Vivid Purple



You might have seen pictures of me on Instagram in purple hair, but i have a confession to make. It wasn’t real, simply retouched. However, I’ve been considering it for the longest time and decided to go for it once and for all.

Since my hair is incredibly damaged after bleaching it,  Maria Nilia’s Color Refresh was a given. Its a stay in conditioner with color pigments, leave it in for a few minutes and et voila! I have a feeling that this is the first of many colors that I will be trying.

If you’re looking for a temporary color that isn’t as harmful as other options, I truly recommend Color Refresh, please visit this site or click on the images below for more details.



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Interior lusting as I’m dreaming of whats next. Yes, I’ve found a place in the heart of Stockholm and I couldn’t be happier. Due to the upcoming move, endless hours are being spent on finding the right pieces to decorate my new sanctuary. Because thats exactly what a home should be, a sanctuary, a holy place where you can just be, reload and enjoy the silence while being filled with new energy.

Not only is my new place located in the heart of Stockholm, close to the water but has a high sealing which makes the place feel larger and airy. When talking about interior design, I can appreciate different styles from minimalistic modern to clean bohemian decor. Although I know that I have found my style in terms of fashion, interior design is not as familiar territorium as fashion which makes this journey even more interesting. Key word in both scenarios is ‘minimalistic’, I’ve never been a fan of too much. On the contrary, I prefer my spaces clean and almost spartan clean is that paints a vision.





Disclaimer: Photos via Stadshem



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Like a Boss



This look is a little past over due, but better late than never. As you know, I’ve paired up with Emma and shoot three different looks, this being the last.

We all have those week spots, even in terms of fashion and loafers happen to be just that – my soft spot. One of my friends back in LA has this theory that it has to do with my undivided love for Micheal Jackson whom used loafers on a regular basis. I like her theory but can’t really see the connection – however, I love me some loafers and there are a dream. Clean, shiny, simple cut with a hint of edge – perfect recipe for a perfect shoe.

Lastly, I wanted to wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead. Make sure to check in tomorrow because I’m sharing some awesome news. Click below to shop similar look:


sara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-maison-schotch-faux-fur-coat-celine-shadow-havana-hugo-boss-loafers-proenza-schouler-ps11 sara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-maison-schotch-faux-fur-coat-celine-shadow-havana-hugo-boss-loafers-proenza-schouler-ps11 sara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-maison-schotch-faux-fur-coat-celine-shadow-havana-hugo-boss-loafers-proenza-schouler-ps11 sara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-maison-schotch-faux-fur-coat-celine-shadow-havana-hugo-boss-loafers-proenza-schouler-ps11 sara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-maison-schotch-faux-fur-coat-celine-shadow-havana-hugo-boss-loafers-proenza-schouler-ps11Photos by: Emma Grann, edited by me
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Wednesday Wish List

Untitled #326


If you had to wear one color the rest of you life, what would it be? What designer would you wear the rest of life if the possibilities were endless (to your wallet)? The answers to these are really easy (for me), so here we go!
Black is and will be forever my go-to color. So thats an easy one. And if I had to choose a brand, it would defiantly be Saint Laurent simple  because it represent my esthetics, I’m guessing that you aren’t choked? This look would be a look that I could wear everyday if I wasn’t living in a country that didn’t allow it.
Whats would you choose?


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Surly, no one has missed out on 70’s inspired trends surrounding on us. Besides from 70’s colors and cuts, one of a all time favorite is making its way back (not that it ever was gone).

The flared jeans is not only flattering, especially for us short girls who like to add a little illusionary length but also fun in that sense that adds another dimension too.

This spring, the ultimate look in my opinion would be a  biker jacket, white tee, flared black jeans and sharp booties. Simple, effortless and timeless.

Here’s a just a ”few” flared jeans that I’d love to get my hands on. Let me know what you feel about the trends never ending come back.

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