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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know jumpsuits have a very special and dedicated place in my heart. Now, I’m also wearing them as pants just by tying the arms to my waist and… voilá! Pretty straight forward.


Monday morning and I am feeling very centered, started my morning with a 30 minutes of meditation. Although I’ve meditated for years, the difference I feel after a morning meditation still amazes me. I drink less coffee in the morning, feel focused and clear in my head, steady in my body and works wonders for ones mood. These are only a few of the perks, but I will dedicate a post to meditation soon.




Photos by Payzee Malik | Edited by me

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Love for: Dries Van Noten F/W 17




Dries Van Noten is always a force to be reckon, this season they’re not making any exceptions.For his one hundredth fashion show, the Belgian designer decided to visit his archive and revisit his favorite patterns, from the late ‘90s till today.
Show after show, he always manages to leave an indelible mark on the fashion industry’s collective conscience. A memory that is cherished and remembered long after the models hit the runway for the show’s finale.
More inspiring, these looks were not tailored to one archetypal woman, but many types of women. Women of all ages and backgrounds, an empowering celebration of womanhood as a whole, not just an elitist construct that fetishizes one specific kind of femininity. For more photo of the collection, click here.
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H&M Studio SS17


sara-che-h&m-studio-ss17-showroom sara-che-h&m-studio-ss17-showroom-adidas-originals-puma-fenty-rihanna

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Last week I had the pleasure of visiting H&M’s showroom for a little preview of the next Studio Collection SS17. This collection is a sportier drop and inspired by romantic ballet. What I love about each drop is that every collection differs from the previous ones. From the pieces we say, I really like the different textures and as well the bolder colours.


H&M presents the collection tonight in Paris, the collection will be available in stores and online tomorrow, March 2. Although I decided to skip Paris Fashion Week, I’m so happy H&M provided us with cool 3d-glasses to check out the collection live. If you’d like to check out the live stream from Paris, make sure to watch here with me




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Select Collection Spa






After CFW Chrystelle and I had the pleasure of visiting Select Collection Spa here in Stockholm. At first glance, Select Collection looks like a travel agency with careful curated interior decor. However, behind the desks lies a spa – perfect when you’re in need for a little getaway without having to travel far.


Started with one hour of relaxing massage, followed by a little more relaxing in their spa are with Chrystelle before it was time for a facial. Due to my current treatments I decided to go for a facial that adds moist. Perfect during dull winter days and lack of sleep.Their treatments were amazing, especially the massage. Needless to say that it did both body and spirit well, and best of all I felt far away without having to travel far.


Select Collection carries Valmonts products, which makes them very unique due to being the only spa in Scandinavia that carries the Schweiz beauty brand. They invite you to browse over 450 hotels, resorts, cruises and luxury experiences presented on their website (here). Big thanks to Select Collection staff for taking care of us, we loved the experience and will surely be back.



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A$AP Hotel




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Welcome to A$AP Hotel! If you haven’t seen this video with A$AP himself, then I suggest you take a look (here) because it great – creative, current, different and has a lot of personality. When talking about style, nothing beats one that has personality. For me, I’m always looking for pieces that reflects me, everything from vibe, silhouette I’m into and colors of course. Since evolution is inventible, it’s safe to say that I get easily bored. Therefore, being able to see many possibilities in a piece is crucial. Hence, I don’t own many ”cute” dresses.



sara-che-zalando-asap-hotel-missguided-crop-top-g-star-cargo-filippa-k sara-che-zalando-asap-hotel-missguided-crop-top-g-star-cargo-filippa-k sara-che-zalando-asap-hotel-missguided-crop-top-g-star-cargo-filippa-ksara-che-zalando-asap-hotel-missguided-crop-top-g-star-cargo-filippa-k

Credit & adlinks: Sweater (here), Pants (here), Sneaker (here)


Oversized cargo pants are easily paired up with a simple sweater or a crop top, I try to look for verity so I can easily pair up my clothes. These pants are actually two size bigger than what I usually wear. Although I love getting my pants from the mens department due to to the love for oversized bottoms, playing with sizes is a another good way to play around.




Credit & adlinks: Sweater (here), Overall (here), Sneaker (here)


My philosophy on remixing high and low fashion has always been the same, regardless of what phase my style has been going through. When it comes to the pieces that can really turn a look, I don’t mind spending a little more dollars because there is also the aspect of quality. For instance shoes, when picking a show I try to make sure that its versatility both in terms of color, texture, and silhouette so it really goes with the majority of bottoms. Also, due to being on the go the majority of the time I’d rather make sure to wear something proper than a sneaker with poor quality.




Credit & adlinks: Hoodie (here), Pants (here), Sneaker (here), Sunglasses (here)


The second thing that really can a set a tone for a look is sunglasses. My relationship with glasses sunglasses is complex, I love it so much and so happy retro shades are back. However, that doesn’t stop one from wearing sunglasses where the sun doesn’t shine. I love these 90’s Versace sunglasses, there’s so much nostalgia around them. Imagine a pair of these in white, yaaas!




Credit & adlinks: Overall (here), Sunglasses (here), Sneaker (here)

Another aspect to have in mind when mixing high and low, I’d say it’s a good idea to invest in things that are timeless. Most likely, it wont loose too much value and if you one day where to get tiered –  you’re more likely to sell it instead of put in the storage somewhere and forget it ever excited. Better for the environment as well.


I love shopping high-street, after all we do love in a fast paced fashion society and I do take pleasure in getting a adorable version. However, that’s also why I think its important for me that its versatile because I am more likely to not get borred after a short period of time.


sara-che-adidas-re-hoodie-sweat-pants-filippa-k-suede-sneakers-asap-hotel-zalandosara-che-zalando-asap-hotel-filippak-adidas-red-hoodie-sweat-pants sara-che-zalando-asap-hotel-filippak-adidas-red-hoodie-sweat-pants

Credit & adlinks: Hoodie (here), Pants (here), Sneaker (here)


Lastly, for me it has a lot of doing with sentimental value. Because for me, fashion can be sentimental. For instance, the love for Adidas can when I was a toddler. My dad was a football player and I remember him wearing a red Adidas t-shirt at home with some sweatpants or a tracksuit when I got to follow him to practice. He loved bright and bold colours and his sense of style influenced me a lot. So much that I have today the exact same red t-shirt and now even a red sweat suit, so when I wear this I remember how he used to blast loud music in the mornings while getting dressed for for work. Just like I do today. How do you mix high and low fashion? Any philosophy?






Photos by Chrystelle Eriksberger  | Edited by me

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