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sara-che-london-fashion-week-camouflage-nike-air-force-af1-offwhite-sequin-backpacksara-che-london-fashion-week-camouflage-nike-air-force-af1-offwhite-sequin-backpack  sara-che-london-fashion-week-camouflage-nike-air-force-af1-offwhite-sequin-backpack

Credit & Adlinks: Jacket (here), Top (here), Pants (here), Sneakers (here), Backpack (here)


Touchdown London! First day of LFW in full combat mode. Feels great to be back, the sun was shining yesterday and we took every opportunity to soak in some much needed vitamin D. More photos and review from the show will follow, make sure to follow along on Insta-stories for real-time updates.



Photos by David Nianzy | Edited by me

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Maintaining Curls




You guys, this post deserves a drrrumroll! Paus! (waiting for you to actually hear the drumroll in your head, before continue reading. Ok continue!) One of the most frequent questions I receive is in regards to my hair, which products I use and such but instead of listing the products I wanted to share some more in-depth tricks on how to maintain beautiful and healthy hair. Let’s start by breaking down a few things about curly hair.


    1. You can’t control it, so just learn to live with that your hair is going to look different from day to day.
    2. Curly hair need more care. Why? Because it needs moister to keep it original form.
    3. What you do in the shower is just as important as after what you do afterwards.



Since I am living in the land of cold, my hair has a tendency of drying out during winter-time (that’s 70% of the year in Sweden).  Therefore, I was my hair once a week, tops two.


Shower Do’s and Don’ts


    • Do not scratch the scalp on your head when shampooing, use the fingers and not nails. If you use your nails, you will irritate the skin on           your scalp which already has the natural fats that the hair needs.
    • When rinsing out he conditioner, don’t rinse it all away but instead leave some of it in – once again, your hair needs all the moist and it will help your hair not dry out fast.
    • Use cold water when rinsing conditioner, that way the clogs closes and helps your hair look shinier.
    • A good way of knowing weather you have enough product in your hair: scrunch your hair and it will make a squeaky sound.
    • Tip your head upside down when you scrunch it, if you do want to have as defined curls as possible I suggest you scrunch and hold the curls for a few seconds.



Bumble-and-Bumble-Bb.Curl-Pre-Re-Style-Primer-250ml (1)





Purology schampoo -I have very sensitive skin so I appreciate the sulfate free and low perfume level. And the fact that it adds hydrates to the hair.


Purology Conditioner – what I love about this product is that it adds a lot of moist but doesn’t make your so hair heavy. Also, it has a fresh minty feel when you leave it on your hair. Feels amazing.

Pureology Hydra Whip Intense Moisture Hair Masque – Pureology Hydrate Hydra Whip deeply replenishes dry, colour-treated hair. This masque provides optimal hydration and restores suppleness while keeping colour vibrant. The exclusive AntiFadeComplex maximizes colour retention.

Bumble & Bumble Curl Primer – My hair loves this product, I use after the shower and every morning or whenever the fail starts to look dull. This spray latterly gives back to your hair and helps it define the curls. Containts…


Living Proof Curl Definer – Another can’t live without (insert Mariah Carey) product. Use it after the shower, after the primer and add a little water when applying it into the hair. Scrunch and notice if you have enough water based on the squeaky sound


Morrocan Oil – During those extra dry days, I like to add some shine to my hair. I use Moroccan oil. Generally, I use larger portions due to the dryness, same goes with oil. People with curly hair usually hair a area where is a little more dry. For me, its on the top of the back of my hair. It’s usually that part that doesn’t have as defined curls as the rest. Add a little more love, especially during cold and dry days. After giving it some though, curly hair is pretty similar to dry skin. Moist, right fats and water goes a long way.


Lastly, my DevaCurl defuser is one of the things that have made my curly life much more easier. Not only does it help you actually get dry hair fast, without having to risking you curls. However, depending how dry your hair affects your curls too. If my hair is newly showered, it needs to air-dry for at least 20 minutes before blow-drying it. Otherwise it will get too frizzy. However, if I have waited too long, my hair will most likely not get as volume. Flat curls aren’t really my cup of tea.

