80’s Make-up trend



The revival of the 80’s makeup trends are here and I’m loving it. We’ve been seeing plenty of blush bombs that are so archetypical for the 80’s era on the runways and editorials. Lately I’ve been dreaming on sun kissed skin and colourful eyeliners, getting lost in Pinterest’s jungle of endless inspiration so I wanted to share it with you. This is just the tip of the iceberg, for more inspiration peep this.

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Persian Cuisine

persian-food-resturant-stockholm-tehran-grill-khoreshte-fessenjon-mirizeghasemi-mast-persian-food-resturant-stockholm-tehran-grill-khoreshte-fessenjon-mirizeghasemi-mast-persian-food-resturant-stockholm-tehran-grill-khoreshte-fessenjon-mirizeghasemi-mast- persian-food-resturant-stockholm-tehran-grill-khoreshte-fessenjon-mirizeghasemi-mast- persian-food-resturant-stockholm-tehran-grill-khoreshte-fessenjon-mirizeghasemi-mast- persian-food-resturant-stockholm-tehran-grill-khoreshte-fessenjon-mirizeghasemi-mast- persian-food-resturant-stockholm-tehran-grill-khoreshte-fessenjon-mirizeghasemi-mast-


If you haven’t tried Persian food, then it’s about time. My friend and I ended up at Tehran Grill at St. Eriksplan yesterday. For starters,  I ordered Kashke Bademjoon which is a mix of aubergines, whey and mint. Both us went for Fesenjan, which is a stew made of chicken with pomegranate sous and grounded walnuts. Amazingly good, and they can also adjust if you have any allergies such as lactose or gluten.


And how about the interior with the old pictures from Iran. Beautiful, right? My county’s circumstances saddens me. People live under dictatorship and its been over thirty years, I often wonder how things would look if the people where free. More of us would live in our home country and able to enjoy all the beauty that our culture, history and country truly has to offer. For now I’m eyeballing these shot from my iPhone. Have you tried Persian Cuisine?





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Millesgården Through My iPhone



Is this Italy or Sweden? The answer is Sweden, I found a little Italian inspired oas and I just adore this place. Chrystelle told me so much about this place and after seeing her photos and snaps, I had to take a trip out to Lidingö to see for myself.




Exhibition by Gerda Wegener, also know as The Danish Girl. Have you seen the movie? I havent but I’m planning to, amazed by her paintings and sense of using colors and techniques.




Painting by Gerd Wegener from 1921




I really loved this space. However. not so keen on Marianne Bernadotte’s outfits who’s supposedly some style icon. I loved the grand statues and the spacious room, so much potential and the lighting was amazing.




The view was amazing, and the architecture was divine. I have a soft spot for fountains, they make me so nostalgic. In old Persian houses, it’s common to have a little fountain in the court. If you live in the city and havent been to Millesgården, make sure to check it out and if you have plans to visit Stockholm – same goes there!



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Ace & Tate

sara-che-ace-and-tate-sunglasses-river-island-leopard-coat-lindex-sebra-pants-fila-disrubterii-sneakers-adidas-originals-bag-red-curly-short-hair-millesgården-stockholmsara-che-ace-and-tate-sunglasses-river-island-leopard-coat-lindex-sebra-pants-fila-disrubterii-sneakers-adidas-originals-bag-red-curly-short-hair-millesgården-stockholmsara-che-ace-and-tate-sunglasses-river-island-leopard-coat-lindex-sebra-pants-fila-disrubterii-sneakers-adidas-originals-bag-red-curly-short-hair-millesgården-stockholmsara-che-ace-and-tate-sunglasses-river-island-leopard-coat-lindex-sebra-pants-fila-disrubterii-sneakers-adidas-originals-bag-red-curly-short-hair-millesgården-stockholm sara-che-ace-and-tate-sunglasses-river-island-leopard-coat-lindex-sebra-pants-fila-disrubterii-sneakers-adidas-originals-bag-red-curly-short-hair-millesgården-stockholmsara-che-ace-and-tate-sunglasses-river-island-leopard-coat-lindex-sebra-pants-fila-disrubterii-sneakers-adidas-originals-bag-red-curly-short-hair-millesgården-stockholm sara-che-ace-and-tate-sunglasses-river-island-leopard-coat-lindex-sebra-pants-fila-disrubterii-sneakers-adidas-originals-bag-red-curly-short-hair-millesgården-stockholm

Credit & adlink: Coat (here and similar here) – Hoodie (here & similar here) – Pants (here & similar here) – Bag (here) – Sunglasses (here) – Sneakers (here)


Yesterday I escaped the city for some much needed grounding in natur. These past days have been heavy, although my friend and I had planned our little escape prior to Friday’s events we both felt it was a beautiful day for some art scooping at beautiful Millesgården outside of Stockholm.


The weather was absolutely amazing, we both were blissful about being at Millesgården to see the art exhibitions and the beautiful garden that reminds one of Italy with its statues. As for the attire, a neutral base with red and orange as accent colors. The whole attire gets a interesting spin when mixing leopard and zebra prints. Newest edition to my favourite accessory collection, e.i. sunglasses are red colored cat-eye sunglasses from Ace & Tate. They have a great selection of colorful eye candy – perfect way to add some color to any kind of look.


Lastly, I want to acknowledge something heart warming. In the beginning, I was worried that the terrible events in Stockholm would separate us more. To my surprise, I’ve been met with smiles, kindness and thoughtfulness. From a small gesture like a smile from a stranger to people holing up doors in the subway during morning rush hour. To me, this means the world. It’s these small gestures that actually aren’t that small, on the contrary –  they’re brief moments in our lives but can mean so much to a stranger. Don’t you agree?






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With yesterdays tragic event in Stockholm, just a few blocks from my office, peoples lives were taken. As the hours passed, the mixed emotions come to a place of ease and more clear. Saturday morning, and as any other morning I started it with 30 minutes of meditation. Although I felt more tiered when I woke this morning, after the meditation I could look at the situation from a different perspective. Needless to say, yesterday was a tragic day.


In todays world, many are spending their times on this planet feeling alone, confused and lacking a sense of belonging. Depression, stress and other mental illnesses has become a part of our natural linguistic. As a child, I cant remember my parents talking about stress or depression, whereas now, it’s normal way for us to express our state of mind or status quo. Stress and depression has become normalised. What’s even worse is that how more and more younger people are battling such demons.


Although many express their sense of fear during the dark hours in Stockholm, it brought me a sense of ease to see that so many could see the actual light that was shared. Friends on Facebook opened the doors to their home due to the public transportation shut down and urged everyone to be at service. Whether it was to lend out a cell phone to help teens and children to get home or giving them a lift to their parents.


Today, I feel such gratefulness to being able to use a technique as meditation. Not only does it calm and south me, but it also allows my sense of compassion and love to grow. It helps me to feel more balansed, especially during days where everything outside me is being challenged and it allows me to be at service for others.


Be kind to yourself, and others. Not just today, but everyday because you never know who’s heart your touching. Who’s heart your inspiring, who’s life your changing. Choose to act from a place of love, instead of fear because initially the choice is yours and it’s your responsibility to choose accordingly.




Photo by Chrystelle Eriksberger | Edited by me




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