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I wanted to start this article by writing something fun and witty, however, I couldn’t find the words. So instead of faking it, I’m going to be just real. These photos speak very load – almost a reflection of whats going on inside of me as well as around me.

Basically, everything is under construction which is not a bad thing – just different. I’m taking a day at the time, surrounding myself with positive and loving people and focusing on whats good. This experience has taught me that although life can change dramatically, you’re the ONLY one who can make you happy. It is your responsibility and no one else’s. I’m not saying that things are easy, I’m trying my best to with what I have around me.

A part of me is excited, there are so much good things going on and I can deny that it feels liberating. And I know for certain that everything is going to make sense shorty.

I like a good bomber jacket. Even more so, faux leather pants combines with high heels. This dress from River Island adds another dimension of flavor to the look. Please click on the images below for more details about the clothes.




Photos by: Emma Grann

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Four Ways to Style a Lob

Ashley Tisdale Shows Off 4 Ways To Style A Summer Lob


The long bob has made a serious come back and is here to stay, although it has been one of those middle length hair styles that has been dreaded by many for years.

Ashley Tisdale illustrates that this hair style is everything except dreadful, on the contrary, its sophisticated, stylish and easily styled to different events. My personal favorite is the half ‘do bun, love easiness to it. Who knows, I might cut my hair shorter next week – or even shorter.

Which style is your favorite?


Disclaimer: photo via Pinterest 

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Wednesday Wishlist

Untitled #325



It’s definitely not too early to start adding to your spring shopping list. These day got my dreaming of spring, bare legs and amazing accessories. A basic with shirt is a must in every persons wardrobe as well as perfect black essentials that can take every look to another level. Click on the images below for more details.
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Marchesa Notte


Every girl dream of that dress, that one dress that makes you feel like a million bucks. And some dresses speak louder that words like this Marchesa Notte dress from Zalando‘s Premium Collection.

White wall, glass sealing just made this setting even more beautiful and right for this delicate piece. These amazing photos was taken by Emma Grann, a talented photographer from Gothenburg whom is currently living in Stockholm. Let’s just say that I’m beyond thrilled to work with creative girl.


sara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-marchesa-notte-zalando-dress-black-silver-hair-persian-swedish-bloggersara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-marchesa-notte-zalando-dress-black-silver-hair-persian-swedish-bloggersara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-marchesa-notte-zalando-dress-black-silver-hair-persian-swedish-bloggersara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-marchesa-notte-zalando-dress-black-silver-hair-persian-swedish-bloggersara-che-emma-grann-fotografi-marchesa-notte-zalando-dress-black-silver-hair-persian-swedish-bloggerPhotos by: Emma Grann

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I See Black



I wish i could find the words to describe this pain, instead it leaves me overwhelmed and perfectly numb. They say time heals, however, every morning I wake up to the realisation that its not a nightmare.


How could things go this far? How can life change so drastically, and there is nothing to be done other to move forward. But how can move forward when the decision is being done for you, and you have absolutely nothing to say about it? its not even a choice you’ve done, but the facts remains the same. The pain remains the same, the nightmare continues and as well as life.


And although life continues, you feel stuck. There is only darkness in the tunnel, you put one foot infront of the other to escape the pain. But as soon as you stop, the pain is right there with you again. As if it had never left you from the beginning. And once, again, it leave you absolutely numb. You hear a voice wispear words of hope, that things will get better, the pain will go away but as soon as you get ready to take a deep breathe you start drowing in despair.


The days become nights, and your only comfort is to put your head on the pillow to get a little rest. Your tiered of the emotions and the demons in your head. But as soon as you wake up again, you realize that is another day and it won’t stop.


Photo by: Frida Möller/Studio Foto Emma at Stockholm Fashion Week
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