Winter Essentials


A coat or jacket can set the tone of a look, just like shoes which makes it fun to play around with different styles. This season, I’ve changed lanes from monochrome to adding colours. Since my goal is to create a sustainable closet I’m trying to be mindful of my choices and what purpose they serve.

1. Biker Jacket

Needless to say that its a timeless piece, therefore do I advice to invest in something that will pass all the point for the perfect jacket.

2. The Classic

Instead of black, a blue coat felt more fun yet classic. Especially with its sophisticated cut. Another thing that makes it modern and up to date is the oversized and boxy feel to the coat. Let’s face it, Swedes know their outerwear.


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3. In Retro-grade

Since the 70’s is one of my favourites eras in terms of fashion (amongst other things) it was long overdue to add burgundy piece. What I love about this one in particular is that its faux leather, the cut is timeless and add that perfect retro feel to any attire.

4. Faux-real

Speaking of colour, did someone call in the cavalry? Well the answer is yes, this jacket my go-to choice whenever the weather is grey and dull. Its faux fur, keeps me warm and makes me happy whenever the weather doesn’t.

I’ve also added a few of my favourite pieces, I hope like them because I use them on rotation. Finding any other favourite piece? Tell me below!


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48 Hours in Brussels under lock down


Everything started as a trip to a unknown destination, my friends an initiative to go somewhere in Europe for two nights whiteout knowing the destination until we arrived to the airport. Once we we arrived to the airport I was informed that Brussels was our destination. We boarded the aircraft happy and excited, neither my friend nor I had been there before.

As soon as we arrived to the hotel, the staff informed us to not get worried if we were to see armed men walking on the street. They also told us that the situation in Brussels had been affected from the last weeks events in Paris. Happily informed, my friend and I left the hotel after checking ourselves in to get a glance of Brussels.

Our first impression was that there weren’t much people on the streets, especially for a Friday night. And yes, there were police and army men walking around which made us feel more secure.

Unfortunately, it started to rain and the streets got emptier which made more then sense. We found a cute little restaurant and order a couple of mint tea, it started to get late so we decided to take the subway back home.

The following day, the hotel staff told us that the subway was closed and that we could only take the bus. Great opportunity to see more of the city was out first thought, but when my family and friends start to send text messages to be careful followed by phone calls from reporters from various news outlets I started to wonder “whats going on?”.

Yes, there we’re less people out on the streets. But it was a Saturday morning and the rain poured down. I finished off my first interview while we were on the bus headed to our breakfast spot, the second (TV) interview after we’d finished off our breakfast and the third while leaving the café.

People didn’t seem worried and we thought everyone was very friendly and had a positive attitude despite what was going on. Only thing was that the city was basically on lockdown, there were no people out, the shops that were open were told to close up. Since Brussels shopping mall was closed I looked for shelter from the rain at The Plaza. I tried to order a cab back to my hotel but the taxi company that they work with had no taxis out. So I walked back, for 30 minutes which was very lovely (as soon as the rain stopped). So I decided to charge my batteries and hop on a train to Antwerpen because Brussels had turned into a ghost town. It was quite nice to arrive to Antwerpen, there were people out. The shops and restaurants were open. After spending a few hours there I decided to head back before it got late, the status in Brussels was the same. Ghost town, echo!

As I’m writing this while waiting to board the aircraft I cant help to think about how media can affect us, its such a powerful medium. And in times like these, we really need to filter and read between the lines. A reporters job is to report/write objectively, which seams rare nowadays because the news outlets are more concerned about creating headlines. Read the full article here (its in Swedish) and see for yourself if you the same conclusion from my own written words. What do you think? Tell me below!

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Layers upon cropped flares


Playing with layers is always fun, however when the temperature starts dropping below zero the fun part fades away and becomes more of a necessity. Since I am firm believer that fashion should always be fun, I’ve found a few tricks to get through the cold temperatures without  having to compromising on style.

  • Focus on choosing items with natural textiles to keep the heat
  • Layer, and layer under the layer. I am for example wearing a ribbed top under the white long-sleeved top. Nothing you can see, yet helps me a lot.
  • Go for a cropped flare trousers instead of a skirt, adds that little extra to a look without having to expose the legs to the cold.
  • Mules instead of pumps or sandals. I don’t know if its only me but a mule allows me to not get as cooled down as pumps.


Many of us tend to go for darker shads at this time of the year, if adding colours isn’t your thing I’d suggest adding some metals. Accessories to make the look more interesting and vibrant.  The accessories are as good for daytime and nightie, plus adaptable to different season so make sure to invest in something sustainable.


