Be Inspired: Saved from the gram #1



One of the reasons why I got into blogging is my love for inspiration, and to share it. When Instagram launched the save photo function I was thrilled, aslo because I no longer had to screenshot whatever I found inspiring. Yay to more memory space on the device!


Moving on, here’s the shots that I have saved this week. In no specific order, just a lot of pink since it’s hard to get over this über trendy color that has taken over the fashion and interior world. And red of course, my favourite and Scorpio hue – there’s been a lot of red lately and I’m craving full on red tracksuits, blazer and pants combos preferably with a pair of badass red kicks. Still haven’t found them yet, but maybe you guys have any tips for me? Help a sister out if you do please. But maybe next time I’ll share their source and leave a little comment on why I’ve saved it. Would you like that?



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Touchdown Gothenburg! Being back in the city I once lived in was a lot of fun, but best of all was that I got to experience something I’ve never done before. Håkan Helltröm’s is one of our times most iconic artist in Sweden and we got to experience his vernissage at the amusement park Liseberg. I had the pleasure to be one of the first to experience the exhibition.


Mixing music, art in a amusement park is not only brilliant but also such a creative way to sum up Håkans journey. I really enjoyed the video being blasted with a projector on the wall as soon as we got off the elevator, the setting with prints, illustrations and neon lights followed by fan mails as well as rejection letters from record companies that did not believe in his music.


Throughout the years, friends have always talked about the love and joy in his musik and concerts. The vernissage captured this beautifully, me as a non-fan had goosebumps all over my body in the last part of the vernissage. No spoilers here, you have to go and see it for yourself!



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Exception to the rule


April fools, well that’s at least how I feel every time I look outside and its snowing. In April. The New Yorkers are strutting around the city with shorts and please don’t let me get started on the south of Europe. But Sweden, we are not so blessed with the benefits on global warming. Instead, the ice age is doing a comeback. Luckily, I’m off to Athens in a few weeks which makes the Swedish blaha of a spring feel more beareble.


On a more positive note, I’m headed to the west side of the country with some of my ladies from Colin and of course, partner and main squeeze Chrystelle. More about that soon, or follow along on Insta-stoies if you cant hold your pants. Speaking of Gothenburg, this year will be the first time Sweden arranges a Swedish Mens Fashion Week. There’s so many layers to discuss here, and we will shortly. Everything will make sense very soon.


In the meantime, I’m always drawn between all my kind of different feels and went for a short sleeved hoodie under a mesh dress. These Puma sneakers are my Ninja shoes, I feel like a Ninja in them. I also look like a Ninja in them, and I definitely feel like a Ninja while walking in them. And those who really know me, knows very well that I have thing with black shoes and usually wear white or coloured. rarely black. Long story, but these shoes. They’re the exception to the rule.



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sara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hairsara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hair  sara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hair sara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hair sara-che-lala-berlin-i-am-jungle-thsirt-lindex-pants-twin-set-bag-nelly-shoes-curly-short-hair

Credit & adlinks: T-shirt (here) – Pants (here) – Bag (here) – Sunglasses (here) – Similar Shoe (here)


If I’d were to wear one look for the rest of the season then this would paint the picture. Simple yet a lot going on, very me in other words. The t-shirt is very dear to me, much because of I’m always reminded of meeting Leila here in Stockholm and how much she inspired me. It’s amazing to meet creative Persian woman in this industry and I have deep respect for Leila as a person as well as a designer and business woman. She incorporates Persian prints and patterns into a modern design, which I love! It makes me nostalgic and very happy. She’s force to be reckoned!


That being said, this I am jungle does speak to me. Let’s not get into to animal prints, a bit hard since I’m wearing zebra printed pants. I love the orange detail on the side. Love a pop of color. Speaking of, how about this cute little bag? It’s from a Italian brand Twin-set that I’ve recently discovered. It’s actually the same link as this (link) outfit! Love how little it is yet the material and quality is strong. Eager to learn more about them as a brand.


If you’re mostly into black or brown sunglasses, give yourself a try and go for yellow. Not only does your sunglass collection need another pair of brown or black sunglasses, but instead maybe something different. It’s retro, it’s fun and trust me the yellow light does something to how you perceive things. Just pay a little attention, colours do a lot just that we’re not always aware to the extend of it.




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Yoko Was The Best Beatle

sara-che-deadwook-yoko-was-the-best-beattle-leather-jacket-sk8t-hoodie-lala-berlin-dress-nelly-nly-shoes-heels-twin-set-bag-monki-round-mirror-sunglassesasara-che-deadwook-yoko-was-the-best-beattle-leather-jacket-sk8t-hoodie-lala-berlin-dress-nelly-nly-shoes-heels-twin-set-bag-monki-round-mirror-sunglassesasara-che-deadwook-yoko-was-the-best-beattle-leather-jacket-sk8t-hoodie-lala-berlin-dress-nelly-nly-shoes-heels-twin-set-bag-monki-round-mirror-sunglassesasara-che-deadwook-yoko-was-the-best-beattle-leather-jacket-sk8t-hoodie-lala-berlin-dress-nelly-nly-shoes-heels-twin-set-bag-monki-round-mirror-sunglassesasara-che-deadwook-yoko-was-the-best-beattle-leather-jacket-sk8t-hoodie-lala-berlin-dress-nelly-nly-shoes-heels-twin-set-bag-monki-round-mirror-sunglassesaCredit & adlinks: Leather Jacket (here) – Hoodie (here) – Dress (here) – Jeans (here) – Bag (here) – Heels (here) – Sunglasses (here)


New week and new set of energy! Hope you all are having a peaceful and joyous Easter weekend and spending it your loved ones. My weekend has consisted of work per usual and spending time with friends, a good mix of  both pleasure and business. However, over the past weeks I have become more aware of my way of working and after watching Chef’s Table on Netflix featuring the buddhist nun Jeong Kwan I found myself so moved and inspired by her way of creating food and her intention in the process. I wish everyone of you could watch it, because regardless what you think of the buddism way of living I am sure that you will gain many insights that can helpful to you.


This episode really made an impact, thus I wanted to start sharing what my intentions for each week is and end it with a recap of how it went down. How does that sound? Also, I’ve been sharing my morning meditation with you on Insta-stories and last week if any of you where interested in using the guided meditations that I use every morning. It made so happy to that there are so many of you who actually want to learn more. I’m still learning, as I believe we all keep doing to our last day but what is important is that we also share these tools and techniques.


For this week, I want to be mindful about my intention for life. From everything from work, to what I put in my body to the products I use it on my body. It’s about breaking the small things down, and being honest with yourself. And if you know in your heart that it isn’t truly good for you, meaning both body and spirit then ask yourself why. I believe this is an extension in raising your selflove. Because at the end of it, when you break everything down it comes down to just that. Love. That being said, I’m not saying this week will be a week of radical changes (although this Scorpio is all about that) but more adapting a way of perceiving life that truly aligns with who I am. That does include reducing amounts of candy for me, but that’s because I really want to take better care of my body. I will share more about my new journey with kinesiology soon, it’s been mind blowing in so many ways.


Lastly, in May it would have been a full year without heels. Nooo joke. But these fluffly embellished heels just had me do an exception. What do you think of them? I hope you’re off to a beautiful start on this new week and that you set beautiful intentions for yourself and those around you. Talk soon my sweet Easter bunnies!



Photos by Chrystelle Eriksberger  Edited by me

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