Are we fed up with resolutions?


Everybody’s talking about it, or talking about how their not making any this year. I’m talking about resolutions, my friends. Personally, I like to observe and this year I’ve noticed several post and Instagram picture while browsing that nobody likes a skinny sober ‘bitch’ (excuse the choice of word, theirs – not mine).

Is not making a resolution the latest macaroon? And if so, when did it become something negative to set new goals  for the next upcoming twelve  months? On the other side, we’re asked to voice our goals from an early stage of our lives from career advisors asking us about goals to setting goals with your manager.

It feels as we’re always striving towards something, isn’t being where you are good enough? At least for a while before you set off to you next goal. A good friend of mine has from an early age had grand goals for herself, she’s accomplished them yet she always told me that she didn’t take the time to appreciate the accomplishment (and trust me, their huge both in terms of academies accomplishment and professional), but instead focusing on the next goal. ”I wish I could appreciate my accomplishments more” she used to say, and still does to this day.

Earlier on, I wrote a post about being in a place where I was lacking inspiration. At times I felt the pressure of writing something compelling and by using the word compelling I’m referring to ‘substance’, but we all know that can’t be forced (although we sometimes wish it could).

As the holidays are coming to its end, I’ve gone from a place of being empty and exhausted to the point where I started crying for nothing behind my computer screen, to look at the situation (myself) and concluding: be kind to yourself. Translation: allow yourself to sleep in, you don’t need to get up 7-8 am in the morning of the weekends. Take a break from online platforms (some more like Snapchat) to digitally detoxify.

Whether you’re making resolutions or setting new goals, take a moment and think about why you want to accomplish it. I sole believe that we’re doing things because it makes us feel good, and if you’re not setting a goal according to the level of happiness it brings you – maybe its time to reconsider.

As for me, I’m always trying to improve aspects of my life as it evolves – I always have but in my own way. Meanwhile I’m making the most of being in the phase of in between in my knitted. Enjoying the comfort of the knits while watching the snow covering the streets of Stockholm.


I'm Wearing...

Coat – Dagmar

Knit – H&M

Pants – Gina Tricot

Shoes – Zara

Bag – Proenza Schouler

Scarf – Acne Studios

Photo: Viktoria Möller, edited by me

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2015’s Favourite Looks


And we’re off to a new start, new begging and indeed new opportunities. There are already trips booked for the next upcoming months as well as new exciting projects in the pipeline, that being said I cannot thank you all enough for being a part of my journey and letting me share it with you in this special space.

It has been one interesting year to say the least, personally and professional as well as in terms of my personal style. Here are my personal favourite looks from 2015. See something you like? Tell me below!


Yes, lets take a moment and acknowledge the fact that 2015 was the year I went all-in with hair colours.


Back to black, although my hair has really good quality there’s a limit to the amount of bleach it can take (yes, didn’t use any Olaplex unfortunately) it could take.


Sad realisation: my hair needed a makeover. (This was not means to become a hair recap but bare with me….) Meanwhile having fun with overalls.


Cherry blossom and and an all white suit for the win!


A look that would become a safe card, this shot was taken in Down Town Los Angeles.


This off-shoulder top! What can I say other than that its just pure love. Ah…


Denim on denim with nude Manolo Blahniks, timeless and one of my personal top three looks of the year.


Summers go-to attire especially during those warm London days: little black dress accompanied with white sneakers.


Probably the most memorable outfit of the year, shot while strolling in SOHO.


Followed by another one of my top three attire, the colour combo, the simplicity its it hard to beat.


This look and shot its very dear to my, last day of London Fashion Week shot by my dear friend in the middle of Regent Street. The location couldn’t be more iconic with the red busses passing while shooting.


Paris Fashion Week: an monochrome look shot by my FW partner in crime. But then, Parisian scenery sure adds a lot to the photo!


Knits on knits! One of the perks of the weather cooling down.

sara-che-h&m-faux-jacket-toga-pulla-boots- givenchy-pervert-clutch-celine-cathrine

Started adding more colours to my closet while giving my hair a break, this coats has been a spirit saver this winter. Turns out, colours help during dull grey days.


More knits were a must when the temperatures dropped even more, luckily this beautiful coat held both my heart and heart warm. I know a lot of you liked it as well… right?

Yes, a lot can happen in a year. Hair colours, personal style as well as photography and editing skills. But most significant of all, the change that occurs inside us.

Cheers to a new chapter!

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2015 Challenges + Highlights


December 31st, New Year’s Ever. A time to celebrate the ending and welcome a new year. A time to look back on whats been, in order to change things for the better.  A time time to reflect on the promises that was made a year ago, and a time to make new.

Surly, I am not the only one who gets nostalgic around this time of the year. New Years Ever has always been a moment to reflect

2015 started in my favourite city, Paris. Ever since that trip, Paris holds a part of my heart as I saw it from a different light. Speaking of light, by the end of January my personal life took a different rout than expected as a journey came to an end. Its hard to not see that I was briefly in a dark place whilst looking back at photos and posts that was written at that time.

