Status quo and a personal letter

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Hi guys! I’ve wanted to change the pattern and fill you in on whats actually going on in my life. As many of you know by now, this year started with a bang. Honestly, it was not the kind of bangs I was hoping for but thats just life –  you never know whats gonna happen and I guess thats for better and worse.

So what happen was that I moved to moms for a few weeks, broken hearted and devastated. After a few days, it was time for Stockholm Fashion Week which was a lovely distraction. Who’d knew I would meet a person who would become a dear friend in matter of days. After the SFW dust had settled, I had to get back to basics and take care of myself. Meaning, keeping it simple, a day at the time and just do whatever made me feel good.

However, landing at my moms was lovely but I needed to get a place of my own – and lets just say that finding a place in this city can pretty crazy. Thankfully, things turned out to unfold effortlessly and by the beginning of March, I moved to my new apartment in the heart of the city. Not only that, the apartment has a Parisian feeling to it that makes my little sanctuary the perfect touch.

Meanwhile, the blog has been on hold since this transition has taken so much energy – mostly energy. And I’m not going to lie, some moment hurts which is fine. Those moments are decreasing, the pain is fading away which make me wonder how adaptable we can be. I’m determined to let this situation improve my life – not get the best of me. No person is worth that, regardless how much you’ve shared and felt for each other. In the end, its up to you to make yourself happy – no one else.

Therefore, I’m excited to start working with my platform and create what I intended it to be in the beginning. My ambition is to share my perspective on what I love and what I’m passionate about. And if I manage to spark a little inspiration within you, then my mission is completed.

Finally, regardless of what your life situation is – remember that you have the power to live your dream. Step out of you comfort zone and believe, you’ll be surprised how amazing and powerful a positive mindset can be.

Lots of love,




Photo: Emma Grann, edited by me.

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Wednesday Wish List

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Surely, no one has missed out on the amazing khaki pieces that’s rolling into the stores. Instead of mixing it up with the one hue that I am forever devoted to (black), I’ve felt more drawn to neutrals shades. How perfect isn’t this look for a casual day down town, picture the un shining while having a beautiful brunch outdoors in this attire. Or having a coffee at a cute cafe while making plans and writing in this black notebook from Smythson?

Want to know more about these items? click on the images below for more details.

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The IT Girl Culottes



Last week, the Swedish brand Gina Tricot released their first series of the collection Scandinavian IT Girls, which is also styled by the Danish stylist Pernille Teisbaek. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic about this collections and absolutely loving it.

As for this look, I started with one piece and decided I wanted to build my look around it, the emerald culottes. I fell in love with it instantly and wanted to create a look that can easily be worn daytime and at nights. Therefor, I paired ti up with this white beautiful textured top and a long black bomber jacket. To accessorize, I carried my Proenza Schouler PS11 bag, classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses and black heels.

If you haven’t seen the collection, check it out here. The clothes can be purchased  through out the majority of the European countries but I’ve picked out similar items below for those of you who live outside Europe. Click on the images for more details and to shop the look.


Photos by: Emma Grann, edited by me.


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Wednesday Wish List


Untitled #327


Springs is finally catching up, which means new exciting collections, this week I’ve picked out a few goodies from Net-a-porter. Being a avid denim user, this denim shirt-dress felt like a trustworthy to-go for spring and urban summer days. Pair it up with a pair of flats or as I prefer it; colorful heals that takes any look to a new level.

Spring does not only spark the lust for  spring shopping, but also adding some fresh colors to the makeup box and a playful look for your gadget. Spot a favorite piece? Please share your thoughts or whats on top of your spring shopping list?


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Whats In My Bag



Spilling the secret contents of my bucket bag today ! Here are some essentials to keep in mind when packing your bag for the day, no matter how many different handbags I have, I always keep these essentials them to help me get through the day.

Lips –  A girl can never have too many lips in her bag right? I always like to carry around a backup lip color like this dark Mac lipstick, and a lip pen and gloss depending on the size of the bag.

Sunglasses – Usually I’d have more accessories in my bag .. but definitely one accessory I can’t live without are sunnies! Especially after living in LA, and to hide my dark circles. I always bring a pair of sunnies just in case!

Liquids –  Some liquids I can’t live without in my purse are definitely lotion, face mist & perfume! During the Scandinavian, my hands tends to get dry, so having this & Other Stories hand cream is great for hydrating my hands after a long plane ride. And I love this little & Other Stories body mist  that I’ve been using  to refresh my scent. It’s the perfect size for PS11 tiny too

Gadget – Pretty obvious but my iPhone is a devoted friend and helps me to stay on track with plans, projects and inspiration from the web  or social media channels. Lately, I’ve been listening a lot to podcasts. I have a few favorites that are both informative and inspiring which is great to listening while commuting to the office and back home or when going out for a walk.


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