Pyjama Party


Sorry for the prolonged absence. January is coming to an end, and I couldnt be happier – mainly because the tempratures are rising. Yes, the past weeks have been dreadful to the point that shooting an look haven’t been possible. Standing in front of an camera i -18 degrees isn’t happening. So thank you for your patiance.

On another note, I finally cut my hair last week and the result turned out great. The style is short, yet versatile and on trend. Do you like it?

Speaking of trends, one of my current trends are the silk pyjama shirt. There’s something more relaxed about them yet oh so chic. The one I’m wearing is actually a pyjama, from Gina Tricot.Would love to pair it up with matching pants and with one of these shoes, or maybe all three. Full pictures of this look will be up shortly.

The earnings are from Dyrberg/Kern, a danish jewellery brand – you guys know how much I love Danish designs so you can only imagine how excited I am about next weeks trip to Copenhagen for Fashion Week. As always, feel free to give me advice on the best hotspots in Copenhagen.

What do you think, will you join the pyjama party?

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Photos: Anouk Yve, edited by me

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Inside a creative mind


One of the most common misconceptions we face today are the judgments we’re casting based upon what we’re seeing on various social media channels.  Isn’t fascinating that a feed of pictures can dictate how we perceive people?

Although I love Instagram for allowing me to witness creative minds work, and enabling me to actually work with some talented people in the industry I find myself taking longer pauses.

“When you are designing your own business you need to ask yourself ‘What am I about?’” – Tom Ford

Peeling off one layer at time, until the core is exposed.  Quality over quantity, I hear those words echo in my head as a mantra. Finding the equilibrium can at times be a challenging in this insta-hit and run world. As the spinning top goes fast and faster the urge of pausing becomes more crucial.

Instagram is a concentrated form representation of us, or in many terms parts of us. Yet we base our opinion of others based this concentrated presentation. However, my social media life tells only a fraction oh who I am – and most likely you as well. Its what we want to communicate to the outside world, but there is so much more to a person than these squared pictures.

And essentially, what we see is is what we choose to see – have you ever considered if you’re projecting your own ideas on others? Yes, projecting – who are you and what am I projecting on you?

Consuming the right ideas is just as important as consuming the right food. But then, what’s right for me doesn’t necessarily have to be right for you and vice versa but there is one golden rule – one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

So allow yourself to press pause, question your thoughts, question others thoughts because thinking critically can allow new ideas to born and maybe then you will learn what you really are about.


Photo: Tahira Music

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#TuesdayShoesday Three S/S 16 Keys


If you’re shoe-enthusiast then I’m guessing you’re not a fan winter shoes, well, me neither. But hang in there, because we have plenty of goodies to look forward to. I started adding a few key pieces to my collection a while ago.All three being a good basic shoe yet different and on trend.


These beautiful mules screams man repelling, and I love them. You boyfriend and Kardashian wannabe and Cali Tumblr friends aren’t probably gonna get it, and thats whats differentiate your aesthetics from mainstream commercial blah. These loafers are bad ass, especially the Gucci ones on the picture. Yes, major key (haha)!

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I have a soft spot for white sneakers, they’re versatile, timeless and comfortable. You have most likely seen my Sandro velcro sneaker with a thick sole, there’s just something nostalgic about them – maybe because to have smilier ones when I was a kiddo and I can’t wait to be able to wear them.

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Last but not least, if you’re looking for a shoe that adds a little hight but without compromising on comfort there’s two options to consider. Stella McCartney plato shoes, or a pump with a v-shape such as these pointed suede beauties by Acne Studios. The v shape will also help creating an illusion of a longer leg which is always nice.

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Images from Pintrest

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How To Stay In Motion


No, this isn’t a physics post on Newton’s laws of motion. However, today’s topic is actually rare. Yes, I’m talking about workout. One of the most common promises we make ourself after the holidays is to change our lifestyle to the better which usually includes hitting the gym more often. However, finding the motivation and inspiration to do so can sometimes be tricky which is why I wanted to share what has been working for me and still does.



