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I’m the type of person who loves to share with my friends whenever I stumble upon something inspiring or something that excites me. My close friends are used to having music, pictures, and links being sent to them – e.i. sometimes spamming if the inspiration levels are running high. Hence, I wanted to start sharing more with you. I hope you find this as inspiring as I do.


Fear of God is a Los Angeles based brand, by Jerry Lorenzo. The designs breaths that 90’s LA Hiphop feel mixed with athletic wear. I really love his sense of aesthetics, and the styling for this lookbook is on point. In a nutshell: I wanna wear everything styled exactly like this.


If you want to read more about Jerry Lorenzo, check out this article.



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sara-che-supreme-backpack-baum-und-pfertgarden-jacket-sweet-sk8-hoodie-vans-weekday-sunglasses sara-che-supreme-backpack-baum-und-pfertgarden-jacket-sweet-sk8-hoodie-vans-weekday-sunglasses sara-che-supreme-backpack-baum-und-pfertgarden-jacket-sweet-sk8-hoodie-vans-weekday-sunglasses sara-che-supreme-backpack-baum-und-pfertgarden-jacket-sweet-sk8-hoodie-vans-weekday-sunglasses

Credit & adlinks: Jacket (here),  Hoodie (here), T-shirt (here), Jean (here), Sneakers (here)


These days, this is what I would call a typical day-to-day look. Casual and comfortable, as I prefer when I’m running meetings back to back while catching up with e-mails and projects. This spring is feeling very promising already and just the fact that the hours of daylight is increasing makes my heart shine a little brighter. Lol, and I’m wearing sunglasses in the dark. Only for the pic – okay okay.


Secondly, I’m off to Italy on Friday. One of my oldest and dearest friend who live on the other coast of the country decided to meet up there, instead of just visiting each other. Italy has always meant something to me, although I’ve never been there. Maybe you guys can relate? Besides from being in love with everything Italian food, and please don’t get me started on the bakery and coffee – yes, I think you got the picture. Italian language is one of the most beautiful language I know. What other language can pull of a rant with bad words and still make it sound absolutely beautiful? You tell me. So besides that I’ve already located where I can find authentic Napoli pizza in Milano, I’m eager to see the citys architecture and experiencing something new that yet is very familiar to me. Is it normal to be super excited about carbs? LOL!


Hence, If you’ve been in Milano please give me recommendations in comment section and I will be immensely grateful. On another note, I’m traveling with only hand luggage. To be honest, I’m worried. If you listened to The Power Meeting podcast, planning what I want to wear tomorrow doesn’t come natural to me. I know, it’s strange but not only does the fact of packing über light feel challenging but also beauty products. And please don’t let me get started on my electronics –  jeez. Well, to be continued. Going to have to document this, who know’s… I might be able to pull it off.




Photos by Chrystelle Eriksberger  | Edited by me

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sara-che-akademikliniken-permapen-acne-scar-skinsara-che-akademikliniken-permapen-acne-scar-skin sara-che-akademikliniken-permapen-acne-scar-skin sara-che-akademikliniken-permapen-acne-scar-skin



It’s been a few weeks since I last visited Akademikliniken, each day I’m noticing how my scars are getting reduced as well as the size of the pores. The past week, I havent been using as much foundation, a CC-cream has done the trick. For me, after years and years of covering up my skin with foundation – this feeling is revolutionizing for me.


Another positive note is, due to this treatment and all the work that my skin-therapist is putting in, I don’t touch my skin like I used to. No matter if I see signs of a clogged pore – I dont touch it. And let me tell you, I couldn’t keep my fingers away prior to the treatment. Clogged pore? I was on it, but not anymore.


Akademikliniken has several locations in central Stockholm, last time I visited their spot at Södermalmstorg. Having visited two other of their kliniks, I was really impressed by this one too. Spacious, nice interior and relaxing. Although my sessions with Elin are brief, I always feel energized after the treatment. To read more about my Dermapen experience, please read this and this.







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Credit & Adlnks: Jeans (here) – Top (here) – Slippers (here)


Regardless of what I’m currently influenced by in terms of style, basics are basics and my basics translates into denim. Preferably with a basic top. These high-wait black skinny jeans are actually very comfortable and they passed the ultimat test. Meaning, eating for hours on a Sunday marathon (haha watch instal-stories).


Monday morning and I am excited for a new week. Especially the weekend since I’m going to Milan, one of my best friend live in different cities and decided to meet up outside of Swedish soil and see something new instead of visiting each other like we usually do. Since I am going to heaven of carbs, please do share recommendations on restaurants, cafes and must eat experiences.

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Full Moon


Credit & adlink: Lindex Kaftan and top (in stores and online next week) – Levis Jeans  (here) – Fenty x Puma Slippers (here)


Last Sunday, we had a beautiful full moon. A powerful one to say the least, so I decided to stay home and just allow myself to rest and restore my energy levels. After a week of working 6 out of 7, I would also call it a nessacity. So what about full moons? Some may having trouble getting a solid good nigh sleep, others may feel some heaviness in their body and/or head, and some might feel emotions bubbling up to the surface. If you do, don’t worry about it because a lot f us do. And yes, some don’t feel a squat – which is all good as well.


So what to do when the moons goes in full force? I wind down, even cancel all my plans if I feel it’s a necessity, I take extra care of myself and only do things I truly enjoy doing in that moment. Everything from reading, watching a TV-show or even painting. That also includes talking a 2 hour walk after a meditation, I love to get grounded by talking a walk somewhere close to the water. Water is also great for cleansing the aura, think about it next time your close to a sea, river or ocean. Notice if you feel a difference, almost a sense of lightness. And of course, I love to walk and soak in that full moon energy.


I’ve finally found a group on Facebook, called AstroGäris, a Swedish group for women focusing on alternative paths. You don’t have to a hard core practitioner, or have any skills, a curiosity is more than enough and usually what embarks the journey within. So if there’s little curious, join the group! If you don’t live in Sweden, let’s just say that people don’t talk about spirituality as openly as for instance as Los Angeles. That was one of the things that I loved about living there, people were more open to others way of perceiving life whereas here – talking about beliefs can be a taboo in some sort. It makes some uncomfortable. But we’re progressing here, slowly and surely and it’s so pleasing to see. Thankfully, technology is catching up as well which makes it easier too.


Never in my life have I spoken so openly about my spirituality, nor have I shared so publicly my morning routine, which is a 30 minute of meditation. I have for the longest longed for meeting people with more depth. The whole social media thing can be a bit draining when you’re at an event and people have a phone up in their face the majority of the time, either to take pictures of themselves or to watch their videos they’ve uploaded on repeat. Thy are also very kind to show it to you, so you have to sit and watch them with you. On repeat – interesting times to say the least.


The beautiful thing about setting new intentions, is to see them come to live. I’ve been looking to join a meditation group for some time and finally found the right one, since the teaching of it can only passed down by a certified teacher, it’s not so common to encounter people who have actual insights about it. But guess what, I did, and I am so grateful for being open in that moment because she gave me new insights about this technique and the course I’m about to take. In addition, I think I made a new friend with that sense of depth that I have been hoping to meet.




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