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Once a week, I go for a longer walk. Just to clear my head, get the circulation going but most of all because I really love to walk everywhere (hence still no driving licens I guess). Last week started with a walk, took a detour, I love to get lost and find new places in the city and it ended up amazing with this view overlooking Stockholm. Although I know (sometimes you just know), I wont be living here for the rest of my life, I’m doing a good job at appreciating what is. A few years ago I felt restless about being back here, but for now I’m enjoying myself. Just as I am as much eager to see what the next chapter brings, as well as where I’ll land. What makes me really happy is that summer is ahead and this city turns into its best.





Stopped by the wonderful ladies at Agency V, found these beautiful Pantone with this seasons colours – as cookies! What a creative spin, I’m a sucker for pantone since back when I used to study fashion design at Borås Textilhögskola so these cookies brought so many memories back. Just adorable! Took a look at the showroom as it was filled with tons of beautiful pieces.  These pants have come in handy this week as its been pretty cold, but I just love the shiny texture. Mixing textures and colours, yes!!!






Mornings are the best part of my day, mainly because I get to eat breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. Yes, to the point that I could eat it as lunch, and dinner – seven days of the week. That being said, the latest favourite part of my mornings have been to devote between 20-30 minutes of meditation. Only within two months, so much has changed on a internal level. From feeling mentally stronger, more energized, more happy and focused to actually seeing things unfold as I manifest them. Next, I want to add 30 minutes of yoga to the routine. What’s your morning routine? What do you like best about mornings?




sara-che-through-my-phone-meditate-breakfast           sara-che-through-my-phone-meditate-breakfast-avocado-toast


Weekends translates to rest to many, I’ve been trying to catch up with friends while staying productive as well. I’m off to Greece on Thursday so it’s nice to be on track with everything before leaving. Remember when I wrote about lurking, well I’ve taken it to new standers with my Bape mask. To the right: a wonderful avocado toast at some random spot on Södermalm. I will be back for more, and update you with the name of the place.

To be continued and  wish you all a lovely ending to this week.



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sara-che-pink-fuisha-kimono-nelly-puma-fenty-rihanna-sneakers-white-platform-curly-short-hair    sara-che-pink-fuisha-kimono-nelly-puma-fenty-rihanna-sneakers-white-platform-curly-short-hair


sara-che-pink-fuisha-kimono-nelly-puma-fenty-rihanna-sneakers-white-platform-curly-short-hair sara-che-pink-fuisha-kimono-nelly-puma-fenty-rihanna-sneakers-white-platform-curly-short-hair

Credits & Adlinks: Kimono (here) – Shoes (here)


We’re having a massive kimono moment, its’s been building up ever since The Attico blew social media up with their beautiful and delicate robes. I must admit that the concept is very satisfying, swinging around town in your robe – only this thing, you’ll get away with wearing it outdoors. Not so bad, right?


So now you can have a stay-at-home-robe and the ones you take out for dinner, or just hanging out i the sun with some ice cream. Yes, the thought of kimonos are very satisfying – let’s face it, they’re a wonderful to wear, same concept as jumpsuits and you knooooow how much I love jumpsuits.


Next time you’ll see me in a robe, I’ll be probably lurking around Södermalm in Stockholm behind big sunglasses and possibly a pair of fluffy sliders.  Add summer, meaning, warm temperature that is, Stikki Nikky (that I never can finish because it’s just too much for this sweet toothed lurker), or just coffee –  eh, there you have it. That being said, can someone please turn up the heat?



Photos by Chrystelle Eriksberger |  Edited by me


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Let’s discuss: Lip Injections

sara-che-lets-discuss-lip-injections-iclinic-lip-fillers  sara-che-lets-discuss-lip-injections-iclinic-lip-fillerssara-che-lets-discuss-lip-injections-iclinic-lip-fillers


A few weeks ago, I accompanied a friend to iClinic here in Stockholm. Although I am not unfamiliar with the injection such as filler and Botox I find it important to work with those who understand your vision and shares the same morals. To me that translates into having honest conversations about the expectations


Needless to say that I was impressed by Killian’s work and decided to book an appointment there, a few days later I was back for a lip fill and tear through. Tear through is the name of the procedure for injecting fillers under the eyes. Due to loss of weight which means loss off volume and genetic heritage I’ve been battling dark circles and bags under the eyes for some time.


