Motivational Monday




Take a moment and walk down memory lane, to a place where you stepped outside your comfort zone. Those moments tend to be milestones for most of us, they tend to change our outlook on life, where we want to go from there and from that moment we will never really be the same.

Although life has a way of getting us running in the hamster wheel, its essential to take a break from all the running and think about what you are running towards. Are you chasing your dreams, or someones else dream? If there is one thing that has been proven time after time, it’s that its never too late to change the direction in your life. Its never too late to go back to school, its never too late go move abroad and follow your dreams, its never to late to live the life you where intended to live.

That being said, allow yourself to blow your own damn mind once in a while.


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Best of Budget




Weekends mean extra time for shopping, which is why I’ve picked out a few great budget pieces for you. Whether you are looking for a great basic piece, a festive attire, warm jacket, kicks or a cool new hat – I’ve had them all in mind. Et voila! Happy shopping!


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The Bralette




Bras may be like a best friend, but bralettes are like a kitten you can’t stop petting. When you’re looking for something with a little support and tons of comfort, these layering bras are all you need. Treat yourself something nice, or why not your girlfriend. Cause after all, who doesn’t like a little lace loveliness? I’ve picked out six favorites in various prices, which one is your favorite?

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Itsy Bitsy




One of my favorite things to do is reading through all of your comments. I really love to inspire you by sharing my looks, which of course always is a matter of taste. I was so happy to read all your sweet comments on Instagram, Facebook and mail about my new hair, sure gives a lot of energy which writers like me feed of. Changing style every now and then is something that I do regularly, maybe because my style is a reflection of who I am – and I’m always pursuing to be the best I can be, in every aspect of my life.

Typical weekday-wear for me right here –  a few key basics and minimal layers.  So minimal, in fact, that I am wearing a turtle neck knit, destroyed skinny jeans, pointy toe boots, my go-to handbag, sunglasses and shearling jacket to stay warm. During days like these, details are essential, like these Itsy Bitsy rings by the Swedish jewelry designer Carolinne B. Each piece is unique, handmade and eco-friendly.



sara-che-mango-shearling-jacket-prada-saffiano-galleria-bag-celine-havana-sunglasses-ripped-jeans-pointy-zara-booties-stockholm-dark-mac-lipstick sara-che-mango-shearling-jacket-prada-saffiano-galleria-bag-celine-havana-sunglasses-ripped-jeans-pointy-zara-booties-stockholm-dark-mac-lipstick-itsy-bitsy-rings-carolinneb sara-che-mango-shearling-jacket-prada-saffiano-galleria-bag-celine-havana-sunglasses-ripped-jeans-pointy-zara-booties-stockholm-dark-mac-lipstick-itsy-bitsy-rings-carolinneb

Photos by: Alexander Ocean
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Wednesday Wish List



Untitled #323


Christmas wouldn’t be complete with a festive outfit, which brings us to this weeks Wednesday Wish List. This draped dress top is twisted and gathered at the waist to create a super flattering silhouette, perfect with a pair of leather pants ans luxurious heels. However, everything should feel luxurious, everything from the lingerie to the lipstick you’re wearing. Which one is your favorite? Click below for more details.

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