Mixing and Gant matching


Fall has to be one of my favorite seasons when it comes to fashion, although I love wearing monochrome I find myself going against my natural habits by having non-black days. Also, I find myself drawn to combining colors and mixing materials.

During the second day of London Fashion Week, I wore this mens denim shirt from Gant with a cognac a-lines leather skirt. The combination of the colors and mixture of denim and leather is perfect effortless look for fall. Speaking of mixing, can you tell I’m wearing a mens shirt? Barley, right? Mixing styles is one of the things I enjoy the most when putting together a look.  doesn’t the wooded heel and denim shoe look amazing? Best of all, they’re extremely comfortable as well.




I was wearing:

Gant denim shirt – similar here & here

Gant skirt – similar here & here

Zara bootis – similar here & here

Chanel Boy Bag – similar here & here

Celine sunglasseshere & here


Photos by: Fetish For Fine Fabrics, edited by me

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Regent Street





Regent Street, London

Being in London for Fashion Week is something I’ve been longing to experience for a long time. Although the expectations were high,  LFW managed outdo them. So what were my expectations? Well, a lot of urban vibes in terms of fashion and street-style, bright colours and plenty of prints. But the shows managed to surprise me, I just love how the fashion reflects the cities spirit.

Diversity has always been something I truly love, unfortunately its a bit rare in Sweden (sorry my Scandi readers but I think you understand where I’m coming from) which makes it so refreshing seeing people being unfiltered and open, they don’t do ‘lagom’, a word in Swedish that means not too much nor too little – the perfect amount.

It would probably make more to show you what I wore the first day of LFW, but my excitement for these photos and the look were too high to wait. Yesterday, after a lovely breakfast with a couple friend, my friend Payzee and I walked down to Regent Street to shoot. We were looking a iconic London environment, what’s more perfect than Regent Street with old red London busses passing by?

As for my look, a classic monochrome look toppen with a touch of roar from the Swedish designer Anna-Karin Karlsson. Surely, you seen her amazing design of people such as Lady Gaga, Bea Åkerlund and Jelena Karleuša. Anna-Karin sunnies oozes confidence, personality and takes whatever you’re wearing to a new level of high. Although my style is minimalistic I truly enjoy adding details that reflect my personality. After all, thats what person style is about. Don’t you think? If you haven’t seen her latest collection, make sure to check it out here.




I was wearing

Zara top – similar heretop

H&M skirt (old) – similar here & here

Acne biker jacket – here & here

Zara sneakers – similar here & here

Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses – here & here

Givenchy bag – here & here


Photos by:  Fetish For Fine Fabrics  , edited by me

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MLM The Label





Thanks to social media, I’ve had the pleasure to stumble upon and discover a new brands. Over the past months the brands that I’ve found my self very fund of have a few things in common. The colour palettes are sophisticated. The cuts and silhouettes is sleek, clean and minimalistic yet taken to a higher level. Truth be told, I get excited. Just as excited as I used to get when I discovered some of my favourite fashion houses as a child.

I am talking about MLM the Label, our friends down under have made an huge imprint on me. I just love how they take modern feminine dressing to a new and exciting level. The designs are edgy and sophisticated in a perfect balanced manner. You’ve seen me in MLM here before and I am so happy to show you this beautiful dress. It’s everything a simple white dress should be!

As you can see, these shots were taken in New York while strolling around Soho. The weather was amazing and looking back at these photos makes me miss the city a little bit more. Photos were taken by super talented Jose Martinez, make sure to follow him on Instagram for amazing photage and videos.





I was wearing

MLM The Label Dress

Balenciaga Bag

Manolo Blahnik Shoes

Celine Sunglasses

Photos by: Jose Martinez

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Zalando’s People’s Choice Award





I’ve been nominated for a Zalando Nordic Blogger Awards in the category ‘People’s Choice’! I’m so happy!! Most of you guys know I work so hard and this is such a big honor.  I feel like this recognition is such an award for everything. Not only for this, but overall I want to say a huge big thank you to you guys for appreciating the content I upload and for the endless support.

I would be so happy and grateful if you voted for me! As a voter you have the chance to Zalando Fashion Pass to the Nordic Blogger Awards ceremony in Copenhagen on the 29th of October. You and a friend win a flight tickets, hotel stay and access to other exciting happenings as well as gift cards worth 3000 SEK.

I know there are many people starting with their blog hoping it will become their full time job, but for me I started out purely for the love of fashion and photography as an creative outlet. Everything I got back is just more than I could ever wish for and I’m thankful every day that I could do this.

Click here to vote!

Follow the instructions by clicking on ”Rösta Nu”

Zalando Fashion Blogger Awards 2015

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Fjord Time Piece




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If there is a word that describes my overall mantra, it would be simplicity. It can be a quiet morning, to how I decorate my home, how I think in terms of simplify or even choosing accessories that fits me and my style. When it comes to watches, I like a simple and sleek design. Minimalistic yet designed in a effective way so it stands out.

Although I’ve haven’t been much of a watch person, my demanding and busy schedule requires me to use my time effectively. After all, how we manage our time sufficiently in our daily life can be a big factor of the day-today goals are being achieved.


Therefore, using a watch has become not only a beautiful accessory but also a tool to keep track of time so I can manage it as effectively as possible.

One of the reason Fjord Time Pieces stood out for me was the simple and beautiful aesthetic of the watch. In the same time, it vibrates a sense of power. Maybe because the design is inspired by the Nordic landscape. What many don’t know about me is that I grew up as a kid in the northern part of Sweden which makes me relate to the design and aesthetics of the watch even more. In addition, it’s a great reminder of where I’ve been and where I’m headed in life.




This post was brought to you by Fjord Time Piece






Photos by: Viktoria Möller, edited by me.

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