Isabel Adrian



Isabel Adrian is a women whom worn a lot of different hats throughout the past years, from modeling to running a night club, starring reality TV shows, designing, styling, painting, writing, photographing and running companies. Although the list continues, Rebecca and Isabel’s podcast allowed the listeners to get to a uncensured glimpse of her and her life. 

In 2014 Isabel released her first book, Sex Drugs & DJ, a love story inspired by real events but instead of glorifying the fame she chose to illustrate authentically. ”I wanted show that there is so much more to the story than they know” says Isabel. There are many resembling and parallels but Isabel explains that it was a way for her to write the novel relatable, yet emphasis that it is just a novel and not a biography.

Although she starred the TV show Swedish Hollywood Wife’s, Isabel is anything but an Hollywood wife. She only happens to live there but her life consist of being creative and create; whilist she’s had several successes in her life, she’s been through more than one can imagine and even had friend forcing her to choose between them and her husband, Steve Angello.

When she and and her friend Rebecca Stella teamed up to do a podcast it enabled them to tell their story in their own way, a way that was real, uncensured and unpolished. Growing up as a child in Gothenburg, Isabel was bullied from a young age. Her stories are remarkable and last year she shared a few pages from her diary that she wrote ate the age of thirteen to make an stand against bullying. nevertheless, its a powerful and heart touching segment.

”Doing that segment was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” says Isabel. But its her authentic and real personality that captures her listeners, her ability to stay true to herself and sharing her journey with the world is inspiring because it takes courage to share past events that is associated with pain and shame.




”I wish I had someone who spoke to me the way I spoke to Rebecca and listeners,  it was hard to comprehend that people listened and that it had an impact on a persons life,” says Isabel while reflecting over her childhood. ”I’m never going to forget that one girl who approached me in Stockholm and thanked me for saving her life. I could never imagined that the podcast would be such an powerful tool,” she says with a smile.

Not only did she these stories but they also started a movement, a philosophy of living life. ”Kör bara kör” translates to just do it and the acronyms KBK is still being frequently used. Its about letting go of fear and living life to its fullest potential. Its about looking forward instead of backward to reach your goals and knowing that you’re good just as you are.

”Everyone needs hear that what they’re doing is good, even me, because it gives one the energy to keep on going. People might think that I’m living a fabulous life but what they don’t see the all work I’m putting in on a daily basis”, Isabel says. And she sure keeps going, Isabel juggles several projects both in Angeles as well in Sweden which makes one wonder where she gets her energy from.

”I get my inspiration from seeing others happy and to be able to accomplish things that haven’t been done before,” says Isabel. ”That I’ve managed to impact others with my story is wonderful, I just wish it would have been on my terms.”

Her past and upcoming projects have one thing in common and that is to show the audience the whole picture instead of bits and pieces. But instead of spoiling the fun and tell what she’s up to next, I’m eager to see see her finalizing and present them to the public.

On a personal note, the reason why I reached out to Isabel was because her stories has moved me and to me she’s an inspiration. She is as authentic in real life as you hear in the pod, a creative soul with a warm energy surrounding her. Who else offers you little drive in her children’s drivable mini-car while wearing a pink scarf a la Audrey Hepburn?






For more information about Isabel Adrian, visit her website. Make sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram



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70’s in Stockholm




Denim girl with a soft heart for blue and white adopting 70’s vibes. Yes, that’s one way to describe my current transition to the silhouettes. But what can I say, I do have a soft spot for jeans and a white top regardless the format.

Speaking of jeans,  remember that SATC episode when Miranda wears her ‘skinny’ jeans after her pregnancy? We all have that one pair of jeans that we keep in our closet, its that one pair that symbolizes something extra for you. Let me present to you, my flared skinny bootleg jeans from college, yes, these babies goes 13 years back with me.  Crazy, right?

