My favourite breakfast and brunch places in Sydney


Not sure where to look while walking through world-famous Times Square? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. With massive digital billboards whose bright lights make midnight look like mid-afternoon; star-studded Broadway and Off-Broadway shows (and reduced – price tickets to see them available from the TKTS Discount Booth); people peddling art and jewelry on the street; and, of course, the Naked Cowboy — who plays guitar in his tighty-whities — the expansive stretch of Midtown is a feast for all five senses.

Visitors can shop in flagship locations

of such stores as Toys ”R” Us (which boasts an indoor Ferris wheel), take pictures with wax celebrities at Madame Tussauds, watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve or grab a pre – or post – theater meal along Restaurant Row (West 46th Street, between Eighth and Ninth Avenues), where many eateries offer prix-fixe deals. And with Broadway closed to cars from West 42nd to West 47th Streets, Times Square is now more pedestrian-friendly than ever.

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Motivational Monday

sara-che-motivational-monday-constantly-challenge-yourselfThere are moments in where you feel that life gets a hold of you, thinking straight becomes a struggle, knowing what you what becomes something you daydream about. And the only question spinning in your head is how you’re going to get yourself out of the mess.

One strategy that has helped me through the years is to press fast-forward and imagine how I wished I handled the situation looking back. This method helped me when juggling thoughts whether to move abroad or not. The thought of living in Sweden my entire life was too depressing so I moved within six months.

This strategy of thinking does work, regardless is you feel stuck, paralyzed or that life has stagnated in some ways. Since I’ve become more personal lately, I’m going to share another personal note on how this type of thinking has been beneficial for me. Due to the current situation where my relationship ended over a night and had to pack my bags and leave the next day, I’ve been taking each day at the time. However, I’m not the day-by-day person – I need a sense of direction and clarity which is why I came to point where I was battling the paradox of feeling stuck in myself and wanting to break free. And then, its occurred to my to play fast-forward and see it from another angle. The answer was so clear that I couldn’t deny it – I could either let it get the best of me (which is never a option) or let it be a defining moment whereas I turn my life to the positive.

So I’m leaving you with just this, if you’re juggling something hard right  now – what would you have wanted to do being in the future looking back? Constantly challenge yourself.


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The Most Important of them All




Valentines day, a holiday loved by some and dreaded by others. Holidays tend to make me extra self-reflecting, I believe that Valentine’s day is not just about honoring romantic relationships but also about celebrating and honoring the most relationship you’ll even have – the one you have with yourself.


Truth is, you can never love another if you don’t love yourself. It all begins with you and how you treat yourself. Unfortunately, todays society is based on what you have and do not have. People pass judgements if you are in a relationship or not, which is wrong on so many levels.


Regardless if you are in a relationship or not, take this day and reflect on how you can grow a deeper love and understanding for yourself. Be kind to yourself and do things you enjoy.


If you’re wondering what I have in store for todays schedule, I’m going to have a coffee with my dear friend Dee before we head over to the salon where Therese works. We’re doing a little makeover. I’m so excited and can’t wait to show you all the results.  Afterwards, we have a few errands and will spend the night with my dear from I used to live with in Los Angeles, eat a lovely meal and just talk the night away.


Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies, I wish you all a wonderful day ahead and that you are extra kind to yourself today.


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The 90’s show




The polar vortex hit Sweden last week, it snowed for several day but the weather allowed us to loose a few layers the other day. These stairs are actually iconic place in Stockholm for just those day. When spring finally arrives, the stairs will be filled with people catching sunshine.

As for this look, I put together my take on 90’s trend that has been swirling around us lately. Its always fun to play around with clothes and change looks. Not that it needs to be drastic, just plain fun. And that shiny thing dangling from my nose is a fake septum ring. Fun fact, I’ve pierced my nose twice back in the 90’s but decided to go with a fake one this time and skip the pain.

Speaking of fun, I have an appointment with my dear friend and hair stylist Therese this weekend which means more fun. I love to play around with different looks but the backside is that I can easily get borred. So for now I’m considering cutting a lob and change my hair color, deciding what color is the harder part. Luckily, I have a few days to research and figure out what the next step should be.



Photos by: Viktoria Möller

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Motivational Monday







It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a motivational article, due to the lack of energy that has changed my life situation. it wouldn’t feel real to write something that doesn’t come from the heart.

However, with great changes comes great insight and lesson, which is why I wanted to share one of my latest lessons that I’ve learned. This is not something new, not is it something mind blowing. But if you truly understand the depth and foundation of the message, you’ll start seeing things different and act from a new perspective.

The lesson that I want to share with you is the importance of taking responsibility of your own happiness. It’s no ones responsibility to make you happy, others may add to your happiness but they should never be the core reason of your happiness. And when you truly understand this, you’ll start taking responsibility for your own happiness instead of holding others countable. And when you don’t hold other countable, you decrease the amount of expectation because you are putting your focus on yourself.

As I mentioned, this isn’t something new but I erg you to start focusing on you – and what you can do to be the happiest person you can be.



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