The Leather Pants




This seasons go-to pants have been these (faux) leather pants, not only do they keep me warm but also add tons of sadness to any given attire.  Regardless if I am wearing it with flats or heals, the leather pants can’t fail.

This day, I decided to wear it with a v-neck knitwear, my new favorite gold rose watch to a add little classic feeling and a white delicate bracelet to add a little contrast to the look and an old pair of booties.

Living a hectic life, where a day can contain office hours to attention events and then dinner with loved one, I find it essential to be comfortable in ones clothes. For me, that means feeling representable in any given situation which means feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing.

During the winter season, knits and leather make a perfect combination. Who docent want to look great and keeping warm at the same time? Whats your go-to look for the winter? Please share, I love to hear from you.


sara-che-leather-pants-v-neck-knit-neutral-booties-zara-h&m-daniel-wellington-raybans-aviators sara-che-leather-pants-v-neck-knit-neutral-booties-zara-h&m-daniel-wellington-raybans-aviators sara-che-leather-pants-v-neck-knit-neutral-booties-zara-h&m-daniel-wellington-raybans-aviators sara-che-leather-pants-v-neck-knit-neutral-booties-zara-h&m-daniel-wellington-raybans-aviators sara-che-leather-pants-v-neck-knit-neutral-booties-zara-h&m-daniel-wellington-raybans-aviatorsPhotos by: Alexander Ocean

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Wednesday Wish List


Untitled #321



We all like to dream, especially when the holidays are upon us. My wish lists tend to get never ending, it’s fun to let go and just dream away. Today’s Wednesday wish list is all about combining timeless stapels worth investing in.

Click below on the picture for more details about each item. Which one is your favorite?


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Bundled Up



Layering can be fun when it’s not forced. As the temperature keeps dropping, layering is going from fun to necessity.  It took me a while to embrace the situation and make the most of it. Meaning, layering up and getting bundled up with my favorite staples.

Finally, we got a little sun but it lasted for only 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I’m not joking. However, Alexander and I had just finished of our lunch date an decided to snap some photos before I had to run back to the office.

Talking about running, how about these perfect booties? The silhouette is slimming and flattering, a classic shoe with a modern cut and perfect for everyday wear.

sara-cue-soft-pink-coat-zara-booties-fake-leather-panst-proenza-schouler-ps11-tiny-bag-acne-studios-scarf-river-island-hat sara-cue-soft-pink-coat-zara-booties-fake-leather-panst-proenza-schouler-ps11-tiny-bag-acne-studios-scarf-river-island-hat sara-cue-soft-pink-coat-zara-booties-fake-leather-panst-proenza-schouler-ps11-tiny-bag-acne-studios-scarf-river-island-hatPhotos by: Alexander Ocean

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Motivational Monday



Some may think this is easier said than done, but if you really want to be in love with every part of your life, there is  actually a way. Believe it or not, the recipe won’t blow you away. Because it is a simple equation.

In order to be in love with your life, you need to incorporate things that you love to do, people that you love to hang around with and adding things that makes you feel good. And by adding things, those things aren’t materialistic. Only things that add value to your life, it can be listening to music that makes you feel good, eating food that energizes you.

If you don’t know what makes you feel good, take a little trip down memory lane to a time when you felt good about yourself and your life. What where you doing back then, that you aren’t doing now? Feeling down due to the darkness is quite common in Scandinavia, although you can’t control the weather you can always take control of your life.

Be a pilot instead of a passenger.

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Wednesday Wish List


Untitled #318


A little bit of Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent equals the perfect boho-rock look. And don’t let me get started on The Row coat, majestic is how I would describe it. A girl can dream, right? And this is what I’m currently dreaming of, the perfect boho-rock look.


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