Something in me echoed that I could either let this be a situation that makes me, or breaks me. The option was a no brainer and I was determined to look back at the situation with a positive outlook, and I am.  One of my dreams of having a big, spacious apartment in the heart of city became true. Spending time in my sanctuary became very important, which inspired me to share it with you.

Traveling has always been the biggest passion of mine, 2015 will be a year that will be accosted with traveling. I visited the US twice, two weeks in LA and one week alone in NYC. I also visited London twice, once alone for some business errands and the second to experience London Fashion Week with my dear friend Payzee. She and I did Stockholm, London and Paris Fashion Week together. During Fashion Month, I also payed Barcelona a brief visit and surprisingly joined a competition inspired by the Amazing Race followed by Denmark for Nordic Blogger Awards and Belgium, where I got stuck in the middle of city lock down (and hoped on a train to check out Antwerpen instead).

Yes, 2015 has ben filled with beautiful moments and a lifelong dream come true – to travel alone.

My days in New York were amazing (and hot due to the incredibly July heat) to say the least and I got the opportunity too shoot with my talented friend Jose Martinez. On a personal note, this trip thought me that there’s a lot one can learn about themselves while being abroad alone.

Besides from traveling, 2015 will be a year remembered for the amazing friendships that was made along the way. These friends that I’ve made are people whom inspire me on a daily basis, one thing they all have in common is their kindness and ability to see good in most situations. That my friends, is rare so best believe that I am immensely grateful for my army of friends.

Speaking of relationships, due to a couple of events in the beginning of the year my most important relationship reached a new level. I’m referring to my relationship with myself. This paragraph could end up long if I started to paint the picture for you, so I’m going to start a project in 2016 that will explain it all.

My dearest readers, may all of your wishes come true in 2016. Dare to step outside your comfort zone, yet remember that you are always being taken cared off. I can promise you that and that what ever you choose there is a way if there is a will.

Here’s to new chances, new adventures and new hopes. Now let’s count down and enjoy the firework display. Au Revior 2015, bring it on 2016, Happy New Year!

Photo taken in September of our last day of Paris Fashion Week

Photographer: Payzee

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Most Common Blogging Q’s


Over the past months, I’ve been receiving questions about my blogging journey. The questions are getting asked more frequently, hence the decision to write this post. Although I am very humbled by each mail I receive – I hope you find this helpful, I’ve been only blogging for a year so receiving these kind of mails and questions are humbling. And don’t hesitate to shoot me an mail if there’s anything you’d like me to answer. I am always here for you.

What inspires you?

Honestly, fashion inspires me – and its possibilities. For me, fashion is a reflection of whats happening in the world. Personal style is a reflection of who we are, combining those two elements are a way of expressing and communicating without using words.

Since we live in a world where so many are using social media as to communicate, it sometimes gets overwhelming as it can feel as people are creaming out to a empty void – with fashion I speak untold stories on a daily basis, they’re my stories, some might get them and some not but it doesn’t matter because they will always be mine.

Whats the secret of your blog?

I don’t really see it as a secret, more as a path of doing it which is to let it be a reflection of me. A place where I can be unapologetically me, in the way I dress and perceive the world. What differs my blog from most is that I love to shed light on subjects that are controversial, mainly because I love discussing subjects that actually affect us – which makes them worth the while of discussing.

How do you continue maintaining your blog?

Since fashion is a subject that I am truly passionate about, the blog is my creative outlet as well as a diary. Its very important to have a clear idea why one wants to start a blog, starting one is easy but maintaining it can be challenging at time. Have I ever considered stop blogging? Absolutely, but since fashion is a big part of me I always fall back on the reason why I started in the beginning.

How do you get so many readers/followers?

Thats very sweet, I don’t really put much energy on having many followers which might sound strange. This is how I see it, if one does something from the pure joy of doing it, everything will fall into place. But if you start a blog for the money or getting recognition, well I am not sure how long one can maintain the same level of energy because it does not come from the heart.

My advice is, be yourself. Be your unapologetic self, let the readers and followers rise to your level. One of my biggest inspiration in the business is Leandra Medin, a.k.a. Man Repeller because she’s just that – herself.

How did you grow your following on social media?

This might sound simple, but by being social. Don’t be afraid of liking and comments others photos. However, don’t just send a emjoi. Instead a genuine comment (which stands out from all the emoji’s in the world) will help other notice you.
Secondly, be mindful of what you’re posting. On a personal note, I don’t follow account with endless of selfies. Be creative and step outside the box, or square if you like and create a gallery you enjoy.

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Grown with me


I often drop the term Uniform when describing my daily outfits – because really that’s what they are. Key pieces in my closet that have grown with me instead of me growing out of them.

And that exactly what these key pieces do, they’ve grown with me as my style has developed and matured. Speaking of development, this time of the year has me in a introperspective mood. This year has been a crazy ride while every aspect of my life has changed and taken new direction. I’ve been considering to share some of the changing highlights of the year with you  so let me know if the subject sparks any interest.

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