If you’re reading my blog I am assuming (haha!) that you have some sort of interest in clothes. Nice workout clothes does a lot for me, it get me excited to go to the gym and more motivated. While at the gym, I feel more comfoterble when I’m in clothes that I enjoy working out in. My latest set is from the Swedish retailer Gina Tricot, they have a big selection of affordable and great looking sets. Take a look or yourself here.



Music is a must! I can’t workout without having something to listen to and luckily Spotify has a great selection of various workout playlist. Spotify has also a special feature for runners that plays music based on your the speed your running, I used this feature a lot last summer when I used to mostly run.

If you’re into podcast, I recommend Leandra Medin’s podcast ‘Monocycle’ and ‘Oh Boy’. My latest favourite is Brilliant Idiots by Charlemagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz, these guys are hilarious, intelligent and entertaining.



Being at the gym is a mental timeout for me, a break from my projects and work as well as personal life. Hence, I like to zone out and not being distracted from whats going on around me. Therefore, I either wear a cap or these big headphones so I can zone out properly.



I’ve mentioned Vitavivav’s 15 day cleanse before, and I’ll recommend it again. So far, its the best cleanse I’ve tried, it cleanses and helped you jumpstart your healthier lifestyle. The cleaners helps you get rid of intestinal tract of excess waste, reduces bloating, helps increase energy and may, furthermore, provide several pounds of weight loss, alongside a healthy diet and daily exercise.


Last but absolutely not least – a challenge! My friend and I were speaking about getting back to our workout routines a few weeks ago, whereas I suggested The Challenge. Meaning, you agree on how many times you want to workout per week, each time you’re doing it you send the friend a picture. The picture is not only proof that the other person is sticking to the rules, but will automatically inspire and motivate you. If someone doesn’t hold their side of the deal, he or she has to buy the other person something. I think its good to set prize (punishment for the looser) at level that helped you stay motivated. My friend and I agreed that the looser will have to treat the winner to a spa day – great right?

This has helped me so many timed to get back on track, and it works like a charm every time. I had a similar challenge with three friend when I used to live in LA, which resulted to getting in the best shape I have ever been in my life.  The Challenge is a very effective if you’re a competitive person and slightly sore looser (haha!).

I hope my tips helped or at least sparker a little inspiration, I’ve been working out four times a week for three weeks now and I am already seeing result. But the most important thing is that I feel stronger and more vibrant which is important especially when you live close to the North Pole. Its easy to stay inside because its cold outside or dark for that matter, so be alert on what works for you and make sure to adapt that in your weekly workout routine.

As always, I love to read your thought and ideas so please share below. Sharing is caring after all :)

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In a city full of franchised coffee shops on every corner of the city, finding a good local cafe can be like finding a hidden gem but you know you’ve hit the jackpot when you stumble upon a French cafe that served good quality coffee and fresh baked goods. But not only any baked goods, Sophie, the owner bakes canaléer which is a pastry from the regions of Bordeaux in France.


The caneléer are baked gently under very high temperature in small cups molds of a batter similar to pancake batter (crêpes). The outer layer of the dessert caramelised and crisp , while it is luxurious and soft inside. What differates the candler from other pastries is goes well with a cup of coffee as well as with a glass of wine or champagne. Sophie opened the cafe as a result of not finding any canaléer in Stokcholm, and decided to take the matter in her own hands.

The cafe has become a place for French community in Stockholm to gather, celebrate French traditions  and get a little dose of France while being far away from home.


The atmosphere reminded me of France, it was relaxing and delightful. The smell of the fresh baked pastries and French music playing in the background made me forget that I was in Stockholm for a while.

Although being custom to the French kitchen, I had never tasted a canaléer before. The verdict? They taste amazing, I taste two different canaléer, I liked them both although they were different from each other. The sizes are perfect and beautiful experience for the palette.

Another thing that I really love about this place is the interior, the simplicity yet thought behind every detail. Sophie explained the thought process behind choosing the colour and the yellow and white tiles. The detail that made my heart jump a little faster of joy was the French address sign outside the cafe, I strongly urge you to go there and take a look at it yourself and don’t forget to say hi to Sophie from me while you’re at it.



Sophies Canelé |  Sankt Eriksgatan 81,  11332 Stockholm

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Photo: Linda Juhola, edited by me

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