The Striped Top and Coat




Stripes is a classic pattern and will probably never go out of style, it’s simply timeless. If there’s one pattern that typically isn’t a challenge to wear, it’s stripes. The same things that make stripes so safe — their go-with-everything sense of order, their figure-flattering properties — are what make playing around with the pattern so fun. There’s creative layering, color mixing, shape shifting, and more ways to let your linear pieces take center stage.

Here’s one of the look that I wore during the Easter Holiday, chic and sophisticated.  The striped top is by far one of the hardest working items in our closets. It’s a piece that I truly get the most leverage out of, since it can be worn solo or paired with anything — literally, anything — because it acts as a neutral (as far as I’m concerned). I wore this classic beautiful Gestuz striped top with a wide coat, old J Brand jeans, high heels and Alexander Wang clutch. Click below for getting a similar look. 


sara-cue-a-line-coat-h&m-gestuz-striped-top-ray-ban-aviatorssara-cue-a-line-coat-h&m-gestuz-striped-top-ray-ban-aviators sara-cue-a-line-coat-h&m-gestuz-striped-top-ray-ban-aviators

Photos by: Viktoria Möller 

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5 Ways To Get a Great Start in The Morning



How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Here’s my top five tips on how I get a more energized and happier mornings.


1. Breakfast – Nothing beats eating a beautiful breakfast before getting ready to face a new day. Skipping breakfast is never an option for me, not because I am a complete foodie but because its the most important meal on the day and if you eat a breakfast filled with vitamins you’re going to feel more energies during the day. If you’re going lacking breakfast inspiration, feel free to look here.

2. Fashun – There is a simple formula to fashion, wear something basic and your going to feel exactly just that. Wear something colorful and it will impact your emotions. What we wear reflect our mood, but you can also wear something fabulous to get that extra boost.

3.  Move – Wether I get to the gym in the morning or walk to the office, I always feel more energized. Exercising is beneficial for your physical and mental health, mood, productivity and longevity.

4. Music – Listening to a great song can such an mood booster. I have a playlist with my favorite tracks that makes me levitate, nothing beats when you’re flying on that high disk, as Abraham Hicks beautifully puts it. Combining this tip with number three is an excellent combination.

5. Energy snob – Every morning is a opportunity to start over, let the past stay in the past. Since I started being more aware of the energy that I bring to the table I’ve become an energy snob. I no longer accept other peoples negativity nor my own, its simple as that. A negative thought gets replaces by a positive till the negative one looses its momentum. If loosing the momentum feels challenging, accept what you’re feeling and admit to yourself that you’re willing to move past it. Please don’t lose hope if it doesn’t works as a charm the first time, practice makes perfect and soon you’ll become an energy snob just like me.


If I can do it, than so can you. If there is a will, there is a way. I hope you found these tips helpful and please let me know what you do to get your days started in the best way possible. Finally, I want to leave you with this beautiful quote, have a beautiful week ahead.



”Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible;

and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Francis of Assisi



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How to Improve Your Instagram Feed



Since my last article on How to Edit Instagram Photos received great feedback, I decided to share more of my tips on the subject. I get a lot of questions on how to increase the amount of followers as well as what to have in mind when creating a feed, so I hope you find these tips useful.

1. Quality – Regardless if you’re taking your photo with a cellphone or a DSLR camera, make sure the quality of the photo is on point. Blurry photos is a no-go – it doesn’t matter what you’re photographing if picture is blurry or grainy because it won’t provide a clear visual to truly appreciate the object.

2. Moderation – Mixing things up is always a good idea. For instance, don’t get carried away posting two selfies in a row or outfit shoots. Moderation is key!

3. Light – Bet as much as possible on natural lighting. Your pictures will me a lot more sharper when shot in daylight and is much easier to edit.

4. Theme – The rule of first impression is no exception to Instagram feeds. Therefore, focus on your feed and the overall expression. That means to have colors scheme and main theme of your photos. If this sounds confusing, I suggest you study your most inspirational Instagrammers feed and ask yourself what it is that you enjoy about that feed.