One of the things that I appreciate about fillers and Botox is the instant gratification, meaning the result is instant in comparison to most beauty products. I’ve preformed both procedure before, hence I know what I want and what I like.


Dr. Kilian was attentive to my requests and the result turned out amazing. Ever since, I haven’t used color correcting products nor concealer as much as I used to.


Since I am aware that there are many younger people who read my blog, I thinks its important to emphasize that I believe that its best to be mindful about injections. For instance, it took me ten years to do my nose surgery (read full story here) – and from one point of view I’m glad I waited due to we’re constantly bombarded with how we “should” look. I know that I much more secure in who I am as a person and in my own skin than I was in my twenties, which gives one perspective.


At the end of the day, I don’t want to look like anyone else. However, I don’t mind improving features, as long as I still look like myself which is why I must stress the importance of working with people who’s sensitive and coherent to your needs and wishes. Oh and if you are curious of the change, take a look at these shots (here) and you’ll notice what a difference Dr. Kilian did.

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Currently Obsessed: Oval Sunglasses

sara-che-oval-sunglasses-gold-transperantsara-che-oval-sunglasses-gold-transperant  untitled-3190328-min sara-che-oval-sunglasses-gold-transperant

Credit & adlinks: Jacket (here) – Sunglasses (here)



Thanks to designers like Acne and Saint Laurent, white sunglasses are having a major moment. From retro cat-eye shades to Kurt Cobain-inspired options, we’ve found the coolest ones to shop now.


These transparent 90’s Versace are a cool blend retro and whats current – I like that these have a more subtle feel but I cant wait to get my hand on a pair of white framed for summer.




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On the right track of pants

sara-che-tommy-hilfiger-tracksuit-pants-joggers-h&m-jaclet-sweater-fila-distrubtor-ii-2-nelly-sunglasses-yellow-faded-glasses-adidas-originals-red-bag  sara-che-tommy-hilfiger-tracksuit-pants-joggers-h&m-jaclet-sweater-fila-distrubtor-ii-2-nelly-sunglasses-yellow-faded-glasses-adidas-originals-red-bag sara-che-tommy-hilfiger-tracksuit-pants-joggers-h&m-jaclet-sweater-fila-distrubtor-ii-2-nelly-sunglasses-yellow-faded-glasses-adidas-originals-red-bag sara-che-tommy-hilfiger-tracksuit-pants-joggers-h&m-jaclet-sweater-fila-distrubtor-ii-2-nelly-sunglasses-yellow-faded-glasses-adidas-originals-red-bagsara-che-tommy-hilfiger-tracksuit-pants-joggers-h&m-jaclet-sweater-fila-distrubtor-ii-2-nelly-sunglasses-yellow-faded-glasses-adidas-originals-red-bag  sara-che-tommy-hilfiger-tracksuit-pants-joggers-h&m-jaclet-sweater-fila-distrubtor-ii-2-nelly-sunglasses-yellow-faded-glasses-adidas-originals-red-bag sara-che-tommy-hilfiger-tracksuit-pants-joggers-h&m-jaclet-sweater-fila-distrubtor-ii-2-nelly-sunglasses-yellow-faded-glasses-adidas-originals-red-bag sara-che-tommy-hilfiger-tracksuit-pants-joggers-h&m-jaclet-sweater-fila-distrubtor-ii-2-nelly-sunglasses-yellow-faded-glasses-adidas-originals-red-bag

Credit & adlinks: Jacket (here) – Sweater (here) -Pants (here) – Bag (here) – Sneakers (here) – Sunglasses (here)  


I’m defiantly into track pants, especially because I love to mix different styles and enjoy contrasts. If you haven’t jumped on the track pants bandwagon, here’s a few tips on how to incorporate it into your style.


If you’re more of a simplistic person, go for subtle colours, so they blend with what you already have in your wardrobe. If you’re into colours, mix it with a jacket that has a lot of personality or what the contrast of shoes would be – e.i. heels. If you want to go full on, mix various pieces with different style and make it your own.


This is what I wore the other day as we left Stockholm for Gothenburg. Comfortable, casual yet never compromising on the flare.



Photos by Andreas Wijk  | Edited by me

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