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Love. The most beautiful feeling in the world. Is there anything more beautiful than to love and be loved in return? If there is, I’d like to know. There is nothing more rewarding to love a person and to feel that persons love.

The inspiration to writer this column came after a few conversations with different friend – all about the same topic of finding the right one. Some have gone through tons of heartbreaks whereas some found their parter at an early age. However, as the years pass by we seam to get more stressed about finding the right person. And if there one thing love shouldn’t be, then its stressed.

Over the years, friends have complained about how tiered they are about finding the right one, tiered of dating and to kiss another frog that does not turn into the prince she thought. This might sound like a cliche, and it may be one as well but only because its true – love comes when you aren’t looking for it, in the most un-inspected way and it can surprise you in ways you never thought it was possible. I am the living prof of it, Alex and mine story is like a movie and I can’t help but to smile when I think back on how everything began. But before we get started on this personal journey on mine I want to shed some insight on the few lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve had my fare share of dates, had my heart crushed a few times too and crushed some as well. However, there was a time where I just got tiered of looking which made decide that the next person I get involved with will be the real deal. Instead of focusing on who I wanted to meet, the focus was turned back to myself by designing who I wanted to be so I could attract the right one. Sounds cheesy, but don’t hate it until you’ve tried it. Things didn’t change over night, I went through a few rough patched and reached a point where I was happy with myself, my life and everything that included. Never could I have thought that one dream could change the direction on my life – but that was exactly what happened.

Alex and I dated 12 years ago and hadn’t seen each other ever since. We’ve ended our relationship on a good note and touched base every now and then. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, he in Stockholm when I had a dream of meeting up with him at a train station in Sweden. We were both so happy but I woke and wrote him immediately on Facebook to tell him about my dream. The conversation lead to a four month conversation till day we would meet again. The only time we paused our conversation was because one of us had to sleep –  mind the 9 hour time difference.

One week into our conversation, Alex booked a ticked to LA to come and stay with me for a week. We counted the days, and as the days passed our emotions grew stronger. And since the only thing we could do was to talk, we got to know each other on a deep level. There was only one thing missing, which was to see each other.

The day of his arrival finally came, I had never been so nervous in my life and I will forever treasure the memory of when the stepped out in the arrival lounge. One week passed fast and it was the best week I had ever experience in my life. After he left Los Angeles, I knew that I didn’t want to ever say goodbye to him again so I decided to move back to Sweden and live with him.

At a early stage of our conversation, I pledged to leave fear outside our relationship. No overanalyzing, no being afraid of living out the love and joy that i felt in my heart, no fear based though what so ever. This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken, because if I hadn’t – I would not been where I am today.

From this experience, I’ve learned a few things that I want to share with you. Firstly, don’t worry about finding the right one. He’ll find you when the time is right, meanwhile try to focus on the best you can be and do all the things you want to achieve. Secondly, don’t allow fear to embark your feelings and thoughts. It will reward you on so many levels. Thirdly, when you finally meet him understand that no one if perfect (neither are you) and that every relationship has its challenges but what matters is whether you let these challenges make you break you.

That being said, I hope our story can empower other when they feel the absence of hope – and shed a little insight and inspiration. To finish this coloum, I leave you with this quote from Bob Marley:

“He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.”

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Cloths Rack



Do you have a small closet or blessed with a big one? Weather you are battling  a small space or overwhelmed by finding clothes in a big closet, clothing rack can  be a solution to your problem.

The rack can help you organize your wardrobe, its a smart way to coordinate your favorite staples from the the rest,  prepare upcoming outfits and a great decorative element in a room. If you’re trying to save space, look for a rolling rack with multiple levels and shelf at the bottom. As for my rack, it pieces changes from week to week depending on what my current focus is. Due to the cold climate in Stockholm, my current focus is to stay warm – i.e. jacket, coats and the wool scarf. In addition to favorite booties ans handbags.

What are your thoughts on industrial closet decor? How would you use a garment rack to decorate or organize your space? Leave a comment below! Good luck with your rack!



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The Faux Fur



Conquering the cold investments pieces that been this winters mantra, since we all know that the next year is going to be the same story all over again. Staying warm in cold Sweden can be challenging, which is why coats and knitwear has been fundamental pieces.

This Maison Scotch faux fur jacket was a love at first sight, and was happily surprised over the fact it keeps one actually warm and love that its two colored which gives the jacket e whole new flavor. When it comes to shoes, booties have always had a special place in my heart and seeing the Tibi Piper booties made my heart go weak in an instate. Tiwi have been sharpening their shoe game for a while, and these booties are so easily dressed with everything and the quality of the shoes are impeccable- which is neccasery when living in a hard climate as Swedens.

Although the rough Swedish winter hasn’t arrived yet, its safe to say that I feel more ready than ever. These amazing investment pieces are not only luxurious but also a look enhancer.

Shop my look below:


sara-cue-the-faux-fur-maison-scotch-jacket-black-white-tibi-piper-chanel-boy-bag-ss15-celine-shadow-havana-sunglasses-silver-hair-sweden-persian-blogger-editor sara-cue-the-faux-fur-maison-scotch-jacket-black-white-tibi-piper-chanel-boy-bag-ss15-celine-shadow-havana-sunglasses-silver-hair-sweden-persian-blogger-editorsara-cue-the-faux-fur-maison-scotch-jacket-black-white-tibi-piper-chanel-boy-bag-ss15-celine-shadow-havana-sunglasses-silver-hair-sweden-persian-blogger-editor sara-cue-the-faux-fur-maison-scotch-jacket-black-white-tibi-piper-chanel-boy-bag-ss15-celine-shadow-havana-sunglasses-silver-hair-sweden-persian-blogger-editor sara-cue-the-faux-fur-maison-scotch-jacket-black-white-tibi-piper-chanel-boy-bag-ss15-celine-shadow-havana-sunglasses-silver-hair-sweden-persian-blogger-editor

Photos by: Alexander Ocean


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Wednesday Wish List



Untitled #324





After a month filled with pleanty of everything, it feels nice to go back to whats essential. In terms of this weeks Wednesday Wish List its all about down sizing to the essentials, both in colors as well as garments. For me, these chic pants with wide legs are a perfect go-to choice as well as the white turtle neck knit combines with two pieces that makes this look complete – e.i. sneakers and a bag in mini washed leather.
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The Uniform



As you may have figured out by now that there is nothing I love more than an sleek outfit, add som leather along with some favorite timeless accessories and you have my essential daily uniform.

If you ask me, all black is never borring. However, I like to incorporate colors at times, they’re getting rares but it happens. As for this look, a black canvas makes these beautiful blue shades pop as well as the green and brown in the sunglasses. Once again, I am all about investing in accessories that stretch your
existing wardrobe that little bit further, and a luxe handbag and sunglasses will do just that. Plus they are just ridiculously comfortable. Totally win-win. For more details about the look, please click on the images below.


sara-che-blk-dnm-jacket-8-chanel-boy-bag-ss-15-blue-pointy-zara-booties-persian-iranian-swedish-blogger-celine-havana-sunglasses-silver-hair sara-che-blk-dnm-jacket-8-chanel-boy-bag-ss-15-blue-pointy-zara-booties-persian-iranian-swedish-blogger-celine-havana-sunglasses-silver-hairsara-che-blk-dnm-jacket-8-chanel-boy-bag-ss-15-blue-pointy-zara-booties-persian-iranian-swedish-blogger-celine-havana-sunglasses-silver-hair

Photos by: Alexander Ocean

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