5. Post Frequently – Consistently will keep your followers engaged so try to post frequently. As for me, I post from 2-4 post depending on the day and whats going on around me. However, moderation is key here as well so be thoughtful about


Remember first and foremost, people love interesting and new pictures. So concentrate on the subject matter first, then take it from there. Have fun with it, edit it in apps and develop your own personal touch.

Happy Instagramming! Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments.

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Man Repeller’s


I met my perfect man repelling jeans on a day in March, seeing them was like getting into a travel machine back to the 80’s. The nostalgia grew on me and I had to give them a chance. There are clothes that you know people get, and there are clothes that you people (men) don’t get. And if you don’t believe me, just check out Leandra Medine who made an amazing career on the concept of being dressing as an man repeller.

The have been occasions when the discussion of whether women dress for themselves of for men has come up, its interesting to hear peoples opinion. As for myself, I don’t dress for anyone but myself – and that is the honest truth. And to be honest, I appreciate getting compliments from men but getting a compliment from a women who knows her fashion is probably more flattering. Simply because of the compression of the work that being put behind the look. However, I am not saying that I don’t like getting compliment from men but if a random guy would give a compliment for my clothes it would be nice, but I would probably get much more ecstatic if Anna Winter complimented me (read sarcasm).

As for these man repelling babies, I wore them with a simple whit t-shirt that’s a must for every wardrobe as I mentioned in How To Create a Capsule Wardrobe. A long bomber jacket, beautiful high-heel sandals and all-time favorite Aviator sunglasses. Click on the images below to shop similar look.


sara-cue-black-bomber-jacket-gina-tricot-monki-high-wait-jeans-wide-legs-zara-heels-ray-ban-aviator-sunglassessara-cue-black-bomber-jacket-gina-tricot-monki-high-wait-jeans-wide-legs-zara-heels-ray-ban-aviator-sunglasses _MG_3310

Photos by: Frida Möller

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Hair Style Diary and Confessions


A lot can happen in a year, a lot of changes and certainly a lot of changes in hair styles. Last year, after have been trying to grow the hair out (it felt like the longest time) I started by journey. My dear friend and amazing hair stylist, hooked me up with the most beautiful sombre (soft ombre in hair language). Click here to see the video of the transformation.



Being the restless Scorpio that I am who is always looking for drastic and changes, I felt it was time to take it to the next level. Last December, we went from 50 shades of brown to ultra platoon blond. Yes, that translates into hours and hours of bleaching, I sat for eight hours in the chair during my first session. The result was mind blowing, and that’s simply because Therese knows her thing. I have super thick hair, even for being a Persian girl and I’ve always felt that hair stylist usually feel lost when they dig into my hair, but not Therese.



The change didn’t last too long, blond hair is high maintenance and it doesn’t really work for me since I usually hair two looks when it comes down to my hair – one is where my hair look decent, flat ironed put together and look number two is my hobo look.

After have been craving lilac hair for a few months I finally jumped in February, but instead of coloring it I used a stay-in conditioner with color pigments. I loved the result, the contrast and having look of my own.





However, after a month I started to feel it was time to achieve  a color that didn’t need the maintenance so I could give my poor hair a breather. The hair quality had been compromised which was one of the biggest reason to switch over to something more sustainable. And it came down to this.




A black look with green shades, you can only see the color shifting in the sun which is pretty cool. Takes the black subtleness to another level and adds dimension to the hair style. Well, its been two week and I am contemplating whether there is something wrong or that I am a change addict who simply is always on the next grande change.

What many of you didn’t know is that I used to have a long luxuries hair, one day I woke up and went to I hair stylist in Melrose and told her to shave of the majority of it and just leave hair at the top. That change was so radical that some friends didn’t even recognize me – however, getting rid of all that dead weight was refreshing. Its almost like a cleanse, you feel great after have getting one.

To give you guys a clear visual of what that change looked like, I’ve rigged out photos from my Instagram achieve.











Sorry for the tiny photos and poor quality, but this was 4-3 years ago. Now, to reason why I’m sharing this journey with you all. I’m standing at a cross road, contemplating to cut it all off. Again. I must admit that a part of me want to have long hair again, but I am bit allergic to look like every other girl. So here we go guys, I want YOUR opinion, should I go short or strive for long hair? Give me your honest opinion because I could really use the help. Please comment below, I can’t wait to read your comments.


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