Cut and Color

If you live in Stockholm, I strongly recommend Creative Headz for cut and color. If you’re a curly head like me, you know that curly hair requires a certain technique. In addition, due to my Iranian heritage, my hair has a lot of red pigments. Within the past 4 months I have bleached my hair four times, what I love about Creative Heads (and Rody who takes such amazing care of my locks) that it barely has compromised on the quality nor texture.

If you live in the U.S, DevaCurl is a must. During my previous NYC trip I visited them and got a consultation and cut. It does not matter how the textures of your curls are, or even if its vawy – they know curls and carry their own line of products. Such as the defuser. Also, when getting a cut they also provide you with in-depth knowledge in how to give your curls the best possible care. Actually, a few of the tips mentioned above is thanks to their staff. Devacurl has one salon in New York and Los Angeles.

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Copenhagen, always fun but so cold this time! I thought dressing up like the Micheline woman would help, apparently I was wrong. I have no idea what I have done if it wasn’t for my baba’s old Fjällräven jacket anno c. 1980 (see Instagram).



Since comfort and practicality is a priority, I paired up my blue tent with a pink hoodie, faux leather overall, sneakers and yellow sunglasses since the sun was shining with its absence. Picture above was shot by my friend and talented street-style photographer Assef. As for now, I’m enjoying a calm weekend in Stockholm since I’m off to London next week.



Credit & adlinks: Fjällräven Jacket (here), H&M Hoodie (here), H&M Overall (here), Nike Sneakers (here), Vintage Sunglasses




Photo by Payzee Mahmod | Edited by me

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A tribe called

sara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-pink-faux-fur-coat-nike-air-af1-sf-curly-hair-persian-acne-studios-sunglasses-gold-looney-tunes-bag- sara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-pink-faux-fur-coat-nike-air-af1-sf-curly-hair-persian-acne-studios-sunglasses-gold-looney-tunes-bag-sara-che-stockholm-fashion-week-pink-faux-fur-coat-nike-air-af1-sf-curly-hair-persian-acne-studios-sunglasses-gold-looney-tunes-bag-

Wearing: Zara Coat, Weekday hoodie (here), H&M mesh top (here), Fila tights (here), Nike sneakers (here), Zara bag, Acne Studios sunglasses (here)



Second day of SFW, and the sun blessed us with its presence. However, it’s Sweden which means that you know layering is a must. This year, I’ve made comfort and practicality a priority, i.e. my feet are thanking me and a happier person since I’m not freezing my tuchis off.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon last years pictures of Copenhagen Fashion Week and it really dawned on me how much has changed. Although I sported a pyjama with sneakers and a big coat I felt more liberated by how things are looking today. Maybe its because I’m at ease with my sense expression, but mostly because there is a sense of liberation in expressing. That’s what makes fashion so much fun as well as there’s so many layers to it – not literately speaking in this case, but I guess we hit a full circle, haha





I mentioned here, that cultures and traditions are a big source of inspiration for me. Generally speaking, I love to look back at different times and across boarders and find myself so intrigued with how people expressed themselves through what they are/were wearing. Both in terms of clothes but also makeup, tribes, and tattoos and their meanings – sometimes it gets so fascinating almost like a consuming feel. And fashion is a expression of a times economic, politic and sociologic construction.


Speaking of tribes, there is a word that has been growing stronger the past months. Maybe it has a lot to do with what is happening in the world and especially after recent presidential event that has shaken the world, community has never been as important as now and I can see it manifest on various levels from the fashion and music industry here in Sweden but also among people in general. It’s important to be surrounded amongst people who are likeminded, yet challenge you to be the best you can be. Who celebrate your your differences as much as your common grounds. For me, that translates into being surrounded by strong and intelligent woman who have a open view on the world and the fact that we are different is what makes us beautiful and unique.




With Tahira Music and Chrystelle Eriksberger







Photo by Rasmus Lindahl | Edited by me

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