Jet, Set, Go




The last couple of days have been slightly hectic, I’ve had a lot of preparing to do followed by a week filled with press shows. I left Stockholm around on Saturday and arrived in the evening on LA time, flying through so many time-zones can mess up your time perspective.However, the trip went well. It feels great to be back, and almost like I’ve never left.

Before heading to LA, the weather in Stockholm was still a little bit cold. Since knitwear feels past due, layering feels the right way to go about it instead. Nothing a simple black coat, white top and denim can’t fix. What’s also nice about dressing a little more laid-back, is that accessories can go a long way to enhance the outfit. Just adding heels and a killer bag makes the look a little more special, don’t you think? I find that these additions make an informal outfit a bit more elegant and refined. Plus, this is a really flexible look in that you can quickly transform it from day to night by simply changing the top. Versatile, comfortable minimalism—it’s a love story!



Photos by: Victoria Möller


I’m wearing:

Trench Coat: Knot Sisters

Top: Citizen of Humanity 

Jeans: J Brand

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban’s

Bag: Mansur Gavriel

Shoes: Schutz

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All White Attire


What screams summer vibes more than an all white attire? Regardless if you’re going on out for dinner and drinks during the weekend, a casual attire for running errands or lazy Sunday brunch attire or beach bumming- an all white look always stands out.

Here’s a few ladies that pulled off the simple recipe of all white with élan.  What do you guys think, does an all white look bark a spark of inspiration?


sara-che-blog-all-white-inspirationc sara-che-blog-all-white-inspirationc 2f39cbf6e7b558db9bf0512608ad6aba sara-che-blog-all-white-inspirationc


Disclaimer: Photos via Pintrest

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Faux Leather Overall



As you may have notices, my latest discovery of overalls is still going strong. This piece has become a favorite in the shortest time, it actually reminds me a little of a jumpsuit. It adds that little extra touch to a look.

This time, I paired it up with a a striped top and a pair of high heel pumps – it really doesn’t get much easier than that. I’m looking forward to play around with this new little favorite of mine.

But as for today, persuades kicks in in Stockholm which means a lot of news to check at the agencies. I’m really looking forward to it, another thing I’m looking forward to is my departure on Saturday. I have so much to prepare, speaking of such –  I got to run!


sara-cue-black-leather-overall-dungarees-short-hair-persiansara-cue-black-leather-overall-dungarees-short-hair-persian  sara-cue-black-leather-overall-dungarees-short-hair-persian

Photos by: Therese Frieberg, edited by me



I’m wearing:

Overall: RtA

Top: Zara (similar here)

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban’s

Heels: Asos

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How to make the perfect Instagram flat lay




Flat lay photos have become a thing on Instagram – they’re inspiring, classes and its a great way to display your favorite  objects.

1. Pick a basic background 

White pr marble backgrounds ate the best for any type of flat kay photos because of their simplicity and versatility.


2. Natural light source

Natural daylight is something you defiantly should use because the shadows cast on the photos when you’re taking it from birds perspective.  If you don’t take the photo with daylight, there’s a great chance the photos will be grainy




3. Test shoot from birds view 

Makeup, magazines and photographs always look amazing as they’re naturally flat. Clothes may look a little bulgy and stretched so it can be a good idea to play around with the garment until you find a flattering angle. Add texture with flowers, berries or accessories.

4. Leave space between the objects

Make sure to leave space so it feels light, so the photo doesn’t look too cluttered. There can be a fine balanced between inspiring and cluttered flat lay so experiment you way to the perfect combination.

5. Theme

Pick a theme and stick to it- too many different elements can be confusing in a flat lay. The key word is balance

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Conscious Choice



And here you have it, the first post with my latest hair makeover. There’s been a few of them lately but after experimenting and having tons of fun along the way – I decided it was time to back to do I felt reflected my personality.

Speaking of such, these photos are very different from what you have seen before because I wanted to show you more of who I am. Therese captured the key word that speaks to me, and explains my personality as well – i.e. contrast. My feminine and soft side versus my edginess and thick skin personality. The simplicity versus the complexity  and so on.

As for this wonderful skirt which is from H&M’s latest Conscious Collection – a sustainble collection which made me think about living a conscious life. Being aware of the choice we take to create a better future. As for myself, I’ve been a path of improving my everyday as a mission. One thing I felt always provided me that extra mental awareness of living a concise life was to workout on a regular basis. My mind got clear and my body felt more energetic, therefore I’ve made the decision to commit to improve all areas of my life by being more conscious-full.

Its the small things in life that make the biggest differences, its about enjoying and appreciate and remember what truly makes you feel good. Or what do you think? Please leave comments below, I’d love to read what your point of view is on the subject.




Photos by: Therese Frieberg

I’m Wearing:

Skirt: H&M (similar here)

T-Shirt: Asos

Heels: Zara (similar here)


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