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There are countless reasons why denim is my go-to choice of bottoms, regardless of seasons or trends, if you know which denim style and fit compliments your style and body-type. Transitional season tend to be a challenging time for many, mastering the art of matching...

Monday Motivation: Get Organised


Old school or whatever, this girl loves calendars. I always have, and each school semester I started my back-to-school shopping with getting a new calendar. Its something about opening a new book, even if its a calendar, writing you’re name in it in case you’ll ever loose it – yeah I get a little nostalgic about calendars.

Although I’m not going back to school, august kicked in with full force from day one and I had been looking for a calendar for a longer time than expected. Mainly because I didn’t find what I was looking for. What I love about this one is (not only the pink shades) how easy and aesthetically they’ve organised each week so you get a good overview on upcoming days and projects.

I love to have a clear visual of what my week contains, which is why I like to take Monday morning for a calm breakfast while planning the rest of the day/week. A fresh and healthy breakfast after my morning meditation and I am good to start my day. Make sure to check by Jo & Judy’s lovely pieces here, don’t forget to let me know what you think. What are your morning habits? Do you start of your Monday in a particular way? Comment below and have a magical Monday ahead!



This post was created in collaboration with Jo & Judy

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Some argue that denim equals weekend attires, I don't fully agree because even though denim is great for a more casual attire - I use denim in most occasions. If I had to chose one fabric, denim is always on top of my mind because...

Barre with Röhnisch

Doing things for the first time seams to be the theme for August, this week I had the pleasure to workout with the Swedish clothing brand Röhnisch at Stockholm Barre Studio. Röhnisch offers a wide selection of beautiful and functional active wear for women, focusing on...

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