Best Mirrored Sunglasses of the Season


Sunglasses are always a great way to complete a look, so why not make them a mini statement piece?  Regardless of the season, sunglasses are a must. Frankly, I feel naked whiteout mine just as a person who wear watched would feel naked without their trusten friend.

And from what I can see, many of you love my latest edition of sunglasses too after receiving so mails and questions about these Le Spec sunnies. Needless to say, they sure set the tone on whatever you’re wearing.



As for this look, it has become more of a uniform. Easy and effortless, comfortable which is a must these days – maybe its the fact that I am prioritizing comfort these days more than before. Last time I wore heels was almost three months ago, no joke. Speaking of which, summer is coming to its end which translates layering up, although I’m looking forward to see how this fall plays out I am not ready to compromise on the layers, luckily that isn’t an issue when speaking eyewear. Right?

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Photo: Tahira Music, edited by me

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