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One of my favorite things to do is reading through all of your comments. I really love to inspire you by sharing my looks, which of course always is a matter of taste. I was so happy to read all your sweet comments on Instagram, Facebook and mail about my new hair, sure gives a lot of energy which writers like me feed of. Changing style every now and then is something that I do regularly, maybe because my style is a reflection of who I am – and I’m always pursuing to be the best I can be, in every aspect of my life.

Typical weekday-wear for me right here –  a few key basics and minimal layers.  So minimal, in fact, that I am wearing a turtle neck knit, destroyed skinny jeans, pointy toe boots, my go-to handbag, sunglasses and shearling jacket to stay warm. During days like these, details are essential, like these Itsy Bitsy rings by the Swedish jewelry designer Carolinne B. Each piece is unique, handmade and eco-friendly.



sara-che-mango-shearling-jacket-prada-saffiano-galleria-bag-celine-havana-sunglasses-ripped-jeans-pointy-zara-booties-stockholm-dark-mac-lipstick sara-che-mango-shearling-jacket-prada-saffiano-galleria-bag-celine-havana-sunglasses-ripped-jeans-pointy-zara-booties-stockholm-dark-mac-lipstick-itsy-bitsy-rings-carolinneb sara-che-mango-shearling-jacket-prada-saffiano-galleria-bag-celine-havana-sunglasses-ripped-jeans-pointy-zara-booties-stockholm-dark-mac-lipstick-itsy-bitsy-rings-carolinneb

Photos by: Alexander Ocean
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Wednesday Wish List



Untitled #323


Christmas wouldn’t be complete with a festive outfit, which brings us to this weeks Wednesday Wish List. This draped dress top is twisted and gathered at the waist to create a super flattering silhouette, perfect with a pair of leather pants ans luxurious heels. However, everything should feel luxurious, everything from the lingerie to the lipstick you’re wearing. Which one is your favorite? Click below for more details.

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The Shearling Jacket





Decided to share a little secret with you today; it’s fair to say that this shearling has received a tremendous amount of compliments. Not only does it look great, keeps me warm but also adds that extra touch to any given attire. Regardless if I’m wearing it with heals or on a work day such as this one, the shearling jacket never disappoints.

However, the truth about this beautiful piece is thats its mens wear. Yes, its Alex jacket whom I’ve managed to work from a über manly piece to an cool garment for the ladies. I love the oversized feeling to the jacket, and nobody can tell it’s menswear.

As for this day at the office, I wore it with a basic  marine knit, black skinny jeans, pointy toe booties, Alexander Wang clutch and Prada sunnies. Since the majority of the garments were cold dark colors, I decided to add a little warmth with the soft brown sunglasses to add a little contrast.


sara-che-blk-dnm-shearling-wool-jacket-alexander-wang-dumbo-clutch-skinny-jeans-h&m-pointy-toe-booties-zara-prada-sunglasses sara-che-blk-dnm-shearling-wool-jacket-alexander-wang-dumbo-clutch-skinny-jeans-h&m-pointy-toe-booties-zara-prada-sunglasses sara-che-blk-dnm-shearling-wool-jacket-alexander-wang-dumbo-clutch-skinny-jeans-h&m-pointy-toe-booties-zara-prada-sunglasses

Photos by: Alexander Ocean


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Christmas Gift Guide



It’s that time of year again. You are going to need some awesome gifts for the women and men in your life –  as well as the host/hostess who will be throwing the holiday parties.  Whether it’s your husband or girlfriend, mum or brother — or even quiet Anna from the office, who fate threw in your direction during the cosmic lottery that is Secret Santa — you’re going to need some inspiration. To save you time, hassle and a return trip to the shops when they wants an exchange. Click on the picture for more details and happy shopping.


 Gifts For Men. That Don’t Suck.
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Get Her What She Really Wants This Year

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Host/Hostess And Home Gift Guide

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Disclaimer: Header image found on Pinterest

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Motivational Monday




Have you ever found yourself drowning in your own funk? Having a will of doing things, but can’t really find the way to bring yourself to action? Then you find yourself procrastinating, promising yourself that you will start on Monday. Well, Monday’s here and I’m here to be in your face. Whether you are planning to hit the gym, taking action to change your career or working towards any goal that you have in life – you need to understand that there is no tomorrow. There is only today, and you can make a change in your life by starting right now.

You’ll be surprised how much you get once you have truly comprehended that only you can make things happen. Successful people have also wanted to sleep in, or make up excuses to why they should give them selves a break and do something more fun. But the difference between them and others are that their goals were too important to compromise.

If you want to change certain parts of your life, don’t wait. Let’s skip those non-fulfilling New Years resolutions and make the change we want to see in our lives. One of my strongest philosophies in life are that with change comes bigger changes, simply because you put yourself in the right momentum of reaching the changes you need in your life. Life begins outside your comfort zone, so please take the opportunity by taking one step to get closer to your goals.


Disclaimer: Image found on Pinterest



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