Lately, I find myself lusting over off-shoulder tops and dress in various designs. There’s something flattering and yet sophisticated that has always appealed to me. What do you guys think? What are your favorite piece for the summer? Make sure to comment below, love to read your thoughts.


sara-cue-off-shoulder-top-flared-jeans-mansur-gavriel-bag sara-cue-off-shoulder-top-flared-jeans-mansur-gavriel-bagsara-cue-off-shoulder-top-flared-jeans-mansur-gavriel-bag


Photos by: Viktoria Möller

I’m wearing:

Top: H&M (similar here & here)

Jeans: H&M (similar here & here)

Bag: Mansur Gavriel

Shoes: Nelly (similar here)

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban’s

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Emma S.




You might recognize her from covering international fashion magazines and editorials, making our jaws dropp lower (as that was even possible but yes) starring in George Michael’s music video ”Too funky”.  Needless to say, Emma has worn many hats from modeling, acting, PR initiatives with the Swedish retailer Lindex to launching her skin care brand Emma S with Nora Larssen in 2008.

This morning, Emma presented their upcoming sensitive series which is a common issue from us who are living in Scandinava. All the ingredients are based upon how they benefit this particular skin type to calm, rehydrate, soften as well as cooling down the skin. The series will hit the store in august, just in time as the weather get cooler.

As you can see, its was a beautiful presentation! What really resonates with me is that she practice what she preaches. While having a balanced lifestyle and that fact that great skin care products shouldn’t cost a fortune and instead be accessible to achieve a great skin – its striking what an amazing aura and energy this entrepreneur has. Humble, welcoming and warm – and yes, she was one of my favorite models when growing up and my all time favorite Swedish model till this day but its amazing when you actually get the chance to met a person and your blown away by that meeting.


sara-che-emma-s-sensitive-skinsara-che-emma-s-sensitive-skinsara-che-emma-s-sensitive-skin  sara-che-emma-s-sensitive-skin

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WWL: Adidas by Stella McCartney



Adidas by Stella

Hold on! Yes, you’re at the right place and there is a reason why this weeks WWL is different from previous ones. Just bare with me for a few minutes; there’s always been something fascinating about people who love running. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of it and how accessible it is, you just step outside and you’re good to start. The truth is that I haven’t fully committed, but over the past year I’ve been following my sweet friend Sasha’s inspiring journey and after a friend of mine finished her first race I felt the need to give it a honest chance.

Obviously I’m thinking right away about what my new workout wardrobe is going to look like and I think Adidas by Stella McCartney collection is right up my alley. Feminine, fierce yet simplistic – I’m vibing!  So here’s so starting my running journey and looking great while doing it.


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There are some people that brings that little extra in you, you’ve either clicked from the get-go and you continue to just vibing. As I was going through these photos to edit them, I was struck by the amount of pictures that I was laughing out loud (or LOL:ing if you please) which is explanatory for the relationship I have with the lady behind the camera.

Speaking of laughing, as a blogger I’ve never been keen on looking serious in pictures. Its not really my style and prefer seeing other smile that putting up a oh-so serious front, even a little smerk can go a long way.

You know that moment when you’ve find a specific piece that you want in several colors and various materials, well thats how I feel about this skirt. You’ve seen now on many occasions, thats because I can’t get enough of it.

And when I think about it, I wear all of those pieces on a regular basis. I guess thats what happens when you have your fav key pieces – it just resonates with you. As for striped tops, well who can get enough of them? Lately, I’ve been keeping an extra eye to invest in a Commes Des Garcon striped top or shirt, feels like a great all around key piece that will come handy in many occasions.


sara-che-pierre-balmain-leather-jacket-mansur-gavriel-bucket-bag-stan-smith sara-che-pierre-balmain-leather-jacket-mansur-gavriel-bucket-bag-stan-smithsara-che-pierre-balmain-leather-jacket-mansur-gavriel-bucket-bag-stan-smith sara-che-pierre-balmain-leather-jacket-mansur-gavriel-bucket-bag-stan-smith

Photos by: Sara Omari


I’m wearing:

Jacket – Pierre Balmain

Top – Asos

Skirt – Asos

Shoes – Adidas

Bag – Mansur Gavriel

Sunglasses – Victoria Beckham via Loveyewear


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