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Turtleneck Top: MLM Label / Long-sleeved Top: H&M / Trousers: Weekday  / Bag: Proenza Schouler / Shoes: Whistles via Zalando / Sunglasses: Celiné 

Photos: Linda Juhola, edited by me

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Birthday Recap


A lot can happen in a year, and from the look in the rear mirror – this past year has been very eventful. I don’t know what it is about birthdays that makes me treat them as New Years eve but I think its because I’ve had a special relationship to turning one older ever since I was a kid.

Turning older can be stressful for some, I used to be a member of that group. In a matter of fact I was a early member of that group. The day before my 15th birthday I had my first birthday anxiety attack, my life was over (hahaha, yes I was turning 15) since I already was halfway to thirty and hadn’t accomplished anything. While my mother was standing in the kitchen, preparing dinner for the family I was walking back and forth behind her while declaring that I hadn’t traveled (I was delusional because I’ve been traveling from a early age but didn’t consider our family trips as traveling), nor decided what path I wanted to take after college or what career path I wanted to pursuit. The thought of being halfway to thirty was eating me up.

As I was walking back and forth, my mom turned around from the stow and looked at me as the crazy person I was acting out as – she shook her head and tried to comfort me with her calm motherly voice that I had my whole life ahead of me. Being a total drama queen at that time (plus add some teenage hormones) I was shocked she couldn’t see it. So I did what I usually did, went in to my room, closed the door and listen to music.

Today we laugh at it, and every birthday my mother reminds me of my first (and worst) birthday anxiety – well that I always love when she tells the story about the night I was born (as if I didn’t know it by heart already haha).

The anxiety? The older I got the more the faded it away and by the time I turned thirty I couldn’t have cared more about that fact that I was thirty. But had I traveled? Had I finished school and pursued a honourable career?

Yes, I moved and got my own place in a city in southwest In Sweden to pursuit college and university. Not only did I get one degree but two, and in between those two degrees I squeezed in five year career in a bank before I got bored and need a new adventure. Thats when I moved to Los Angeles. But did any of that matter, no. The only thing I took pride in was that I had managed to travel – because for me thats most amazing thing money can buy. Did I feel older, not a bit (I think I’m still 25 some days) and the older I get the more I realise that age is nothing but a number.

So what made my thirty-first year special? Ah, so many things! Serials of events that changed me and shaped me. Because of those events, my outlook on life has changed to the better. But most importantly, I’ve truly come the full understand of a few things, and I mean really comprehend from the core of my soul.

  • The only who’s responsible for your happiness is you
  • Whenever shit (pardon my french) hits the fan, you can either let it make you or break you.
  • People who aren’t meant to be a part of you life will find a way out from it, let them and don’t worry. If they want out they’re not worth your time.
  • Traveling alone is underrated – do more of that!
  • Life is always progressing to the better, trust that.
  • You are being taken cared on


The last point is somewhat deeper, on a spiritual level meaning that whatever happens you will be okay. Because that is what life keeps on proving, it will be okay. Finally, I wanted to share a look from last year. As you can see, she looks different. Dressed differently and also carried herself differently, although you see me – you can tell that thats not the same person you see today. Or what do you think? How do you feel about aging and what is the best advice you would give your younger self? Tell me below.

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Blurred Lines


As a blogger you can at some times find it hard to decide what you want to publish. What should remain private and what can you share?

For me, the line between public (well what I put out on the internet for the public) life can be blurry. Sure, I love to share some aspects of my life but taking the decision to go public about my nose job  wasn’t easy – but in the same time not difficult because I felt it would be weird to show up on day like nothing had happened.

In this case I felt I had to discuss it because I couldn’t find a neutral story about the procedure. However, showing a before and after picture felt not natural. Maybe because the purpose of comparing before and after.

As I’ve mentioned before, I admire strong women who share and share is such way topics we (we meaning us women) talk about but may consider being a little tabu. Such as Lenadra Medin who wrote about her bikini waxing, pretty bold. The south area tends to be a sensitive topic to discuss – don’t you think?

For me, thats brave (applauding you Leandra) but when readers told be I was brave for sharing I was appreciative – yet I didn’t feel brave. I felt more brave to pour our my heart about the never escaping feeling of loneliness that had accompanied me for a long time.

Discussing vulnerability on a level that encourages others to break barriers are beautiful – and what happens is that with time it gets neutralised. The tabu-mark fades away – and essentially that’s what needs to be acknowledged. But let me tell you one thing, sharing is not only a gift you give others but also yourself. Because you grow, you get to know yourself and may also improve awareness of yourself (I don’t like to use the word self-esteem).  We’re the only one censoring ourselves – the line can either be a border or a sprint mark of where so start. I say, ready, set, go!

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