Whats more timeless than a leather jacket? And when you find the right one it’s worth that little extra. In my case, so much that its hanging on my wall. Guess Carry in SATC isn’t the only one who likes her money where she can see it.

Style tips: Regardless if you’re a girl or a boy, wear you leather jacket with a white t-shirt, jeans and sneaker/boots. Classic, on point and edgy.

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Motivational Monday: 3 Habits Successful People Have Overcome

sara-che-Motivational Monday: 3 Habits Successful People Have Overcome

sara-che-Motivational Monday: 3 Habits Successful People Have Overcome


I’m always interested in the stories of people who’ve built a career from scratch that they love doing, and that they don’t drag their feet every day to go to. I guess that’s why I love meeting creatives and small business owners and chat about how they come to where they are today.

Over the past years, I’ve concluded these inspirational peoples advices to these three following steps:

1. Procrastinating.  When it comes to doing what you love, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be getting some enjoyment out of it. There is ni better time than now, stop the procrastinations and ‘what if’s’ – just do it!

2. Fears.  Scared to begin? Everybody’s been there but it all comes down to whether you’re going to let it stand in your way or not. Start small and when in doubt, just take it slowly. Every little step takes you that much closer to doing what you love.

3. Inconstancy. Preexistence help you move forward but also evolve. In addition, persistence will help you develop certain attitude – a little ‘hustle’ for want of a better word which is often a combination of vision, persistence and resilience. Attitude isn’t something you always have either – a great attitude comes and goes but it’s worth investing though in.

I’m always curious to read your thoughts and tips, please don’t forget to comment below. Have a great Monday and a lovely week ahead!

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Off-shoulders with MLM Label




There’s nothing more freeing that wearing a simple top with a few beautiful statement pieces. This top might categorize as simple, but in reality it’s made of 100% beautiful cotton. Light and perfect for the early summer days. Needless to say it goes perfectly with any wedges or gladiator sandals, a little box bag, and a pair of classic sunglasses – my personal staple!



Photos by: Viktoria Möller, edited by me.


I was wearing:

MLM Label Off-shoulder Top

H&M Shorts (old) – similar here  & here

Steve Madden Wedges (old) – similar here & here

Balenciaga Canvas Bag

Ray-Ban’s Aviator Sunglasses


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Denim Affair




Jeans aren’t just for t-shirts anymore. You can wear denim with anything and for nearly any occasion—it’s all about the fit and styling.

Last week, I stumbled on  Leandra Medin’s piece on Five Day Denim Challenge, intrigued yet mingled with terror I read the article while contemplating if that could be something I would be able to pull off. Conclusion: no although I agree with on forcing yourself outside your comfort (denim) zone. Truth is, I love my denim zone. So here’s a list of my denim affair and options to choose from.


Skinny Jeans:

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 Boyfriend Jeans:
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Flare Jeans:
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