Set it up



Wearing: Coat River Island Hoodie (here),  River Island Hoodie (here), Nike Sneakers (here), River Island Choker (here)


I love sets, and I just love all the variations to choose from- Found this set at River Island’s mens department. RI’s mens department is where I’ve found a lot of great pieces lately. Especially hoodies, the fit is great, I usually go for a medium size so I get the right oversized look.



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Pearl Freckles



Wearing: River Island Hoodie (here) and Pants (here). Both from mens department



After being so inspired by all the glitter here, I picked up a few goodies as mentioned. Amongst silver half pearls, since I love freckles I had to try it out first. Goes to show that it’s not only very easy but also tons of fun. Would wanna pull off this look during the weekdays too, and I will. What do you guys think?







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A Piece of Magic



Wearing: River Island Coat (here), Sweater via Tictail (here), Nike Sneakers (here), River Island Bag (here)

You may not believe in magic,

But don’t you think its strange,

The amount of matter in our universe,
Has never slightly changes
That all which makes your body,
Was once part of something more,
And every breath you ever breath,
Has seen it all before,
There are countless scores of beauty,
In all the things that you despise,
It could once have been a shooting star,
That now makes up your things,
And atoms of forgotten life,
Who’ve long since ceased to roam,
May now have the great honour,
To call your crooked smile their home,
You may not believe in magic,
But I thought you should know,
The making of your heart were born,
Fourteen billion years ago,
So next time you feel lonely,
When this world makes you feel small,
Just remember that it’s part of you,
And you’re part of it.
-e. h
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Zalando Christmas Dinner



I onsdags bjöd Presskontakterna och Zalando på julmddag, otroligt mysigt! Tusen tack, ni är fantastiska!


Lovely X-mas dinner with Zalando and Presskontakterna, it’s one of those insanely cosy evenings to say the least. Thank you guys, you’re amazing!

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Makeup: Glitter Trend



Wearing: Superdry Jumpsuit (Out next spring)

Last night Zalando hosted a cosy Christmas dinner, there was also a makeup artist on location who added som fairy dust on the face and a little in the hair. It’s so beautiful, really love everything glitter and sequins –  this means its time to pick up some fairy dust of my own.

I do not vary my makeup often, only lip colors but I love the glitter trend. Below you can see some photos that I pinned loose on Pinterest, it sure is good looking with glitter in the hair parting?




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