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sara-che-alixthelabel-interview-leopar-set-suitsara-che-alixthelabel-interview-leopar-set-suit  sara-che-alixthelabel-interview-leopar-set-suit-sandro-sneakers

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Rooooar, this suit give me life. I just love brands that tells a story with their brand, the packing comes out so much stronger and the dutch ALIX The Label brand is all about their stories. It was basically love at first sight looking through the look book. It’s not a plain look book, it’s more like a coffee table book and I’ve been collecting mine under my coffee table ever since.


This week, honoured to be one of their girls. In this feature you get to know me a little better. I’m talking about my childhood crush, what keeps me juggling three jobs and how I stay sane . That and much more here (link). Hope you enjoy the interview!



Photos by Chrystelle Eriksberger |  Edited by me


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Puncturing Consciousness: Happy Aniversay

sara-che-other-stories-kaftan-toms-collaboration-shorts-red-top-nelly-trend-shoes-fluffy-le-spec-neo-sunglasses sara-che-other-stories-kaftan-toms-collaboration-shorts-red-top-nelly-trend-shoes-fluffy-le-spec-neo-sunglassessara-che-other-stories-kaftan-toms-collaboration-shorts-red-top-nelly-trend-shoes-fluffy-le-spec-neo-sunglasses

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It’s been now a year. It’s interesting how things can change with time–truth is that nothing remains the same. After one night out I woke up the following day with a deluxe hangover. It wasn’t one of those ”oh I’m never going to drink again” moments. I just didn’t feel it anymore. Surely, it would pass but the weeks turned into months and this friday it became an anniversary.


It’s been an interesting ride to see others having issues with you not drinking. It’s been interesting to see how strong and different connections people have to substances, and it’s been an interesting journey that has been unfolding in terms of within. Not drinking has however been one of many things that ended last year, in fact, its more a consequence than the a cause. When we truly shift our focus inwards we start to come to understand how things in life work. You get a perception that allows you to act in new ways that you’ve never thought of before. It’s a evolution.


One of the things that I enjoy is that this journey is being partly documented here, sometimes in words but other times in expressions such as photos. Maybe how they’re edited or the general tone of the blog. I am also realising that it’s looks has been changing alongside with me. That being said, changes are good and evolution is a must. Sometimes we don’t need to have all the answers but to instead trust that inner voice, that gut feeling. At the end of the day, I want to serve as a different thought for those who are open to new ideas – although there is nothing new about any of this.




Photo Marcus Strandberg | Edited by me

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Let’s discuss: when did jealousy become a compliment

sara-che-monki-shirt-dress-vans-rainbow-le-spec-neo-sunglasses-greece-curly-hairsara-che-monki-shirt-dress-vans-rainbow-le-spec-neo-sunglasses-greece-curly-hair sara-che-monki-shirt-dress-vans-rainbow-le-spec-neo-sunglasses-greece-curly-hairsara-che-monki-shirt-dress-vans-rainbow-le-spec-neo-sunglasses-greece-curly-hair

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I have a confession to make. I have a pet peeve – this pet peeve is now to some extent socially accepted as a compliment.  Heck, some even argue that jealousy is the biggest compliment. Let’s begin with breaking it down. First, what is the actual meaning of jealousy? And how is the word being thrown around today?


The Cambridge Dictionary describes jealousy means is explained in two different ways. First, ”upset and angry because someone that you love seems interested in another person”. And ”unhappy and angry because someone has something that you want”. To me this isn’t something I can relate to nor want to relate to. On a personal note, I never (and I really mean never) get jealous of anyone. Inspired, yes! Motivated, yes! But looking at someone else life or accomplishments never gets me thinking negative thoughts – actually the opposite. Other peoples success is actually what fuels me, it inspires me to take a different approach to my goals or simple just inspires me to feel ”ah I can do that too”. And then I do it.


But today, going through my social media comments I notice from time to time that someone has declared their jealousy. And even if that person does not intend it the way the word is describes, it gets problematic. For once you’re using words in a wrong way, and it doesn’t make any sense. Just like I would state that the sky is yellow but I actually meant blue. Say what you mean, and be mindful of the words you use. Not only for those who hear/read them but also for yourself. When I think of the word jealousy, the word ‘lack’ rings loud in my head. I wish more could be aware of how they express themselves because words are as much energy as anything else – why would want more negativity (lack) in your life?


There’s a phrase is Swedish that translates to ”The Swedish Jealousy”. It’s deeply rooted in Jante law, I’ll give it a short explanation to those whom never heard of this law. Wikipedia describes it ”that negatively portrays and criticises individual success and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate”. Basically, the law state that one should think of themselves as better as others and been decided into ten different laws. Although I am not sure of the origin and purpose of these laws, I am a firm believer that the consequence is jealousy. Simple physiology, what happens to emotions that gets oppressed? They come out stronger and most likely in a negative manner.


But if you’re aware that you tend to burst out comments such as ”I’m so jealous”, because someone is doing something you’d like to do–please think again and use your words accordingly. Not only for the sake of the other person but most of all yourself, try to be happy for others progress instead of wishing it was you instead of them. Instead go for ”If they can do it, then I sure can do it”. It’s a genuin matter of attitude of perception towards yourself, and you’d be surprised what starts  to unfold once you focus in how you can achieve whatever is making you jealous.


Unfortunately, the word jealous is being thrown around as ”I want that too”, but that’s not the whole meaning of it. But when you know better–you do better as Maya Angelou said. What are your thought on the subject?





Photo Marcus Strandberg | Edited by me


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Space Matters: Banana Plant & Head Space

1.claire-esparros-home-polish-interiors-home-inspiration-loft-apartment-sunday-sanctuary- 1.claire-esparros-home-polish-interiors-home-inspiration-loft-apartment-sunday-sanctuary- 1.claire-esparros-home-polish-interiors-home-inspiration-loft-apartment-sunday-sanctuary-



This spaces is the epitome of what I’d like my living room to look like. Large banan plant, persian rug, sofas with a 60’s touch mixed with vintage photography and aztec patterned pillows. Add a lot of head space a la high sealing and big windows, yes, epitome! Found these images here and there rest of house is just as dreamy as the living room. Don’t you think?



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Shopping: Swimsuit Splurge



  1. here 2. here. 3. here


Happy Friday! If you still don’t own a one-piece, there has never been a better time to be on-trend. Wanted to share a roundup of my favorite swimsuit pieces as of late. But don’t let limitations holding you back from only wearing it at a beach or pool. 




  1. here 2. here. 3. here


A swimsuit can work just as good as a top during summer. Why not wear the first to the left with frills with a pair of jeans, heels and bomber for dinner. Or a maxi skirt with a pair of sneakers is perfect for urban summers.




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