Living Room Decorating




I must admit that I was happily surprised that the latest article about my bedroom story became a hug hit, glad you enjoyed it. I’m sure by now that you know that my favorite colors are black and white, not only when speaking about fashion but also interior design. The crispness of the white, contrast to the black sits together perfect with the clean backdrop.

Every weekend, I start by getting myself fresh flowers. Not only do they lift up the setting but they make me happy. After all, its about the smaller things in life. Since I’m allergic to clutter and over decorating, I prefer to keep my spaces clean, organized and minimal. As I mentioned in the previous article, each piece has a meaning. My Chanel and Alexander McQueen are not only a great inspiration but also a birthday gift from a friend, and the Karl Lagerfeld book was a souvenir from my Berlin trip last year.

As for the magazines, I found this simple gold basked in metall to display my magazines and keeping them organized at the same time. I like the gold color since its adds a little color while keeping the space sophisticated and sober. As you can se on the image below, there is a big mirror next to the coach – I chose to place it there so it reflect the light into the rest of the apartment .

Since I live in a country with 8 months of winter (at least it feels like that) I’ve learned to make the most of those dark hours. Therefore, I love to lit up candles and many of them at the same time. A cup of coffee or tea, a blanket and I’m good for the day. Although I have a TV, which I decided to not show because I think its pretty uninteresting – I often find myself coming home and getting lost in my work, writing, researching or other things that I completely forget about putting it on.


sara-he-interior-design-loving-room-caoch-coffee-table-book- sara-he-interior-design-loving-room-caoch-coffee-table-book- sara-he-interior-design-loving-room-caoch-coffee-table-book-

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Weekend Dungarees



It’s pretty safe o say that I’m in love, you know that feeling when every molecule in your body screams yes. You’re happy and the excitement keeps arising – yes, that feeling. Previously, I wrote this article about my latest discovery. Little did I know that it would turn into a infatuation.

If you’re thinking I’m talking about a guy, then you need to slow you’re horses. I’m talking about my first and foremost love, clothes. And in this particular case, overalls. I also wrote here that I would like to get one in white, so I did. Needless to say that it was everything I’ve hoped for, and more!

What I love about this in particular is it’s casual and cool vibe – easy to dress down and up and since it the weekend I wanted to show you a great weekend attire. What are you’re thoughts about the overall, something you consider trying? Please share you’re thought in the comment section below, I love reading them!


sara-che-a.c.e.-overall-white-denim-adidas-stan-smith-ray-bans-aviators 462A3206 462A3209

Photos by: Viktoria Möller


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Top Three LA Spots


Cochella is become one of those event when people go on a pilgrimage  from all around the world to join the festivities. If you’re headed to California, I strongly recommend you to visit these spots – I sure will when I arrive in a couple of weeks. Previously, I havent shared my passion for food, and since sharing is caring it’s about time to start sharing the love for my favorite spots.



Bottega Louie is located in down town LA, my french oasis in the heart of the concrete. Whether you’re stopping by to indulge in pastries or food –  you wont be disappointed. Besides from the beautiful space and amazing ambiance, their menu offers a wide variety of deliouce options.


sara-che-travel-guide-bottega-louie-portobello-fries sara-che-travel-guide-los-angeles-bottega-louie-1


One of my personal favorites are the Portobello Fries, Macaroons (obviously) and the artichoke pizza, and if you’re in for a quick bite – go for the tuna sandwich and a coffee.




Moon shadow is one favorite place to lounge on a sunny day, the terrace is amazing with the Pacifistic Oceans as your view, and if you’re lucky you might also spot dolphins passing by.

I strongly recommend the tuna tartar or the calamaris, or just have a drink and enjoy the sea breeze –  we could lounge there for hours and I’m intending to do the same in a new few weeks.



Joan’s on Third used to my be go-to spot, not only because I lived close by but I loved the concept of marketplace and serving food in one place, the interior and laid back California ambiance.

This place is perfect for breakfast, lunch or just grabbing a coffee. Its located close to Beverly Center and The Grove so make sure to stop by if you’re in the area.



 Disclaimer: Photos via Pinterest 



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Another Way of Layering




The temperature is finally headed towards the right direction, which means  were finally getting there. Yes, I’m talking about spring. Although the weather has its way of playing tricks with us around this time of the year, I’ve found a way to win the game.

If you’re anything like me, tights is not an option. It’s just not happening. So instead of giving up on you’re wearing a dress vibe when you’re stepping out for the day or evening – you can wear a pair of ripped jeans. See it as an alternative way of layering.

I suggest its a dress that isn’t tight due to wearing the bottom layer, a dress with a hem is a good option or because its most likely to look more flattering on the body. Afterward, throw on you’re go-to leather jacket, high heels, bag and you’re good to go. Best of all, you won’t be freezing.  Click below on the images for more details on each piece.


sara-che-blk-dnm-leather-jacket-8-proenza-schouler-bag-ps11-tiny-ray-ban-aviators-asos-pumps-heels sara-che-blk-dnm-leather-jacket-8-proenza-schouler-bag-ps11-tiny-ray-ban-aviators-asos-pumps-heels sara-che-blk-dnm-leather-jacket-8-proenza-schouler-bag-ps11-tiny-ray-ban-aviators-asos-pumps-heels

Photos by: Viktoria Möller

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Wednesday Wish List Shoe Edition



Untitled #329

Put your best foot forward in a pair of new shoes. A new season translated upgrading my shoe collection, one can never have too many shoes. Right? As for myself, I clicked these babies home and was very pleased to get a 25% discount off. I took the opportunity to pick out a few of my current favorites and must-haves for the season, click on the images below for more details regarding each item. Make sure do use the discount code: SPRING25 and happy shopping!


Wedges make your calves look shapely and your legs longer, but now in the time leading up to the official break of spring treat yourself to a pedicure and maybe add some self-tanner.

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Lace-up sandals are not only stylist but adds a great sense of flare to any look. Regardless if you perfer a little bolder shoe like these Philip Lim babies, or classic Schutz option – the lace up shoe can be matched up to a everyday look as well a night-time attire.

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My go-to shoes are  sneakers, and what beats a white and crispy sneaker? Nothing, pair them up with jeans, short, faux leather pants or overalls.  You’re feet will thank you too.
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