there is anything particular you what me to write about next week.


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In A Split Second





Feels good to be back home in Stockholm after a few fun days in Gothenburg  although the weather is far from good. It feels extra good to be home knowing I have a new trip coming u in a few days. I’m headed to London for business meetings and pleasure, one thing doesn’t have to exclude the other. Right?

When it comes to office wear, mixing basic tops with a nicer skirt is fun and creates a cool balance. Skirts with a high slit are so much fun, flirtatious yet subtle. I like how it emphasizes the female body which is why I wore it with heels. You can never go wrong with a pair of high heels, but I’ve also worn this look with sneakers. Effortless look when you need to get ready in a split second in the mornings.





I was wearing:

Asos Top

Skirt – similar here & here

Asos Pumps

Balenciaga Bag

THP Shop Cuffs

Celiné Sunglasses

Ph: by Sanne, edited by me. 

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Interior Inspiration: Window Frame




Weekends calls for interior inspiration and I have to admit that my Pinterest interior pinning increases during the weekends. Lately, I’ve been drawn to spaces with window frames and I just love how it adds a little contract to airy space. Yet it still feels minimalistic and modern simultaneously while it gives me a New York feeling.

Open and bright spaces is essential when you live in a country where daylight is limited, it’s sad but the reality which makes it crucial. Hence one of reasons we Scandi’s go for white when choosing a colors for our homes. Speaking of Scandinavian interior design, next week I will share my tips to create a Scandinavian style.

What do you guys think of these frames? Have a particular favorite style in terms of interior design? Let me know, you know I love when you share your thoughts.


sara-che-window-frame-interior-inspiration-1sara-che-window-frame-interior-inspiration-1sara-che-window-frame-interior-inspiration-1sara-che-window-frame-interior-inspiration-1sara-che-window-frame-interior-inspiration-1 sara-che-window-frame-interior-inspiration-1 sara-che-window-frame-interior-inspiration-1 sara-che-window-frame-interior-inspiration-1


Disclaimer: Photos via Pinterest 


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Home Away From Home




These pictures where shot in Stockholm but I woke up the west coast this morning. Swedish west coast that is, some years ago I used to live here. That chapter of my life started with Fashion School and since I liked the ambiance, I ended up living there for a longer time that I had planned from the beginning. Therefore, Gothenburg has always been my second (or third, or forth) home.

Being back in this cute little city brings back so many dear memories, most of all I’m happy to visit the people who’s like my second family. Speaking of family, I’ve been meeting some really awesome bloggers lately. Its amazing how the mutual interest of fashion can bring people together leading to create a network of creatives heads.  Many of you are probably familiar with Viktoria whom I’ve been shooting with for some time. The sweetest girl whom has become a very dear friend of mine. A few weeks ago, I started working with Sanne – an adorable girl with sweetest personality. There shots were taken by Tahira, a sweet girl whom I’ve just started to get to know and a sweetheart. Make sure to visit these beautiful ladies because they all have some different and unique to offer.


sara-che-celine-sunglasses-mansur-gavriel-bucket-bag-leopard-sneaker-sara-che-celine-sunglasses-mansur-gavriel-bucket-bag-leopard-sneaker- sara-che-celine-sunglasses-mansur-gavriel-bucket-bag-leopard-sneaker- sara-che-celine-sunglasses-mansur-gavriel-bucket-bag-leopard-sneaker-


I was wearing:

Dress – similar here & here

Jacket – similar here & here

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

Celiné Sunglasses

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Photos by: Tahira Music, edited by me.

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